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Subject: Maximum Overdrive rss

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Rob Robinson
South Yorkshire
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I fight lost wars, see light, fear sight
I open my mind, need flesh, fear mine
Thousands of cameras flashed, and a deafening roar of wild applause erupted throughout the halogen lit arena as the four drivers stepped out onto the track. The circuit was a dangerous two mile loop of twists, turns, chicanes and narrow lanes with deadly concrete iron reinforced structures built into the surface, set to test the drivers to the max. The course was to be lapped twice over. With room for only one winner.

Break-neck speed, road rage, and driving skills were equally as important as brute size and raw power. It was the wheelmen who would provide the audience with a knock-down race to the finish. They were the best. Each was a champion in their own right, trained to survive and even take down the opposition.

Each vehicle bore the logo of its sponsor. Numerous ads & brands pimped the vehicles body sections, so the crowd in the numerous tiered stands, and the judges & commentators hovering overhead in their helipods could call the action.

A large-bore fuel pipe juiced the R-24 Meteor to bursting point as Komet, loved by thousands, hated by millions, leaned heavily on the wing arm. Vapours and smoke akin to dry ice dangerously spewed from around the fuelling point as he ignorantly chugged back huge lungfuls of smoke from a ridiculously oversized cigar. He flipped his goggles down into place and pulled at the knot on his scarf, uncomfortably tightening it around his thick tree trunk of a neck.

Fred West III (Witchfinder General) as Komet

As he lurched towards the door of his ride he glanced over at another of his opponents, who went by the name of X-Caliber. The guy was inspecting the .100 caliber machine gun ports, making sure that they were firmly bolted onto the roof.

Komet pulled the cigar from between his thick lips and flicked it towards X-Calibers vehicle with powerful fingers. It spanged off the side of the other racers vehicle in a shower of red hot ash. Komet curled his lips in a sneer of contempt and clumsily pulled himself into his ride, slamming the armour plated door closed.

X-Caliber paid little heed to the goading from his square jawed opponent, and finished checking over the vehicles armour busting arsenal. Last season he'd been racing for the U.N.A. Dream Team, but his new team-mate had bumped his vehicle into a 180mph death roll on the penultimate lap, causing a major wreck that involved at least five vehicles and ninety eight bystander casualties. The official ruling was mechanical failure. He was declared the winner and awarded a ludicrous amount of bonus points for each of the civilian casualties, but X-Caliber knew there was an ulterior motive.

Ian Sims (Bananatyke) as X-Caliber

Hopping nimbly aboard the B41-Pulsar he flipped the lever that automatically closed the door, then clunked the numerous safety buckles firmly into place around him before checking that the fire-command control panel was functioning correctly. The set-up was an array of soft-touch pads mounted on a panel above the hump of the power-train emplacement for easy reach. The armament package also included a stud that released mines, and a rear mounted nozzle device that could be aimed using a mini-joystick on the control panel to belch out an arc of liquid fire. His was a road machine built for death, not comfort.

As the Mechwinch swung the last of the vehicles gently into place on the tracks asphalt surface, Tombstone calmly strode towards the B-35 Doomsday Machine. He pulled his skid-lid out from under his arm and suited up. Locking the neck clamp securely to his fire proof crash suit and pulling on his reinforced gloves, he climbed inside his ride.

Rob Robinson (Zombiegod) as Tombstone

Buckling himself into his seat his gloved fingers touched gently over each of the numerous switches and buttons as he effortlessly gave a final check to the machines arsenal and set-up details.

The vehicles door whirred forwards, clicked, and finally hissed into place, the vacuum seal shutting out all noise from the frenzied crowd. Except for the occasional beep & hum from various internal components Tombstone was in complete silence, in his element. All that mattered was the race at hand.

He ran his finger along a row of buttons to the left of the steering column. The entire panel sprang into life as an impossibly complex array of dials, gauges & display screens, reflected ghostly in his visor. Leaning back into the leather headrest he closed his eyes and mentally prepared himself for the race ahead. Inside an air-cooled mobile man-eater with 3200 horses under the hood and enough heavy artillery to nail a battalion at the touch of a button Tombstone felt like a god as he waited for the Oni-Tech's to voice in the final signal for him to fire his precious ride into life.

The driver of the B-52 Rolling Fortress appeared to be having technical problems. The crew of the U.N.A Dream Team laboured beneath the upraised hood, where they had converted the engine into a turbocharged road monster with a chrome plated engine. As the driver gestured angrily towards several points of the vehicle the techs shrugged their shoulders and scratched their heads as if they'd done all they could.

As the driver unbuckled the crash helmets chin guard and removed it to further the point, the crowd went wild once more. Long blonde hair flowed down and blew in the hot night air as the crowd cheered & whistled for the new U.N.A. Dream Team racer who went under the moniker of Wonderbrat.

Eddie Cassidy as Wonderbrat

The vehicles noisily fired up one by one as she grudgingly boarded her ride, and once again donned her helmet. The door automatically slid forwards & closed as she engaged the engine button, the motor coming alive with a powerful roar, like a jungle cat getting ready to pounce.

The drivers were now all poised ready for the starting sequence to begin. Through the windscreens of each vehicle, the drivers glared at each other, sizing up the opposition's death machinery and improvising hasty strategies of attack and defence, their gloved hands hiding white knuckles as they anxiously gripped the steering wheels and gear levers.

The starting orb zoomed into view overhead and hovered over the front of the chequered starting grid. The chrome front slid open like a mechanical eye and a red glow pulsed steadily forth from within. It blinked to yellow and continued to pulse momentarily before finally changing to green. In that instant the drivers simultaneously slammed their rides into gear and floored the accelerator pedals. The powerful engines screamed into overdrive and showed their muscle. Oversized radials grabbed asphalt, leaving behind smoking black tread-marks as the vehicles catapulted forwards, heat vapour bellowed from the exhaust ports. The race was on.


The sound of hard-revving engines echoed through the colossal stadium as The R-24 Meteor sprang forward, gravity hurling Komet back into his seat as it swept up the first curve, rapidly picking up speed. His head thumped home against the headrest as he turboed the vehicle three times.

Tombstone was hot on his tail as he pulled off the same manoeuvre and inched into first place. Glancing at his temp-gauge he noticed it had risen a few notches. With little regard to engine condition he flipped the Machine Gun and Rocket Booster switches to the active position. He could spend time cooling down the engine once he'd carved a decent gap between himself and the rest of the pack.

The new racer, Wonderbrat, seemed to be having trouble. As the vehicle juddered up to 40mph she flicked on the Circular Saw and Rocket Boosters, both of little to no use as X-Caliber riskily shot straight in front of her and into third place. His gloved fingers briefly touched two buttons on the control panel, lighting up two greyed out lights... Flame Thrower & Machine Gun.


Tombstone changed gear, and allowed his engine some breathing space . "Full house" he mumbled as the remaining weaponry lit up on his dash, and he took the curve with ease. Halfway around Boomerang Curve one of his gloved hands left the steering column. Blindly reaching underneath his seat, his hand easily found the lever which he wrenched upwards, deploying a mine directly in his wake.

Komet flipped the Booster and Extinguisher buttons to active position as Tombstone disappeared around the curve. Slamming the gear lever over he turboed the vehicle twice in rapid succession. The temperature gauge rose to middling as the nitrogen afterburner kicked in. He ploughed around the curve after his opponent only to see a mine sitting dangerously in the centre of the track. With precision driving skills he lined up his machine and drove straight over it, missing the detonator cap by millimetres as he rocketed back into first place. The vehicle juddered violently as he forced it towards the inside lane for the next fast approaching track section.

Not to be outdone, Tombstone gunned the engine and raced after the leader. He'd dropped a second mine adjacent to the first, effectively making that track section a no go area to all but the clinically insane. As he reached a straight he saw his chance to close the gap & flipped the Rocket Booster into life. The engine temperature shot higher than expected. The warning light flickered continuously, constantly demanding his attention.

X-Caliber and Wonderbrat passively coasted along, bringing up the rear, both steered hard into the outer lane avoiding the mine section. The billboards blurred as they whizzed past them & the distance between the two groups gradually increased.


Komet once again took the inside lane. He swerved hard around the structure built dangerously in the centre of the track, as the frequently used Rocket Booster once more kicked home at full power, glowing white hot. Flicking the extinguisher switch helped to slightly cool down his vehicle temperature to an acceptable level as Tombstone pursued steadily after him.

Tombstone geared down. It was too early in the race to risk unnecessarily damaging his ride. Braking firmly he took the inside lanes around the lodge with precision. Taking time to pay his machine some respect & prepare his extinguisher device. If he left it any longer he'd be in serious, hot, trouble. Glancing at the rear view display he could see X-Caliber and Wonderbrat In the distance coasting smoothly out of the minefield laden Boomerang Curve, gradually beginning to close the distance between the two groups.


Komet continued to torture his vehicle as he fought his ride around the bottom section of the course, dodging the seven foot high reinforced concrete blocks that had been built into the track to provide the audience with morbid entertainment.

Hot and sticky tyres left lines of burning rubber and scorch marks as his bulging muscles savagely wrenched the steering wheel hard right. The long narrow straight section fast approached his windscreen, a welcome sight for a guy reduced to riding on balding tyres with no intention of slowing down.

Tombstone slightly increased his speed. The speedometer display showed 90mph as he cautiously followed, taking the curves with considerable ease. He flipped the Extinguisher button and blasted his engine with a welcome burst of pressurised liquid carbon dioxide. The temperature gauge dropped only momentarily as he immediately kicked the Rocket Booster back into life and finished the curve as gracefully as he had entered it, as Komet streaked effortlessly towards the narrow section ahead of him.

X-Caliber skilfully negotiated the bottom of Crimson Crescent, closely followed by Wonderbrat who recklessly wrestled the vehicle around the solid obstacles at 140mph, almost wearing out the machines tyre tread in the process. The track was more difficult than the rookie had ever imagined.


Komet streaked over the bridge section and finished lap one. Tombstone relentlessly pursued after the leader, allowing himself a deranged laugh as he released another mine with detailed precision in the centre of the Narrow Bridge section.

As Tombstone drove hell for leather towards Big Blocks and after Komet, the other racers were making their way towards the Narrow Bridge section. X-Caliber had no option but to drive straight over the mine. A millimetre of error on either side and he would hit the magnetic trigger that would detonate the device and his ride would take the full force of the blast. Clearing the mine easily, he immediately reached forwards and pulled the release lever that deployed one of his own mines, directly adjacent to the one Tombstone had left in his wake. With a maniacal laugh that echoed Tombstones he boosted his ride into lap two and pursued him as the double dose of explosives sat waiting patiently for Wonderbrat who a fair distance back brought up the rear of the pack.

Wonderbrats eyes widened in horror as she headed towards the Narrow Bridge section. Her tyres were failing fast, there was little she could do but head straight for the awaiting mines and pray that her driving skills were up to scratch. The first mine posed little problem as she skilfully avoided it, but the second one in her path was impossible to dodge. The tyre clipped the detonator cap, as a loud whump picked the B-52 Rolling Fortress up and slammed it back onto the track. Chunks of shrapnel and asphalt thudded into the vehicles underside, but the armour plating on the vehicles underbelly kept damage to a minimum.


Letting up on the gas slightly Komet re-entered the first bend once more, taking it with ease. His tyres offered little in the way of traction, and were in danger of failing him on any complex lane change manoeuvres, but he thundered on regardless.

Tombstone couldn't afford to cut his opponent any slack and pressed his ride even harder as Komet ploughed ahead once more towards the mine laden section.


Komet could see the circular plates of shrapnel death glinting on the tracks surface as he gunned his machine towards them. He knew his vehicles hull integrity was strong, strong enough to withstand the 'firecrackers' that his rival had previously dropped, as he once more made a beeline straight for them. His precision driving skills once again shone through as he cleared the area without issue. But the manoeuvring had taken its toll on his tyres. Sparks showered from wheel rims that occasionally struck the asphalt surface. The tyres were almost worn down to bursting point, and were practically useless for any decent lane changing manoeuvres. Tombstone followed, copying the expert drivers manoeuvre blow for blow and likewise avoided the mines.

With two vehicles in front of him and still a pretty big gap in between, X-Caliber had no real alternative but to take the inside lane and hopefully gain some ground, even if it meant taking a pounding from the mines that the two leaders had somehow managed to avoid. With amazing skill both mines shot beneath his wheels and he emerged unscathed. He risked a glance in his rear-view at the rapidly disappearing floor limpets, blowing the beads of sweat off the end of his nose as he entered the next zone. Another glance in his rear-view confirmed that Wonderbrat was nowhere to be seen, but in front he could see Tombstone slowing down for the Lodge.


With a screech of tyres X-Caliber floored the pedals. The B41-Pulsar cannoned forwards at 160mph in a last ditch attempt to close in on Tombstone. X-Caliber steered away from the central Lodge, pulling the wheel hard right, trying to clear the V.I.P building. The vehicle jogged and juddered forwards unresponsively as the death machine slammed headlong into the structure with thunderous force. Steel fragments and concrete exploded from the impact zone as the Pulsar pin-wheeled off the building and out into the clear. The crowd riotously cheered as the fans began chanting their favourite drivers name over and over.

X-Calibers body violently slammed back into his seat. Blood trickled from the corner of his mouth as he gunned the crippled vehicles engine, closing in on the driver in second place.

Re-entering the V.I.P Lodge section was plain sailing for Komet, but the wall fast approaching him meant he needed to consider slowing down if he was to clear the next section in one piece. But he had another, risky idea. Maybe the machines integrity would hold up, and cannon him off the wall and into the clear. It was a risk he was prepared to take.

Taking his time to navigate the Lodge once more, Tombstone braked hard and turned hard. His ride gracefully swung over to the empty lanes, giving him ample space to gently urge the booster back into play. The temperature gauge continued to hover at the danger point, but he needed to keep the pressure on the leader.

Exiting Boomerang Curve, Wonderbrat drove over the mines that had so far proved pretty much ineffective. Carefully skirting one mine was easy, but the other proved too much for her as the mines fierce concussion flung the speeding vehicle into the air like a mule kicking out its hind legs, and buffeted it with a spray of flying shrapnel and rubble. Coming back down on its wheels hard Wonderbrat fought to keep control as she shot towards the central reservation of the V.I.P Lodge. She turned the steering wheel hard right, the machine juddered and screeched as she tried to avoid the building that raced towards her. The tyres squealed like howling banshees one last time as the Rolling Fortress ploughed headlong into the structure. With the vehicle virtually totalled the momentum continued to carry it towards the next wall where it slammed sideways into the broken wall of concrete and jutting iron that had almost signed X-Calibers death warrant. Dust, rubble, concrete and debris rained down onto the still vehicle, and then aside from the occasional groan from the unsafe structure, silence.


Bracing himself for the collision, Komet wrenched the wheel with everything he had. The concrete mass rushed into view as his face twisted into a grotesque mask, and he steeled himself for the ricochet attempt. The R-24 Meteors heavy-duty suspension and armour absorbed little of the bone-crushing impact as it crashed back onto its wheels in a battered state. Komet felt the shock from the base of his spine to the top of his head as the impact lifted him off his seat and threw him back in. Steam and thick black smoke bellowed from the ruptured vehicle, obscuring its true position as it careened out into the open towards the next obstacle. Komets eyes bulged in sheer terror, ignorance about anything after the first impact his undoing.

The nitro-burning suicide machine hit the next fast approaching structure head on. The thunderous impact picked the R-24 Meteor up like a toy. Armour shards pin-wheeled into the black night sky then vortexed downwards in a cascade of spinning shrapnel. Komets funeral pyre rocked the arena, as an inferno of broiling yellow fire ballooned from the ruptured fuel tanks and detonated the on-board high explosives.

Tombstones machine glowed as he shot past the crash scene, the flames blistering his paintwork. Without a second thought for the unfortunate driver he unloaded his last mine adjacent to the crash site. He could see X-Caliber gaining on him in what was left of the B41-Pulsar. The machine was almost totalled. Sparks showered from the asphalt as the broken claw arms scraped along the track, the shattered windscreen obscuring most of X-Calibers vision as he raced towards Komets funeral pyre.

"Mine or wreck?, choose your path", Tombstone muttered to himself as the remaining opponent decided to avoided the wreck and risk driving over the deployed mine.

X-caliber felt the heat from the fire as he successfully avoided the mine, It was now or never. He turboed his vehicle and dangerously accelerated to breakneck speed, the crippled vehicle lurched forwards a final time. Praying for his tyres to hold out he wrestled the steering wheel. The tyres blew out in rapid succession as the B41-Pulsar hit the concrete blocks head on, igniting it in a spectacular supernova that ruptured into a thousand sputtering fireballs which streaked skyward like a pyrotechnic display.


Tombstone slowed the machine down and flipped the vehicles weaponry and overdrive systems off, coasting smoothly over Narrow Bridge and towards the finish line. He now had no worries about problems from any other drivers. The final mine lay just ahead of him. "Belongs to me I believe" he thought to himself as he drove carefully over it. The vehicle jolted into the air with a gut wrenching bump, but it was as good as over as Tombstone eased the B-35 Doomsday Machine to a standstill over the finish line.

The capacity crowd let out a wild ear-splitting roar as the crowds favourite, Tombstone, stepped out of his vehicle. Thousands gave him a standing ovation.

"Tomb-stone!" they cheered.

"Tomb-stone! Tomb-stone! Tomb-stone!"

It gave Tombstone an overwhelming feeling of total blissfulness deep inside.

The gigantic electronic scoreboards lit up as thousands of LED's spelled out the final outcome:


He stood staring at the wreckage strewn track, as palls of black smoke drifted up from the burnt out wrecks that littered the course.

As the officials cleared the debris and patched the track up as best they could, another sound began to rise in a raucous counterpoint to the crowds jubilant cheers for Tombstone. At first he was too preoccupied to pay attention to it, but then his instincts caused him to turn.

When he did he saw the mechwinches begin swinging fresh vehicles onto the track. Shadowed figures stood in the dug outs watching their rides being lowered into place. Waiting for their chance to take on the champion.

"Stay tuned..." said the announcer, his voice booming out over the arena's public address system, "for Rush n' Crush race two."

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Tor Sverre Lund
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This is so unrealistic! No way there would be room for more than number 1 on the scoreboard. The winner is all that matters! ;)
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Big Lebowski
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The Dude abides!
yeah? well… y’know, that’s just like, uh… your opinion, man…
what a great read. thnx a lot for this amazing session report!
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Joel Carlson
United States
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Awesome session report!!!

You did a great job with this write-up, what a great read!
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Linda Baldwin
United States
White Plains
New York
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I know nothing about this game, but you sure as heck made it sound like a blast!
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