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Subject: Decklists rss

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dimon shteyn
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Hi there,

I am a great fan of looking at other people's decklists and figuring out some new tricks I haven't thought of before. So, if anyone would like to share some of their 7th sea decklists with me, I'd be glad.

Especially I'd really love to see some Brotherhood of the Coast lists and maybe a list for the Corsairs Skry deck that was mentioned in another topic a while ago.


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Randy Miller
United States
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I have an Allende deck that is, I think, kind of unusual. Bear in mind my personal deck construction constraints--I like to have lots of different decks handy (nearly 1 per captain), I have lots but not every card, and sometimes I use cards because I like the theme or artwork or whatever even if it isn't optimal. 75 cards is an average size for me.

The Hanged Man
Starting Crew
Gillian the Razor
Julie Betts

Delaina Darling
Delaina Darling (x2)
Reggie Wilcox
Reggie Wilcox EXP
Fyodor Zastienchivy
Fyodor Zastienchivy EXP
Halverd Solness
Erik the Bold (x2)
Dimitri "the Bear" Romanovski
Bjorn Brind
Sean McCorley
Velik EXP
Senor Ladron, Second Mate
Paul Norton
Jillison Brown
Benoit "The Buccaneer" Racine
Rose Thornne

Red (x2)
Vengerful Serpent
Garrote (x2)
The Gallows
Stronghold of La Bucca
Vipera ex Morsi Swordsman School
Rum Runners
Jolly Roger of the BotC
Rilasciare Membership
Local Assistance
La Bucca Defenses
Cool Castillian Blood
Small Fortress
Captain’s Quarters


Damsel in Distress
The Rise of Cabora
Bolts of Fine Cloth
The General’s Armor
Boatload of Jennys
Choose Your Battles
Flying the Jolly Roger
Navigational Tools
Scraping the Bottom
Avalon Noble
The Second Switch

Courtly Manner
Take it Like a Man!
Worthless Trinket
Cut a Path! (x2)
Sails Don’t Bleed
Divvying the Plunder
Theah Eats the Weak (x2)
My Last Bit of Luck
Vodanken (x2)
Therein Lies the Tale
Experience is the Best Teacher
X Almost Marks the Spot
Narrow Escape
Queen of the Sea
Fire Ships
The Sailor’s Curse
Warship to Port (x2)
Top Dog
First Mate’s Watch
Ghouls Sneak On Board
Mind Your P’s and Q’s
Destiny and Loyalty
Frozen Sails
The Sailor’s Curse
Fresh Fruit
Will Do You No Good!
Diablo Tiburon
A Better Offer

It's fairly simple, get a huge adventuring and pummel them from the other side of the world with action cards. Delaina Darling (Exp) is indispensable for that, reducing the cost of adventuring action cards by 2, and Red the attachment does the same by another 1 (see the updated version). Paying adventuring with The Hanged Man or Narrow Escape, especially after the Darling discount, is a good way to surprise a rival even though you look tapped out and unable to hit them. Cool Castillian Blood, Will do You No Good, and Take it Like a Man! are nice to counter canceling, though the best strategy is careful timing and letting your opponent think he is safe with you 2 seas away.There's a few other attachments and actions (like Vengeful Serpent and Divvying the Plunder) to take advantage of the high adventuring you should have in other ways, and a couple card draws (Captains' Quarters and Worthless Trinket) since doing real damage is tied to cards drawn (though boarding is decent if they have an advantage). Erik the Bold has obvious synergy with Allende, so he's in there twice.
The Rilasciare stuff is just for fun and probably to the detriment of the deck.
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