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Subject: Sabres #10: Lake Country rss

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Merric Blackman
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Ramping up my reviewing.
Happily playing games for many, many years.
The tenth Sabres mission saw Rich and Josh take in a force of four Mechs against my Mercenary force.

I had an Orion, a Stinger and a Griffin to defend three buildings. Rich and Josh took in a Hunchback, a Spider, a Grasshopper and a Trebuchet. I've begun to paint my miniatures, but I really want a second Intro set before I do the minis I don't have duplicates of. The three Green minis in the force below are mine; the Red and Greys (unpainted) are those of the Sabres.

(Yes, I know the mercenary force doesn't have the right minis... I proxy! Orion=Stalker, Stinger=Wolfhound, Griffin=Awesome)

The initial stages of the mission saw their Grasshopper advancing alone along the shore of the lake, whilst the Spider, Hunchback and Trebuchet manoeuvred into position on the far shore. My Stinger jumped in to begin harassing them, and the Grasshopper was taking hits from the long-range weaponry my Orion and Griffin were equipped with.

I was winning a lot of the early initiative rolls, which gave the Stinger a great advantage, even if its poor pilot was missing for the most part. However, being in a light mech means that there's only so long you can push the envelope: a couple of lucky shots hit the centre torso, stripping the armour and eliminating the Mech. Now it was four vs two!

The Grasshopper hid under the water, unwilling to take any extra hits from my Mechs, and the Hunchback and Trebuchet came into range. My more mobile Griffin moved in to engage, despite its terrible close-range weaponry. Being on the move just made it safer than taking lots of missile and AutoCannon hits!

However, there was only so much I could do close up, so I retreated it back to the buildings and the Orion. Now the Grasshopper emerged, and my Mechs were taking a lot of damage indeed.

When I got a chance to break for it, the Griffin ran, hoping to take up position on the other side of the lake and use its long-range weapons again. Meanwhile, the Spider jumped behind the Orion and fired its medium laser: double-one on the location roll, two centre torso criticals: two Gyro hits! The Orion was down and destroyed and only the Griffin remained on the board for the defenders.

The heavily-damaged Grasshopper retreated towards safety, but the Hunchback, Spider and Trebuchet were easily able to hunt down the Griffin. Another success for the Sabres!

Mission #10: Recon-in-Force
-50 (track) +100 (ID) +50 (Seek & Destroy) = 701 WP
xp: Shakir +1, Elden +2, Seyla +1, Sharron +1

Command Lance
- Daniel Sorenson. P2, G1. xp 0. HTM-27T Hatamoto-Chi Daniel - damaged (-114)
- Emory Wilk. P3, G3, xp 2. DRG-1G Grand Dragon Emory - damaged (-74)
- Shakir Jerrar. P3, G3, xp 5. HBK-4G Hunchback Shakir - damaged (-35)
- Drake Carron. P5, G4. xp 2. AS-7D Atlas - damaged (-111)

Fire Lance
- Dana Utsonomiya. P4, G4. xp 3. LGB-0W Longbow - damaged (-122)
- Andrew Martin. P5, G4. xp 2. CGR-1A9 Charger - damaged (-80)
- Sharron Burgoz. P3, G2, xp 4, wounds 1. TBT-7K Trebuchet - damaged (-35)
- Seyla Teresa Martinez. P2, G2. xp 2. GHR-5H Grasshopper - damaged (-60)

Pursuit Lance
- Albert Benton. P3, G4. xp 1. MON-67 Mongoose - damaged (-15)
- Jasmine Rubach. P3, G5. xp 2. HER-4K Hermes III - damaged (-30)
- Elden Berardinelli. P1, G3. xp 3. SDR-5K Spider - damaged (-15)
- James Macpartland. P6, G3. xp 3. wounds 1.

In Hangar
CN-9A Centurion (sale +90)
PHX-1 Phoenix Hawk (sale +90)
HBK-4G Hunchback (sale +90)
STG-3R Stinger - destroyed (-50) (+30)
GRF-1N Griffin - destroyed (-74) (+40)
ON1-K Orion - destroyed (-111) (+70)

Lost in Action
- Grace Shiro. P2, G3.

Warchest: 701 WP
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Thanks for the run-through. I've been reading your AAR's and getting steadily more depressed. All I'm realizing, is that I miss playing Battletech regularly and I really should be working harder to get back playing it.

I eagerly wait for more AAR's! At least I can play vicariously.
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Samson Fox
United States
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ninjaWater and lakes are a really good place for battle mechs to cool off when they are using Particle Projectile Cannons and Lasers. The problem with moving in lakes ,the depth can increase the battle mechs piloting skills and gunnery skill.
I would like to see a good Trial of Position
of Clan versus Clan scenario. Can any one re-play the 4th succession
wars of the battle on Tikograd? That is the home world of the House of Liao
with Sorenson Sabres defending the House of Liao as hired mercenaries as the protectors of Tikograd.gooninjaarrrh
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