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Subject: Peace in Flames 21: Japan Takes Bombay; Soviets Advance in Winter rss

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Si non potes reperire Berolini in tabula, ludens essetis non WIF.
Hey, get your stinking cursor off my face! I got nukes, you know.
This is a trans-Pacific game being played via Vassal. Following is the latest turn, January/February 1943. Old turns and rules summary below the ====. "Peace in Flames" seems an appropriate name since wars are busting out all over...

The players: Stewart - Axis
myself - Allies


After a stormy start to winter, snows settled over most of Russia. The Soviets took advantage of this and launched another offensive. In January, Yeremenko's armies captured the forests northwest of Dnepropetrovsk, while farther north Soviet armies pushed the Germans back farther in the Pripets, and another attack captured marshes northwest of Smolensk. With the Red Army approaching Smolensk from the northeast, and Soviets now southwest of Smolensk in the Pripets, the Germans decided to fall back. Smolensk was abandoned without a fight and occupied by the Russians on January 30.

Not so Dnepropetrovsk. In February, the Soviets again attacked Dnepropetrovsk, which they had surrounded on three sides. After heavy fighting, that ravaged city was captured by the Red Army on February 23. Moving in the snow, powerful Soviet partisans (Zoya HQ) in the Pripets linked up with Guard Banner armies and defeated more German armies. The spearhead of the Soviet armies was within two hexes of Minsk.

In mid-February, the Germans withdrew further. As of March 1, the German line ran from Pskov to just east of Vitebsk (abandoned), and down to Minsk. Mannstein had a blocking force in the southwest tip of the Pripets; the German line resumed at in the central Pripets east and south to Kiev, and then south to Nikolayev on the Black Sea. The withdrawal greatly increased the strength of German lines.

British intelligence had discovered that Delhi was the Japanese objective in India. However, they failed utterly to note a buildup of Japanese amphibious forces. On New Year's Day, Japanese marines sailing from Ceylon and Calcutta attacked Bombay from sea, with heavy bombardment by battleships. Bombay had only its inherent garrison, Lord Mountbatten having reinforced northern India. The local forces resisted fiercely and inflicted heavy casualties, but Japan captured Bombay. Parliament called for an inquiry; Churchill was livid. The Japanese also captured Benarc in northern India. And anti-British partisans launched a suicidal but very effective offensive against Indian militia southeast of Agra. There was talk of recalling Mountbatten... but no easy way to get anybody else there given the half-dozen Japanese carriers in the Arabian Sea.

Taking advantage of their absence, Nimitz sent a strong carrier task force to the Marianas. US planes sank the light carrier Shoho and damaged a cruiser. Plans to port strike Truk were called off due to poor planning (and an early end of turn roll by Stewart).

China was relatively quiet; Japan brought some reinforcements in to slow down the KMT and Communist Chinese. No real action in the Mediterranean; it was stormy the entire period.

Comment: losing Bombay was stupid. I had three Indian units arrive this turn as reinforcements; I should have stuck one in Bombay. It was also a bit frustrating to only get two impulses. The Soviets could have dome some damage, the US was going to strike Truk and depending on the weather the Allies had plans in the Med. That's one of the things about WIF - uncertainty over how much time you have in a given turn. The Soviets are doing well, although the Germans have strong lines. It appears that Japan may well conquer India. Because of Japan's Indian campaign, the Chinese are doing well.

Build points of killed units: Germany 24, Japan 21, CW 18, USSR 15, Italy 4, US 2


Rules: Same as in the Scandinavia in Flames game, we're using most of the normal options (partisans, etc), SIF, PIF, new MIF, divs/guns, terrs, Cruisers in Flames, 2d10 combat, "Stalin's War" Soviet production (+.25 in '42 OR when Germans declare war; '42 city mods become '43, '43 city mods deleted), EZ oil rules. We are also trying Devin's victory point system, and Italian and Japanese surrender. We are using Line of Command Vichy rules. We are also using the errata from the 2008 WIF Annual as well some of the new options including Offensive Points rules, randomized naval losses, revised Chinese attack weakness, lending limits, and face-down aircraft rebasing.

1939: Germany crushes Poland, Netherlands. No Japan-USSR war.

JAN/FEB '40: Japan takes ChangSha. Graf Spee sunk off coast of Canada. German subs hit shipping in North Atlantic. US occupies Iceland and Greenland.

MAR/APR '40: Germans declare war on Belgium, take Brussels with difficulty; French hold Antwerp. Soviets build up along Manchurian border. US seizes French carrier Bearn.

MAY/JUNE 1940: Germans smash through Belgium into France; French government teeters. Italy declared war on France, attacked in Alps, took Tunis. USSR invaded Manchuria, Japanese stripped China to defend.

JULY/AUG 1940: France collapses, Free French government set up in Senegal. Soviets advance in Manchuria. Germany redeploys east, with Italy and Romania, declares war on USSR. US embargoes strategic materials to Japan, gives destroyers to CW.

SEP/OCT 1940: German and allied troops enter USSR proper; Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary join war. Finns snatch Murmansk (oops). Stalin gives up Soviet Far East to get peace with Japan. Commonwealth declares war on Italy, sends BEF to Karelia, lands division in Sardinia. US authorizes resources to W. Allies.

NOV/DEC 1940: Germans take Minsk, Kiev. Royal Navy sinks last Italian transport (and kill Balbo HQ), several cruisers, damage Littorio for no loss.

JAN/FEB 1941: Japan occupies French Indochina, seizes Kunming. US freezes Japanese assets, builds five Essex-class carriers. Germans take Pskov. Germany and Italy eject British from Sardinia.

MAR/APR 1941: Germany takes Dnepropetrovsk. US first gear up, FDR authorized navy to base at Pearl Harbor. Axis air attacks against Malta but no invasion. Australians liberate Ethiopia. Japan attack against Nanning fails.

MAY/JUNE 1941: Storms in Russia, Germany stalled before Smolensk. Japanese take Nanning, move marines to Truk. British, Finns maneuver in north but no battle. Air battles rage over Malta, CW reinforces the island and deters an invasion. South Africans occupy Tobruk, Bardia. Kriegsmarine relocates to Brest.

JULY/AUGUST 1941: Germans take Smolensk with heavy losses. Germans capture Gomel, Kursk, Stalino, but retreat from Kursk before being cut off. Italy, Germany invade Greece; British, Australians, and Indians reinforce. Japanese fleet relocates to Truk. RAF damages Graf Zeppelin in Brest. Italian subs wreak havoc on CW shipping. US reinforces Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor.

SEP/OCT 1941: Heavy fighting in Russia but front moves little. Yugoslavia joins the Allies; Axis conquer Greece. Free French take Italian Somaliland. Japanese massing near Kunming.

NOV/DEC 1941: Soviets push Germans back from Bryansk. Japanese take Kweiyang. Naval wars in Atlantic.

JAN/FEB 1942: Japan declares war on Commonwealth, invades India, Borneo, captures Singapore, Rabaul. Free French reinforce India. Germans, Italians take Zagreb. General Soviet winter offensive does little damage to Germans; assault on Gomel repulsed. British, Soviet bombers damage German war production. US imposes oil embargo on Japan, approves North Atlantic escorts.

MAR/APR 1942: Japan takes Chittagong, Hyderabad in India. US second gear-up. Soviets retake Gomel. Finns destroy Gort HQ. CW marines land in Tunisia.

MAY/JUNE 1942: Japanese carriers sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, sink the Ranger; they land in the Philippines and Netherlands East Indies. US declares war on Germany and Italy. Yamamoto advances in India and approached Calcutta. Free France declares war on Japan. British, Canadian, Indian, American troops take Tripoli; Italians take Cyprus. Yugoslavia still holds out. Russian Front is static, battles along the Dnepr River. Soviets attack Estonia.

JULY/AUGUST 1942: Belgrade falls. Japan conquers Netherlands East Indies, advances in India. British land in Sardinia, take Tunis. Heavy fighting in Russia; Soviet assault on Dnepropetrovsk fails. Soviets force the Dnepr, but Germans push them back.

SEPT/OCT 1942: Japanese take Calcutta and Manila. Chinese take Kunming. Soviets cross the Dnepr in the woods. Admiral Hipper sunk in the Atlantic.

NOV/DEC 1942: Chinese take Kwei-Yang, Wuhan. Japan advances in north-central India. Germans resist Soviet offensive along Dnepr. US marines take Kwajalein.
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Marco semori
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good as usual, go on!
I'm sorry our game was interrupted, i hope to start a new one next year
have fun and please continue to write about it!

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