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Subject: Warriors of Chaos Vs. High Elves 1300 Points rss

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Mick Weitz
United States
Iowa City
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No one in Iowa City plays wargames?
Yes, I like helmets...
1300 Points – Warriors of Chaos vs. High Elves
All perspectives are from the Warriors of Chaos side.

Note- I had a nice map with diagrams for unit locations that I drew in Word, but I can't seem to paste it here...


General -Halberd the Half Handed – Exalted Champion
Grendle Blood Tongue – Sorcerer of Nurgle

10 Warriors of Chaos w/ great weapons, marked by Khorne
10 Warriors of Chaos
6 Knights of Chaos, marked by Khorne

24 Marauders of Chaos
5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds

High Elves

General – Noble on Horse
Wizard on foot

10 Phoenix Guard
10 Archers

5 Dragon Princes
5 Dragon Princes
White Lion Chariot

2 Repeating Bolt Throwers

The Marauders held the center, and were flanked by both Warrior units. Two units of hounds were in front of each Warrior. The Knights held my right flank. Halberd was in the unmarked Warrior unit, whilst Grendle led the Marauders in the center.

The elves had the Phoenix guard in the center, with a bolt thrower and lion chariot on the right across from the knights. Archers were just across the stream, as well as two units of Dragon Princes and the other bolt thrower. The noble joined one of the Dragon Prince units, whilst the mage stood alone near the chariot and bolt thrower.

Turn one went to Chaos. My right flank advanced the full distance, with the dogs and the knights out in front of the unmarked Warriors. The Marauders advanced 8” up the center, while the Khornate Warriors and dogs on the left echeloned slightly back to deal with the 2 units of Dragon Princes approaching across the river. Grendle tired to cast Magnificent Buboes and Curse of the Leper on the Phoenix guard, but was unsuccessful.

High Elf turn one saw the Lion Chariot charge the warhounds directly in front of the knights. The Dragon Princes moved to the center of the table just behind the river, while the Phoenix guard moved toward the Marauders. Magic saw the mage give the Chariot a Ward save, and then cast Flames of the Phoenix , irresistibly, on the Khornate Knights, killing one. Shooting killed a bunch of warhounds, causing one unit to flee. The chariot blew threw the warhounds, and overran into the burning Khornate Knights.

Chaos turn two saw the unmarked warriors, led by Halberd; charge the flank of the Lion Chariot in combat with the Knights. Some running hounds rallied. The Marauders and Grendle moved close to the Phoenix guard. The left saw the Khornate Warriors and the Hounds maneuver for the inevitable Dragon Prince charge across the river. Magic saw Curse of the Leper cast on the Phoenix guard, which reduces the units Toughness and Strength while it remains in play. The chariot managed to kill another Knight, but the attacks of the warriors and the remaining knights put 3 wounds on the device, causing it to break from combat. The chariot fled directly into the graveyard (which would have caused D6 S6 hits, now that I think about it…), but it was caught by the knights and destroyed. This left both the unmarked warriors and the knights in the difficult terrain of the graveyard.

The bottom of turn two saw the Dragon Princes led by the noble charge the Khornate warriors (the DP had a banner allowing them to ignore difficult terrain). The Phoenix guard moved right in front of Grendle and the Marauders, but did not charge. The other Dragon Princes moved close to the river, ready to charge straight across. Magic was uneventful. Bolt throwers and archers killed more hounds, and a marauder or two. One hound unit broke. The Dragon Princes blasted into the Khornate warriors, killing 5 out of the front 6. The remaining warrior dropped a Dragon Prince, but the Warriors failed their break test (needed a 4 or 5 maybe?), and were run down by the DPs.

Chaos turn 3 saw the Marauders charge the Phoenix guard, while the unmarked warriors and knights in the graveyard reformed and moved out as best as they could. Magic was uneventful, with the Curse of the Leper on the Phoenix guard being dispelled. Grendle, as a Chaos character, was obligated to issue a challenge. Out of the ranks of the Phoenix guard came their champion, who the Sorcerer promptly stuck down with his wicked staff (hand weapon). A model or two was killed on either side, and the Phoenix guard fled, beating their pursuing Marauders by two inches.

High elf turn three saw the Phoenix guard rally just in front of the river. The noble and Dragon Princes wheeled around to face back toward their own line, while the other unit of Dragon Princes crossed the river in anticipation of charging the Marauders in the flank. The archers changed formation to fire down their own left flank. Magic saw Flames of the Phoenix cast (irresistibly!) again, this time on the unmarked Warrior unit near the bolt thrower on the edge of the graveyard. The ward save spell was also cast on the crew of the bolt thrower near the graveyard. Shooting killed a few models here and there.

Chaos turn 4 saw two warhounds charge the lone elf mage, the unmarked warriors charge the bolt thrower near the graveyard, the Marauders and Grendle charge the Phoenix guard, and two remnant units of warhounds (5 total) charge the vanilla Dragon Princes in the flank. The knights maneuvered out of the grave yard toward the bolt thrower and mage. Magic was uneventful. Despite the ward save, the bolt thrower crew was wiped out by the warriors, the warhounds failed to wound but did cause the mage to flee (rolled a 4 on pursuit to catch the bugger with 3 dice). The Marauders broke the Phoenix guard again (now that I think about it, once you are broken in combat the first time, you lose your banner for good – I’ll have to remember that), and this time ran them down, stopping in the middle of the river at the table edge. The two warhound units fighting the Dragon Princes tied combat due to their flank attack, sticking the DPs there.

High Elf turn 4 saw the Mage rally near the Marauders. The unengaged DPs moved into position to charge behind the Chaos lines. Magic was uneventful. Shooting killed a bunch of guys via bolt shots, plus some Marauders to arrow fire. Again the warhounds in the flank of the Dragon Princes tied the combat.

Chaos turn 5 saw the Khornate knights charge the lone rallied mage. The Marauders reformed, turning around to face the center of the table. The unmarked warriors also reformed in order to take the impending charge of the Dragon Princes. The mage chose to flee the charge, and ran into the Marauder unit, where he was butchered. Magic saw Grendle cast Magnificent Buboes on the Dragon Prince Champion, killing the puny elf. This unnerved the unit, causing them to flee back towards the Chaos deployment area. Again the warhounds and Dragon Princes tied combat.

High elf turn 5 saw the fleeing Dragon Princes and Noble rally. Bolt thrower shots killed some warriors and Marauders. The Dragon Princes finally bested the warhounds in their flank, running them down on the Chaos side of the board.

Turn 6 for Chaos was uneventful. No units were within charge range, nor likely threatened by one.

High elf turn 6 saw some shooting which killed 5 more Marauders, but no other serious action.

Outcome was a draw, with a 35 point spread. Elves had 3 table quarters due to the Dragon Princes and archers, while all of the Chaos army was concentrated into the remaining quarter (the original elf deployment zone). It was a very good battle, with the outcome being uncertain all through the game. A couple of times it seemed one side had an advantage, but this shifted back and forth. I really like chaos. Small, potent, and reliable is the antithesis of my Skaven (plus- I really like the models). The game, with a couple breaks, took a few moments over 2 hours to play.

Good Gaming~! Mick
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