Joshuah Andrews

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I enjoy this game, simple, easy to learn, when not playing with hardcore gamers or with people who want to keep it light.
That said, this game needs more depth and feels unfinished.
How can we make this game better?

Chance cards (additional)
-for the steal card add the caveat that if choose to use this you
cant have the monopoly tower.
-Fire card--Residential fire to?
-Fire card--Industrial fire to?
-Fire card--Business fire to?
How choose where fire happens?
Roll to see how many cubes damaged, demo for 50k? rebuild/repair
for 1/2 normal cost?
-2 Power grid failure cards, (one color) collect no rent until
next turn from said color
-Flooding card, flood damage to said color, demo for 50k or pay
1/2 to repair/rebuild
-You win the Lottery card-$10million
-some sort of crime card
-2 Your feeling generous give the person to your left 500k

Have more ideas:
-change foot prints of properties so they actually are affected by
negative properties and space constraints of distritcs.
-Ferry from top to bottom of river? (can own like a property?,
charge for ferry use?)
-Fewer railroads--no rent but charge to use? Or add 1 cube value to
said space? Or role to see if train is delayed-lose a turn?

Anyone else?

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Michael Stinnissen
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Some nice ideas, but most require an actual hard changes to the board or pieces. It would be nice to see an all-encompassing rule book put together for this game that uses soft changes only. Everytime we play this game, everyone concludes that the rules are incomplete. Too often, we get to a situation where someone asks, 'can I do this?' and the rule book offers no clarification.

Things that I would change:

1. Hazards - too easy to remove.

Player should have to land on the appropriate hazard space to be allowed to remove said hazard from their district.


Hazards are permanent. Forces players to equally spread industrial and residential properties.


Stadiums count as bonus buildings.

2. Auctions - too hectic. Players shout out bids at the buzzer, unclear who wins.

Rather than use the timer, auctions should be held more like Power Grid. Auctioneer starts, player to the left must bid if they want to they want buy. Once a player passes at a price, they cannot re-enter the bidding process.

It should also be made clear if a player must honour their highest bid; we came to a situation where the winning player would have to mortgage property to pay for their winning bid - they said chose not to, and gave the property to next highest bidder, who also did not want the property at that value.

3. Effects of Mortgaging - Unclear.

If a district with a stadium, skyscraper or M-Tower is mortgaged, are the effects of the building forfeited? Things like this need to be clarified at the onset of the game.

4. Chance cards need clarification.

5. Landing on an Auction space

Player MAY CHOOSE to Auction an unowned property from the bank


Player MUST CHOOSE an unowned property to be auctioned.

Please feel free to add more to this list. I think that this game could be a great gateway game - almost everyone who plays agrees that it's better than the original, but there are so many unexplained rules that the game almost feels incomplete.
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