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United States
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I played my first game today, using the Tundra Orcs vs. Phoenix Elves starter set. My friend Scott took the Phoenix Elves and I was the Tundra Orcs. I was able to position a Shaman in range of Prince Elein early, and inflicted 2 wounds on his summoner in the first few rounds (he had 4 max wounds), with another shot with a Shaman to end it a few turns later. However, the Unwieldy Magic (1 miss = complete miss) proved as unpredictable as it sounds soblue. I missed, and he lived to fight another day.

He was able to summon a lot of support, and righted the ship. Meanwhile, I was charging up my magic to bring in my heavy hitter, Krung, who (on a roll of 4+ prior to the attack) can attack all adjacent with is 3 attack dice.... that's a big stick devil. However, I failed each time to activate the Wild Swing, and was almost as bad swinging against the one person I could then attack, only dealing 2 wounds with him, before the 3 guys he had me surrounded with took his 9 life from him. gulp

After spending so much magic only to lose him so easily nearly broke my army's spirits. Good thing Orcs have small brains with short memories... I was finally able to flank him down the opposite side with a Shaman and moved in on his summoner for the killing blow and the win for the Tundra Orcs!

What was nearly a quick victory turned into a prolonged conflict, where both players exhausted their draw pile. The two factions balance each other very well, and we were both very pleased with how each faction felt unique. Also, the special abilities of each faction really seem to fit and feed into the theme. It was a huge success, and made me glad that I pre-ordered both sets! Thanks for the great game, Colby! thumbsupthumbsup
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