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Timo Haas
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Standing outside

I’m reporting from my last game of TI3 two weeks ago. We were six players (in clockwise order): Winnu, Muaat, Yssaril, Letnev, Yin and Mentak (myself). We played with our normal options: Diplomacy II, Warfare II, Technology II and Imperial II, Artifacts, Voice of the Council, Custodians of Mecatol Rex, Wormhole Nexus, Facilities and Race techs. Well, and it was obviously a short game: only six objectives of stage one were available, non of stage two. These six were: 10 res, 10 inf, all 3 colors of tech specialties, all 4 colors of tech cards, control of Mecatol Rex the entire turn and all 3 docks on board. Due to this lack of public objectives the secret objectives and also the artifacts were of increased importance. My secret objective was ‘Industrial’: control Mecatol Rex and have all 5 Dreadnoughts and all 3 Docks on board.

So far everything was fine. But when the galaxy was created, Yin really struck me: he placed the supernova adjacent to Mecatol Rex in my direction - well done, not knowing my secret objective! In the end I had plenty of planets and resources within my reach, but my way to Mecatol Rex was blocked.

The first turns were filled with peaceful expansion. I expanded, took a lot of resources and started building refineries. I wanted to build all the docks and dreadnoughts as fast as possible to assault Mecatol Rex. Then Muaat took Mecatol Rex in turn two (Warfare II in turn one…) and my secret objective became somewhat harder to fulfill with a war sun orbiting Mecatol Rex.

In turn three there were some conflicts about the artifacts. After exploring all tokens there were only three artifacts on the board: all near to Muaat, Yssaril and Letnev. Well, the game went very well for Muaat. I started building my fleet and developed some tech in order to fulfill the public objective in a later turn. Letnev prepared to attack Mecatol Rex, so Muaat left the planet at the end of the turn, still fulfilling the public Mecatol Rex objective. I scored my first VP: all 3 docks on board.

In turn four there was some movement in the galaxy. Letnev planned to take unguarded Mecatol Rex in round two, but Yin moved first and invaded Mecatol Rex in round one and played Diplomacy II in round two. Well done again, Yin! Unable to attack Mecatol Rex, Letnev instead attacked some planets adjacent to Yin’s home system. This was the perfect opportunity to take my share, so I sent a small fleet and conquered a single Yin planet, thus fulfilling the 3 tech specialty objective. The remaining force started on the long way around the supernova.

In turn five Yin again took Diplomacy II and by this defended Mecatol Rex. During the next rounds he regained control of his lost planets, destroying all Letnev forces left. Letnev were also under attack from Yssaril and had to fight hard for survival. Muaat build his second war sun. I gathered my fleet near Mecatol Rex, build my fifth Dreadnought and acquired the last remaining tech for my next VP.

While planning my assault on Mecatol Rex and considering which strategy card would help me most, Muaat played an action card: Signal jamming! With my command counter placed on Mecatol Rex I lost the entire turn six for fulfilling my secret objective. I took Logistics and increased my fleet limit to further concentrate my fleets within range of Mecatol Rex. While I had to wait for the last turn and saved my resources for the public objective, Yin, Yssaril and Letnev recovered from their battles. Winnu took Mecatol Rex and afterwards Muaat improved his position by attacking a weakly defended dock of Winnu. He won the space battle easily, bombarded the planet, but refused to invade …

So at last turn seven started. At the beginning of the Strategy Phase lots of action cards were played, and especially Muaat did a good job: Signal jamming again…
Puh, that hurt! I took Diplomacy II and tried a last desperate move to achieve an additional sixth VP (10 influence I had at hand to gain my fifth VP). While Yssaril, Letnev and Yin quarreled about two of the artifacts, I made Winnu move all her ships out of the Mecatol Rex system. Muaat destroyed the Winnu space dock by invading the empty planet, and I attacked Muaat’s artifact on the opposite side of Mecatol Rex moving through this system I were forbidden to activate. I won the space battle, but the enemy ground forces fiercely defended planet and artifact. At last Muaat destroyed a second dock (this time Yssaril) and fulfilled his secret objective.

In the end Muaat won with 9 VP, followed by Winnu with 6 (she kept out of the main conflicts and collected VP after VP, including the Voice of the council). I ended with 5 VP, a great time with my buddies and a frustrating experience of…

… standing outside.

(edits: spelling)
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