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M. Krauel
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Two aspects of the rules bugged me:

1) the cannon was much too dangerous by outright destroying any unit it hits

2) you spend hours to put all those little figurines on their bases and then they serve for decorative purposes only, in the end

Thus resulted the following tweaks:

Infantry units can take as one hit for each fighter (represented by a single plastic miniature) on its base. For each hit one is removed.

Mounted units can take two hits for each (mount and rider together count as one fighter). They gain one skull chip for a single hit and one fighter is removed for another hit. These two hits don´t have to be taken in a single attack.

If any unit has lost more than half of its fighters, they are weakened and have their strength halved (rounded up). Thus units of 5 (infantry) are weakened when decimated to 2, those of 3 (cavalry) when only one is left. Strength 5 is reduced to 3, 4 to 2, 3 to 2 and 2 to one.

Ogres still have 6 hitpoints. Their strength is not lowered by hits taken.

The cannon consists of two fighters. It is not weakended by loosing one. The cannon does not automatically destroy the unit it hits with an explosion (including itself upon laying an explosion tile in the first hex). Instead it attacks with 6 dice. Upon a bounce, it attacks with a single dice. Against both these attacks no defense roll is allowed, neither by itself nor by other units.
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Ryan Lancaster
United States
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These are great rule variations! I recently purchased a copy of BM on eBay out of nostalgia.

I am considering adopting some rules from a similar game (Battle Cry) though I have not tried any yet.

1) adding a "Woods" terrain tile. A unit attacking another unit on a "Woods" tile would role one less attack dice. However, a unit moving onto a "woods" tile cannot attack in the same turn.
I would be interested in any other terrain tile ideas if anyone has any suggestions.

2) Archers have an increased range but attack dice are based on distance from target. Archers have a range of 3 spaces. However, when attacking a unit 3 space way they roll 1 dice; 2 space away, 2 dice; and 1 space away,3 dice.
The same idea can be applied to Crossbowman's attack: 4 spaces = 1 dice, 3 spaces = 2 dice, 2 spaces = 3 dice, 1 space = 3 (or 4) dice.
I'm not sure how this rule would effect the game balance though.

I am greatly interested in any other rule variations or additions if anyone has any.
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