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Subject: My first SGD Solo Dungeon Crawl rss

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As I just received Song of Blades and Glory and Song of Gold and Darkness for my birthday, and tried a couple of basic games with my brothers, I decided it was time to set up a solo game. I wanted as much of a traditionalist group of crawlers as possible, so I took a bunch of the pre-made guys, including the barbarian, the warmage, the blessed paladin, the acrobat thief, the dwarven orcslayer and the elven archer, and gave them all the hero ability. I envisioned them entering into a dungeon full of undead. With a shaky grasp of the rules, my heroes enter into the first room.
First Room
As the heros enter into the first room, they are greeted by a unlocked door directly to 7 human skeletons. The perfect warm up fight for them. Combat starts out pretty poorly, with the skeletons knocking over both the barbarian and the dwarf, and no one else succeeds in killing anyone. The thief, despite his weak combat stat (a 1) runs up to try to stomp out the only skeleton on the ground, but manages to slip and is knocked down by the grounded skeleton. The thief is immediately killed during the skeletons turn. The rest of our heroes are more lucky, however and manage to fight off the swords beating down on them. (At this point, besides one roll, the attacker in every fight rolled a 1 or 2. I had forgotten about the hero re-roll except to save the elf's shooty ability) The paladin starts destroying everyone he can reach, using his Cleric ability to easily cleave through three of the remaining skeletons. The elf also manages to kill one, after it is transfixed by the mage. Finally, the Dwarf lands not only a good hit, but a great one, causing a psychic explosion which destroys the remaining skeletons in the room. Its clear that this is a vulnerability that the Undead certainly have to worry about.
Second Room
Our party next meets a locked door. After an argument about who should have protected the thief, the Paladin finally just kicks down the door. As the dust clears, the party realizes that they have entered into a large, completely empty room. Choosing the door on the right, the Paladin and Dwarf work together to kick at the door, and after about 10 attempts, finally roll the 4 or higher they need to get through.
Third Room
Room three presents one of the major challenges. It is a Lich, protected by 11 Zombies. The Zombies were tough, but with a quality of 6 almost never moved, and as such could not take advantage of when the Lich managed to transfix the heroes. Dwarf killed a transfixed Zombie, before the Warmage transfixed the Lich and the Elf blasted it with an arrow so hard that he also caused a psychic shockwave, which against a Quality of 6 and the undead rule lead to the demise of the rest of the zombies in the room.
Fourth and Fifth Room
The fourth room opened without any difficulty, but once again the room was empty. There was a door which clearly led into room two, but the party moved onwards.

The fifth room was once again locked. The paladin fought hard to get the door open, and again only with the help of the dwarf was he able to knock it down. Awaiting the party upon the other side stood 4 mummies and a small treasure chest. The party has no problem with the the terror ability of the mummies, and manages to eventually kill all of the mummies through the use of transfix spells from the warmage and triple teams leading to the doubling of attack scores on helpless foes. Though the Mummies Tough ability kept them from chain reaction exploding, they still ended up falling a little to easily to the swords of my fighters.
Sixth Room
Finally, lugging the chest behind them, and also dragging the small chest, the party reached the final room. Sitting inside was a vampire lord. The Vampire manages to make the warmage retreat from his charge with his terror ability, before knocking over the elf. The rest of the party has no problem once again with the terror ability, and surrounds, knocks down and eventually destroys the vampire lord, with the dwarf making the final blow. The Vampire's toughness ability saved his life twice, but the result was that he was unable to roll the 2 actions he needed to get out of being transfixed.

Wrap Up
the party returned home with four treasure, which with the kills provided 37 Victory points. For that few models, that provided a massive boost in power, and I wonder if it would have been more appropriate to have added amother powerful model. I liked that number, and I almost feel like a 500 point crawl may be too many models for me, and is what led to me making them all heros to begin with. The Thief managed to survive and will return, having trained and improved completely(though he is still far behind the rest of the team).

Although the rules suggest that they could upgrade as the go through the dungeon, it was rare that the party was in trouble, and I am glad they only upgraded at the end. Hopefully a dragon will be appropriate as a final boss in their next adventure.

I like the way the dungeon crawl works, but I am not sure I treated both what treasure was found and what was in each room correctly. I need to become more familiar with the rules in order as a whole, so I am not constantly running back and forth from the PDFs to the table.

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