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Dear readers, this is the tenth part of a series of article from me on the minis that I have collected. If you are reading this series of article for the first time, I do suggest that you try to read my earlier articles for a much better feel and understanding on the development of these minis here:

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I love minis and use them frequently in my board games session, RPG session and in my own miniature board game setting. This series of article concerns with the list of my Top 20 Most Treasured Minis of all time, in no particular order. All these minis were chosen based on my personal preference and evaluation. This article is a way of me sharing my views and enthusiasm on minis with other mini collectors and gamers no matter who and where they are. There will be more articles coming up, as soon as I can take some time to write it and post it here. These articles are strictly my personal views and I welcome any constructive feedback or opinion. I am not sure how much readers value such reviews but I'm writing this more of my passion in mini collection. Thanks for taking your time reading and hope you enjoy them.

Note: I have also added stars rating for each category that I use to evaluate minis, just for readers to understand how the minis were rated according to my standard.Five stars rating is the best.

Writing Mini Reviews

To be honest, what started as a mere sharing review (my very first mini review, Warduke) has eventually turned into a 10 long reviews so far, quite an unbelievable feat for me personally (with 10 more to go..! zombie ). Each review took me from an estimated 3 hours to 6 hours to write and edit before posting. I didn’t put too much time into making it a top quality review as I may not have so much time to do so. All I wanted was quick, simple and easy to understand reviews that I enjoy writing and readers won’t feel too exhaustive or boring to even take a look. I must admit that sometimes posting reviews of such nature can be quite time consuming and requires some readings and research, and that can be a daunting task, after looking at the workload and family obligation I currently have in hand. Having said this, I still enjoy posting more reviews and the urge to complete the task I set in mind (Top 20 Most Treasured Minis and more..) really motivates me going.. Of course, another encouraging factor is reader’s sharing, positive comments, thumbs, tips, etc… Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate them!

I do understand and accept the fact that my reviews weren’t great, neither were they presented and written in the most impressive manner as there are countless reviews in BGG that are of excellent quality. Nevertheless, I do take pride and really glad with what I have done so far. I’m not a professional writer, I’m doing this purely out of my passion and love of sharing in mini collection, that’s all. Besides, what other better ways of sharing this passion than doing it this way here at BGG?

Back to the spot light, the mini. He is completely out of this world and from a different league all together. He has all the qualities that many other minis do not possess and he is very outstanding as a mini alone, according to my standard. Let me explain further and read on… Here it is, my tenth mini of my list of Top 20 Most Treasured Mini of all time:


I’m not sure whether I especially love construct characters, but I just happened to pick another construct mini character that is best in its uniqueness which none other mini possesses. This mini is absolutely a fabulous creation and perfectly displayed in its mini design.. This mini is one of my personal favorite. I knew I wanted to collect him the moment I saw this mini in the D&D website. (the photo on top is the actual mini's front view, the second photo is the back view, and the third photo is an illustrated picture of Kolyarut, Marut and Zelekhut appeared in the D&D Monster Manual)

Character Design Kolyarut is one of the very few Inevitables (there are only six known Inevitables, namely: Zelekhut, Marut, Varakhut, Quarut and Anhydrut) that their main existence is closely bonded by the obligation and responsibility to uphold order. They are all hunters! Kolyarut hunts specifically the oathbreakers.. Kolyarut originated from Mechanus, a lawful neutral aligned outer plane in the world of D&D setting. They first made their appearance in the Manual of Planes from D&D and quickly accepted by D&D fans as the fighter of evil and enforcer of law. Kolyarut is a construct…yes he is, in fact a really unique type!! cool He is build and programmed in automated factories generally called Crèche-Forges, and one of the factory has a nice name, Neumannus…cool.cool Each type of Inevitables hunts a specific type of target based on a particular transgression, very uncommon but nice. They are even well-known to have crossed the ocean by walking through the seabed and emerge on other side of continent in order to get to his target, when there was no other means available to cross the ocean, gosh..what a determination..gulp They single-mindedly pursue their target and will attempt to complete the task assigned to them at all cost, to the extent that even if it entails Kolyarut to sacrifice himself. However, Kolyarut is not suicidal, he will withdraw from any battle if he thinks that a temporary retreat will eventually lead him to complete his task. He may even form alliance with others just to increase his chances of completing his task but normally such alliance do not last long. Kolyarut do not kill innocent people, only those whom he deemed guilty for intentionally betraying contractual agreements. He may attack and punish offenders by killing them or cast spells on them such as Geas or Mark of Justice..

Kolyarut actually thinks, analyzes, evaluates situations and makes sensible decision, unlike other common constructs, mainly because he has intelligence, that’s the major difference. zombie In fact, he learns and remembers, and what really astonishes me is that he normally analyzes his enemies before he makes his move to confront and punish them, usually by way of death. He does his preparation work up to the extent that he investigates and studies the contract carefully (and carries with him a copy of the contract if it’s a written one!! gulp ), plus, learning as much as possible about the criminal, such as history and background, battle style, weapon used, spells, everything that will increase his chances of succeeding in completing his task.. He is a complete and perfect hunter, and very fortunately, he is a good aligned character and he only hunts the wicked enemies… Oh my, I love this character… thumbsup

Equipment – This character is not a simple push over. He uses a banded mail that combines with his natural armour, extremely tough to punch through. Then he carries a +2 magical Longsword. He doesn’t carry a shield or anything of sorts because he doesn’t need them at all. Just imagine that this character is a deadly fighting machine (literally speaking..) that he is build with other equally potent killing weapons. He may use a lethal ray from his eyes, the Ray of Enervation (which effectively drains the character levels, thus putting a penalty to the enemies in various stats, such as strength, constitution, hit points, skills, etc, and may cause death if the character reaches zero). Alternatively, he may also choose to use his touch attack where it is a Vampiric Touch attack that heals him each time the enemy takes damage from his touch attack. He is a perfect killing machine to deliver justice to the world!! robot Man, how I wish our real world has one..laugh

Rarity – As I have mentioned earlier in my reviews, I have bought 45 small expansion boxes of Blood War and I got two minis of Kolyarut. Great, because I can use one for my Talisman board game and the another I place him at the augmented D&D miniatures game that I developed, excellent…never complain of having more than one. So in terms of rarity, I consider it as quite rare, one in approximately 22 boxes is not easy to get…gulp

Sculpture/Coloring – This is where the mini scores highest in my rating. What is outstanding is his banded mail that looks almost like a red color robe. Then his body is made of gears and pistons instead of muscles and flesh like a normal human being, extremely outstanding and what a wonderful concept, very well displayed and painted! The robe he wears is so authentically designed (which is shown in the photo) that he reminds me of a character (not sure of whether it’s from a movie or Japanese anime) that destroys his enemy in battles with ease while keeping his cool composure with the robe slowly waving, moved by a breeze of wind.. What made the robe so unique is it only covers half of his body, revealing the other half, which is his mechanical parts..very intimidating and downright extraordinary…!thumbsup The fine details of the mini is equally impressive where the edge of the robe is painted black and white on the upper layer while golden color for the lower (or inner) layer… Then his uncovered mechanical arm is clearly visible with machinery parts, perhaps motor of some sorts and bolts, in combination of bronze and silvery color..superb indeed.. His face and chest is also very neatly done and great finishing, with a small symbol crafted on his chest too…absolutely brilliant work… thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

Pose – This is another area that I rate this mini highly. Kolyarut is designed to be standing in ready mode where he is carrying his sword in a very elegant style.. I truly love how his left arm still holding his robe, just like a sage or someone with high wisdom will normally do… Just imagine a powerful fighter (that is not large in size nor extremely muscular in build) that looks like a machine, casually and calmly holding a sword, unruffled by his surroundings, keeping his focus and has his eyes locked on you without any emotions in his glare…cool cool With the flowing pattern of his robe, I can easily imagine he fights any battle without having to use both of his arm, one is swaying his sword in the most masterful and elegant style that’s great to look at, while the other arm remains hidden under the robe..simply awesome… This mini really gives me lots of room for imagination..and I just love it!! laugh

Usability Kolyarut is a very nice mini and practical to be used. I can easily use him in my augmented mini board game setting, either as a character or elite monster, either way works. I can also use him in my Talisman board game, most of the time as a Warrior or Gladiator, exclusively for me only..! In D&D skirmish system, it is quite a useful mini mainly due to his reasonably high armour class, plus decent attack and also it can heal himself from the Vampiric Touch effect..cool.. In short, a very useful mini indeed... thumbsup

Overall – I have to confess that this character is one of the most elegant mini I have ever collected. This mini truly makes me feeling very satisfied in playing as well as collecting minis. Definitely one of my proudest mini of all time, no doubt about it..

Next review, it will not be my eleventh mini, but it is some sort of special edition, where I will highlight the 12 minis I consider weirdest out of all the minis I have got.. In the future reviews, I will include some reviews that focus on certain aspects of minis that is nice to know or to look at…each comes with a special theme.. I hope readers will enjoy them as much as I do..
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