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Subject: Database status update! rss

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Drew Heath
United States
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Hello everyone!

My brave team of volunteer contributors has just grown to 12(!) members with the addition of a fine fellow from Germany.

My men have been working very hard, and the database is now ~27% complete - or, in raw numbers, 320 scenarios have been fully loaded!

I am always on the look-out for more contributors, though! You're especially valuable if you own some of the more obscure modules & PDF packs. Email me if you'd like to help out!

Also, to tantalize the masses, I've included the Panzer Grenadier HQ site blueprint. We plan to launch once all the objectives from priority 1 to 5 are complete. The rest will be added later. If you have any questions, post them here or email me directly!

We're still on-target for a Spring launch - sometime in late April if all continues to go according to plan & schedule.

/Shad out!

PG-HQ Database Status Structure
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Jay Townsend
United States
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AAR’s from PG

Starting with 2003, I began writing my first AAR’s. This is only a fraction of what I have actually played. Anything with a 1 or below ranking, I wouldn’t even bother to write an AAR for. Anything with a 2-3 above is worth playing at least once. Anything with a 4-5 is worth playing more than once. Some these AAR’s had a lot of pictures with them, so I had to alter the description somewhat, without the pictures to make since:

• Afrika Korps, Scenario #21, Tanks!

Ranking: 3/5

Australian Victory

I played AK 21 -Tanks this summer, it was one of the first scenarios I played from AK! The Australian came away with the victory! My German INF couldn't take one entrenchment to fill the victory conditions. They kept getting disrupted and I had bad dice throws but also the ten-turn thing was a factor for me as well. Maybe I choose the wrong area to attack or break through or may it was my inexperience? I did wipe out the British armor, off the face of the map with the German & Italian armor! That might have been my problem; I wasted too much axis armor resources in anticipation of the British armor, which really doesn't count toward victory points. Next time I play, I'll concentrate all my resources on taking the entrenchments and may save only one axis armor unit to counter their- Allied armor.

• Afrika Korps, Scenario #19, The Escape

Ranking: 4/5

German Victory

I play The Escape scenario #19 from AK tonight, great play! The more I play Afrika Korps the more it is becoming my favorite in the series! I first went and bought a piece of plexi-glass 22” X 34” like stated on the box as the map size. But the map is actually more like 23” X 35” I found out but it still worked very well! It held all the edges down and is only 1/8” thick so it looked very nice as well. I guess I got tried of the folds in the paper maps! OK back to the game! The Germans won as the British only got 5 steps off the exit hexes. The Germans don’t need to worry about losing steps, just keeping the British from getting 6 or more steps across the other side of the map. The German started out well with high initiative rolls and were able to get some units into blocking positions. I made the mistake with the British of trying to run around the blocking units with full APC/Bren Carriers. I don’t know if I should admit this but I lost the first one, loaded with a Major & a 25lb gun, lost them all in one shot because they were passengers! The trucks I had to unload and try to fight it out while making progress to the East. The Germans shot up the trucks with their armor to make sure the British Infantry would have to go out on foot. The British A13 did take out a PzII but it was also destroyed in the process by the PZIIIG. The small assortment of German Infantry, AT Gun, Armored Car, Half-Tracks & Armor were able to destroy, disrupt or demoralize the British so much, that only 5 steps were able to exit the victory hexes! APC’s, trucks & Leaders don’t count as victory steps so only 4 steps of infantry and one 40mm gun made it. The whole battle really got strung out along the road. I think I should have kept the British together and fought it out as a group but I was worried about the 16 turn time frame and being able to get enough steps off the board. This one is worth trying again someday but so many more to play!

• Battle of the Bulge, Scenario # 33/Rochefort:

Ranking: 3/5


I play Rochefort over the weekend. It uses one board but packs 64 unit counters and another 23 leader counters plus all the markers, so that board fills up with some interesting assault towers. It started out on the East Side of the board as the American's must set up East of 06## and the Germans enter anywhere on the East edge. Crossing the river never came into play! The first 14 out of the 48 turns are 1 hex visibility as it is night. I set up most American's 3 hexes away from the town, dug in! Thought they could eliminate 10 German steps and fall back into town, thus denying the German their victory, which was to keep the American at least two hexes away from the town. With the first 14 turns in the dark, it turned into one big assault line. It turned into a draw! The Americans got more then enough eliminated German steps, while the German almost eliminated every American unit, or there were none with in the two hexes of town. I should have moved more Americans back into the town, at the start of the scenario, but they got mixed up in the assault combat very fast. The game was over before I reached the 30th turn. It was a draw because of the German losses and the Americans were not able to keep any unit within 2 hexes of the town. The Germans were delayed a little bit and had heavy casualties but the victory condition should have included American casualties into the victory conditions as well, as they were basically push off the map. I never had this size of a scenario with so many step losses. But I did enjoy it, as unlike most people who like huge scenarios, I prefer medium to small type the best.

Also, don't forget about the new rule for the M18. Being able to move and fire on the same turn. That pretty cool, it is rule #4 in the Bulge scenario book.

• Guadalcanal, Scenario #20, Diversion I
Ranking: 5/5
Diversion I, scenario #20, Guadalcanal was an interesting play as my first scenario in the Pacific Theater! When you first look at it, you think the Americans will wipe the Japanese out, with all the artillery and air support but the Japanese do have about twice the forces. The air cover only last the first three turns as darkness starts to set. In fact if you are the Japanese, it is better to mass your force in two of three locations, hidden in the jungle and wait it out until turn 6 when visibility is down to one hex. I couldn't control myself and started attacking or positioning for attack by turn three, which exposed my Japanese forces to attack but at the same time, allowed my lone Japanese artillery battery to get in some shots as well. In fact, I was surprised at the dice rolls. I did paste the Japanese a couple of times with a good combined Marine artillery dose. After that, my rolls were poor, 6,7,8 and so on, while the Japanese with their smaller artillery allotment, managed to roll some 2's & 12's against my Marines in the coconut grove, figure that one out? By turns four and on the assaults combat started. The fire first jungle feature was a nice rule and helped my Marines at first but with the smaller forces, they started to wear down. This scenario actually included some vehicles and there were five units that had AT fire capabilities, which added a little twist of fun in how to move around and position the little bit of armor and AT guns that were there. By turn 8 I had quite a few assaults going on and it was clear to me that my Marine forces were not strong enough to push all the Japanese back across the river, to get my victory conditions met. I could still get a victory by eliminating 10 steps of Japanese or more. This lead to me to be more aggressive with my Marine forces and many left their dug outs to reinforce assaults or start their own. In turn, this caused more casualties among the Marine, helping the Japanese get their victory conditions of 7 or more Marine step losses! Some where between turns 15-18 I stopped play, as the victory conditions were clearly met by both sides and could not be changed. This means it was a draw. By this time, the battle field was scattered, even within the 15xx boundaries. Disrupted, Demoralized units were abound. It was a fun play over all, touching in a lot of different areas. I lost a leader to the event chart, from sniper fire, resulting from a tied activation dice roll. A few of those random events are a nice twist. I almost had a wreck in the only town hex but the tank managed to survive the die roll until latter down the road. This is a scenario I will rank high as a replay for me down the road. Just thought I would share!

Tank Battles, Scenario #5, Little Saturn: Escape from Arbuzovka

Ranking: 2/5

Russian Victory

I try this one out tonight! With the Italian I just ran for the border, trying not to engage the Russians as 8 exit point would give me the victory. With the Russian, I just closed hard and tried to eliminate enemy units. I was interested in how the Semovente 75’s would do against the T-34/76b’s, if the opportunity arose, it did and the Semovente 75’s are still burning. The Italians had no luck at all with the dice rolls tonight! The only Italians that made it off the board were the two Motorcycle units. The Russians manage to slow the Italians down with their Cavalry & T-34’s long enough for the Infantry to catch up and start those assault towers. Also the snow slowed movement down as well. The Russians won this one by steps and the Italians will have to try another day! Update, the Semovente 75’s should really have been Semovente 47’s, as I believe this to be scenario errata.

* Heroes of The Soviet Union, Scenario #16, Red Parachutes: Grigorovka
Ranking: 3/5
Russian Victory
I play one quick hitter from Heroes, Scenario #16, Red Parachutes: Grigorovka. I pick it because it is a fast play, something like 26 counters total, including leaders, with the victory condition of who ever controlled the most city hexes wins! Both sides start on the opposite side of the board, so it is kind of a race at first. The Russians have a bigger advantage with more armor but the Germans have a road leading into town, which helped them get there a little faster. After that it is a strategy on which units to move around the city and which ones to assault the enemy with, that have entered the city from opposite sides. I played it during commercials and half time of the Big Twelve Championship Football Game. It had 8 total turns and I was not sure of the out come until turn 7 and 8, with the Russian coming away with a clear victory. The Russians had control of 5 hexes, the Germans had 3 hexes and there were 2 or 3 that were in assault hexes or disputed. Fun Scenario! I think the Russians have the advantage unless the Germans can get some good initiative rolls in the beginning to get a good set up in town and spread out, though out the city.

Battle of the Bulge, Scenario #12, Fuller's Counterattack
Ranking: 3/5
American Victory
After setting it up, I decided that there was no way the Americans could control all the town hexes on the other side of the board with one large German force already there and another one coming on turn two. So I decided to get one of the other two victory conditions. I could win either by eliminating 6 German steps or blocking all there reinforcement from exiting the western edge of play. As the German, I new I could control the town but I also had to exit all the reinforcements that entered on turn two off the board with only 2 step losses. So I attacked the Americans hard, with my Initial or first group of Germans, as they could loss any number of steps, hopefully less then 6 however! The Second group of Germans gathered in the town over the next 3 or 4 turns while the first group tried to soften up the Americans. As the Americans, I knew that the Germans didn’t have time to get all there reinforcements off the west edge through the forest and hills in 9 turns. So I put most of my forces in the center, where the road runs through and blocking forces on the North & South edge of the forest, to contain any flanking moves. I could risk as many step losses as I wanted, as long as I either contained all the reinforcement from exiting or get 6 total step losses on any of the German forces. I committed my German reinforces too late to break out. I started using my Armor from that second group with about four turns left, thinking the first group could do it with out help and I could just sail through to the other side with out risking the two step thing from my reinforcement group. Wrong, I should have committed that armor right away as the Americans only have one Sherman platoon. I kept it busy with the Stug IIIG and the PzIVF2 from the first group. I usually lose my Sherman Tanks in scenarios with only one platoon, but not this time! The Sherman counter #1508 must be one of the luckiest ones around! It survived 5 AT dice rolls and two assaults with only a disruption but he pulled back a little farther into the forest road hexes before the Panthers and more PzIVH’s came around. The Sherman also took out 1 step of Stug IIIG. The Americans did loss all of their Artillery after only one turn because of special rule number 3, I rolled a one after one turn but at least I got to disrupt one German Infantry unit with it. By turn 9, I had one more assault going on that would have freed up the whole road hex leading out of the West edge of the board. If I had just committed that second group of armor sooner, I would have opened up that whole bottleneck and poured my German reinforcements off the west edge for a victory but I was denied by that stubborn American Infantry. Good dice rolls might have helped also. The Americans won by steps and not allowing the German reinforcement group off the board! The casualty list included 9 American step and 3 Lieutenants, the Germans had 10 step losses, all from the initial German set up group. The Americans paid a price to get the victory and the German were too careful with their second force of reinforcements and didn’t help the first Elements of the 2nd Panzer Division until it was too late in the game to bust through. One thing I noticed about this scenario, towards the end of the game, you must keep track of which group of German is the first group and which is the second group, as they start to get mixed and you can only loss 2 steps from the second group. I think by the way I played the scenario, it should have been called, Fuller's delaying action!

* Guadalcanal, Scenario #7 Kokumbona
Ranking: 3/5
Japanese Victory
Played #7 Kokumbona from Guadalcanal tonight! The Japanese rolled a twelve and got a victory, due to the one step loss from the Americans and the Japanese victory condition! I don’t like that one step loss thing very well, because it can end a game very fast, so I replayed it from that point. I rolled the dice again and went from there and got an American victory. So maybe that was cheating but I wanted to see the out come, without the lucky roll! I’ll have to remember not to play scenarios that have one step loss victory conditions; they make me too nervous.

* Afrika Korps, Scenario #34, Pursuit

Ranking: 4/5

One Major British Victory, One Major German Victory & One Draw

I also played #34 Pursuit of the 2nd Armored, form Afrika Korps again! The first time I played it, it was a draw and it was fast play back in 2002, so I decided to play it again, in fact two more times. As of this moment counting tonight and last year, I have One Draw, One Major British Victory, One Major German Victory and no minor victories! I guess I’ll play it a forth time someday to break the tie, maybe? I tried different strategies each time and got different results each time.

* Desert Rats, Scenario #10, Bir el Gubi
Ranking: 5/5
Italian Victory
I finally got to play a scenario from Desert Rats. With two maps, I had to move the game into the kitchen area for space, as two maps takes a lot more room then my normal desk will allow. I try out #10 Bir el Gubi and had the same results as the British did historically. It was nice to have all those Crusader Tanks but their gun is pretty weak even for the Italian armor. Now throw in the fact that they have to attack fixed/entrenchments with Italian BER Infantry that doesn’t surrender and AT guns not to mention the Big 102mm Naval guns and M13/40 tanks as well. The British have a small off board artillery allotment of a 1 X 10 that you can barely suppress, with few rolls, if you are lucky, those big 102mm portee guns. Most of my Crusaders are now burning and the Italian lost zero entrenchment’s as I put a ring around them of dug-in units. The Italians clearly won this one with just a few dug-ins lost, a few Infantry and truck steps lost and a few M13/40 steps lost as well. I lost count of the Crusader steps burning. The British had to take all four Italian entrenchments and eliminate 10 Italian steps. The second one is doable but both together, looks very hard. All the Italians have to do is avoid the British victory conditions and destroy British armor. Maybe I should have went after the Naval 102mm guns first, instead of avoiding them. But that opportunity fire would have made me pay just the same. My play was a clear Italian Victory!

102mm in scenario #10:
In #10 Bir el Gubi, the British only have armor in this scenario with a weak off board artillery of 1 X 10. But next time I play I'll use the charge tactic but the Italians can always block it, with those M13/40's or at least hold it up, so those 102mm will still take a toll. Hopefully there will be enough left of my Crusader tanks to attack those fixed positions! It is a challenge. Note; save the two CS Crusader units for the entrenchments.

I also put a ring of dug-in Infantry around my AT-Gun entrenchment’s, which makes a pretty good defense in not losing the entrenchments.

I will have to re-visit Bir el Gubi from Desert rats someday! It was great moving all those Crusader tanks around, I think about 19 platoons in all. I lost with the British last time but I have a new strategy for next time. I highly recommend that scenario as well. There are quite a few scenarios I want to play in DR, as I now feel it is one of the top three games in this system for good scenarios. The only problem is that about half require two large maps to play! Space seems to be my problem right now.

2005, I started using more pictures in my AAR’s at this point in time, so it’s harder to show the AAR progression in some of these AAR’s

* Beyond Normandy, Scenario #25, Fight for Esquay.
Ranking: 3/5
German Victory
I played my first scenario in Beyond Normandy tonight, scenario #25, Fight for Esquay! It only has seven turns and a low counter count, so it was a fast play and exactly what I was looking for, as I only had an hour of time and this only took about half that! The Germans have the advantage here even if they have less then half the units because they are closer to the Victory hex, if they don’t get the step loss requirements and they have the higher ground by the victory hex. If I went by the rules in the victory conditions of this scenario, the Germans won on turn two as an immediate victory by eliminating five steps of British units. But it didn’t seem right to end the scenario here, so I continue play until turn 7, which is the end of the game. At this point it was a draw as both sides were still locked in assault combat of that town victory hex. On the last turn the Germans almost rid themselves of the British in that particular hex but couldn’t!

Really this is a good scenario but only if you change the victory conditions however, to controls hex #2531 and forget the step losses on this one or most likely the Germans will win, unless the British can maneuver around the terrain in time and don’t use the road because the Germans can easily take out five steps with their armor, Tiger reduced, Marder III, & PzIVH. Those Half-trucks are an easy kill, so leave those behind.

* Battle of the Bulge, Scenario #13, The Missing Company

Ranking: 2/5

German Victory

Kind of an interesting fast playing game, low unit count as well. I have had one German victory and one American victory so far. Both times I have tried to exit my M5's off the South side of the board. I need to play a third game to break this tie, 1/1. German setup is important in this scenario, as you don't know if the Americans will go for the exit or the towns for the victory! Well let me know how you guys did? I thought it was fun to play, for a fast game, when you don't have a lot of time.
I think the only reason I have a one/one victory record on this one, is that the first time I setup my German units out position. I never tried to take the town hexes, only run for the exit with my M5's both times. I figured the StugIII can't cover the whole board. This scenario will most likely always favors the Germans.

* Eastern Front, Scenario #43, Red Steel: Tank Battle at Chisinau
Ranking: 3/5
I finally got a game in on Eastern Front Deluxe. I played scenario #43 Red Steel: Tank Battle at Chisinau

This, is a good-small, just armor on armor battle. It is suppose to be 40 turns but it was over in about 10 turns the way I played it anyway. I just went for the straight head on advance, trying to exit the Romanians as soon as possible off the South end of the board and rushed the Russians to engage them but I should of just setup a Russian blocking force. But my way was probably more historical as it became mixed-up armored mess on the field of battle. The Romanian Air unit needed a roll of a two or a twelve to get a disruption on the Soviet armor but that roll never came. As the armor became mangled and mixed-up on the board the Romanians were able to exit 6 steps of R2’s off the board, 2 full strength units and two half strength units. They did lose 6 steps of R2’s which helped the Soviets fulfill their victory condition as well making this game a draw. In all fairness, after I exited the required Romanian units off the south side, I kept the remainder of the R2’s on the board to see how they would do against the Russian T-26’s & T34A’s. The Russians rolled low and the Romanians high. The R2’s took out 3 step of T-26 and one step of T-34’s. The T-34 step was taken out as a result of an 11 dice roll by an adjacent R2 which equals 11+2+1-4=10 on the AT result table (one step loss)!

A fun fast playing scenario! Next time I play this one I’ll try to exit more of theR2’s as the Romanians, denying the Soviet their victory. As The Russians I’ll setup line defense line at the South end of the board and just fire away and hopefully get better dice rolls this time. Hey, it was my first time with this scenario and I just want to get the action on. Even though it was a draw, I really thought the Russian armor would just over power the R2’s but they have a good 3 armor factor for defense. It was good to see this battle on a platoon level, as I have played Red Steel on the higher level. It always takes me two plays of any scenario to get the prefect setup and strategies right. Next time I play, I feel I can win with the Russians! We’ll see?

* Afrika Korps, Scenario #14, Beda Fomm Two
Ranking: 3/5
Italian Victory
I went ahead and play a scenario from Afrika Korps last night, Scenario #14 Beda Fomm Two. It is challenging for both sides as I soon found out. Only seven turns, with only the first three that have any Visibility as night set in for the remainder of the turns. The Italians and their Civilian mob set up on the road and I set them up in the unload position, as they can’t exit them in this scenario any ways and it easier to defend, also the scenario description makes it sound as though they were are ready settling in for the night. The British setup not far away, hexes ##07 or less. The British have very little time to waste to get their 30 eliminated Italian step victory condition met. Civilians only count if they surrender. L3/35 count as double but I think the AB41 armored cars are much more valuable as they at least have an AT ability. The Italian can win by losing less then 15 steps and eliminating 4 British steps.

Turn one the British closed fast as time is a factor, even if they should wait until visibility decreases as the Italian 47mm and 105mm guns do have some bite! I tried to avoid them by going around, out of AT range. Some Italian units start to dig-in but the Civilian can’t, so I setup the two types of units mixed up a bit and tried to defend helpless Civilian as much I could with Italian military units, usually moving them behind other units, to better defend them.

Turn two, stupid British 2-pdr Portee is eliminated with a Captain as well. I haven’t figured out how to us a short range truck mounted portee units in an offensive way yet. I had to close with it to be of any use in this scenario but I got too close and got burned.

Turn three & four, Visibility is a factor and both sides big guns: IT-105mm & BR-25 pdr aren’t much help at this point. Units are adjacent in many areas and a few will become assault next turn. Some casualties on both sides!

Turns five-seven, not enough time for the British, only fourteen Italian steps lost, two were the useless L3/35’s units, which totaled 8 steps in its self as they are worth double! The other six were a mix of civilian surrender points and military eliminated and surrender points. The British need about three more turns to complete this mission, at least the way I played it. They also lost two steps of Mk-VIb’s. At this point it is an Italian victory, as they have only lost fourteen steps and have eliminated 4 step, one Portee unit two steps of MK-VIb’s and one Captain. I think the Captain counts as a step in this scenario, at least I counted it.

This is a tough scenario for both sides and most likely could have been a draw, stupid Portee! Well I had fun playing it and that is the most important thing about playing, getting enjoyment out of it.

* Eastern Front, Scenario #25, First Tank Battle
Ranking: 3/5
Romanian Victory
The Romanians have the higher Initiative and received a higher roll as well in the first turn, so they were able to go all the way across to the middle of board eight before running into the Russians advancing on their first initiative. This put both armies in a straight line on the road, head on. After turn six, I was going to throw in the towel and concede to the Russians, as I either had to keep them off the road hexes on both board one & eight or just keep them totally off board one. But they were still on the Road in force and were try to flank me on both sides. They had succeeded in flanking my right side with a few armored units of T28’s and at this point I felt helpless to stop it as the Romanians. However with 12 turns still left I went for it, as the Romanian’s have the higher Morale and this really came into play in the assaults. Slowly I cleared almost all the Russians off the board and even managed to hunt down those T28’s on board one. The 47mm AT guns were very helpful combined with the R2’s to get that cross-fire bonus on the AT fire table. Without them, I doubt I could have done the job, as the R2’s paid a heavy price in this Romanian victory. That is right, I almost gave up, but I was able to win after all with the Romanian side. I thought about putting a Russian truck on an end around, but this seemed kind of gamey and it really couldn’t advance without a Leader anyways. Lesson learned, never give up too soon and the higher Morale factor is a big advantage in assaults!

* Eastern Front, Scenario #90, Bogdanovo

Ranking: 3/5

Russian Victory

Well, I finally finished up EFD scenario #90 Bogdanovo. The Russians came away with the victory, as they delay the Germans advance. As the Germans, I was not able to extract the all the Russians from that mini Stalingrad City on board number two. Two more turns and I believe I could have done it but I still had gone over the German step loss by two steps, so I still would have lost as the Germans. My German Armor didn’t hold up very well in the city hexes against Russian 45mm AT & ATR units. Also, I noticed that this scenario didn’t have very many Leaders on either side, six for the Germans and 4 for the Russians. This made coordinating attacks straining in some cases, especially when you loss one leader counter on both sides to boot! Overall a good play, even if it did take me week to complete, playing a turn here or there when I had time.

* Beyond Normandy, Scenario #8, Highland Light Infantry Repulsed
Ranking: 3/5

I am about halfway done with scenario #8 from BN. I still don’t know who which side will has the advantage, so it must be a good scenario. The muddy roads are making movement slow and costly. My main British advance is going straight up the middle with a small flanking move to the Germans right side. I must say it is nice to have those Churchill VII tanks, finally an Allied armor vehicle that can take a little punishment but with that said, I have still lost a whole platoon of them. The Germans have also managed to receive a whole platoon of Panther tanks but with the mud, it will be at least 4 more turns before they can make a difference. I really like the added Infantry Anti-Tank Weapons rule #16 in this game, it really makes you think a little more about assaulting with your armor. It should also be included the Battle of The Bulge in my opinion. The Typhoons could also have an effect here but haven’t so far. I only have one air-strike left, bad rolls I guess. The British were able to draw a Major with an 11 morale value, hot dog is he tough! The map in BN is a little busy but once you get the counters on board, you soon forget about it. The artillery hasn’t been that effective yet but I have rolled a bunch of 6 & 5’s so that it wasn’t involved on 3 or 4 turns for either side at one time or another.

Posting #2
I did finish the second half of this game. Interesting thing about scenario #8 BN is that at one time or another I was going to throw in the towel on one side or another but the game went to the last turn. In the first 10 turns it looked like there was no way I was going to ex-spell the British from around the victory hexes as may of them were town hexes that they over-ran from the Germans. The German only start with about a third of the infantry compared with the British however, they have a higher morale. I decided not to throw in the towel as the Germans yet, even if I did lose 5 steps already out of my 6 allowed. Both my 75mm AT guns were over ran and I lost some halftracks as well and I counted the halftrack steps toward the loses. Believe it or not, both Panther tank platoons arrived on the board early, turns 8 & 10 so there was still hope! No, I didn't cheat!

Turns 11-20 the Germans pulled back and re-grouped into better organized attack groups and reinforced with better armor. Higher morale is so nice for the added modifier in assault combats. The Germans were able to squeeze the British out of most of their required three victory hexes but in doing so lost a couple more steps in assaults. The game was a draw but really in my opinion the German won hands down as they were able to come back and push the British out with heavy British losses! The poor Churchill’s had the poorest dice rolls of any units on the board. It seem like they rolled 2,3,5 and so on, every time it mattered the most! It’s nice they had the staying power before the Panthers arrived but those poor dice rolls killed them off. I think even with the 90mm gun from the M36 from the Battle of the Bulge Game, I would have lost with those dice rolls. This scenario turned into a closer game then I thought it would be, maybe because of my poor play as the Germans in the first ten turns or maybe my poor play as the British in the last ten turns?

* Desert War, Scenario #5, Libyan Defiance

Ranking: 3/5


Here is the first or second round of the Indian/British charge against the Libyan/Italians in Scenario Five, Libyan Defiance from Desert Rats. Nothing really is happening yet but movement. Just posted it to make your guys mouth water, and make you to play a scenario or two yourselves!
Currently, I am on turn five and I have lost a loaded ACW with on Subedar Major-leader, one Infantry unit to a 47mm Italian AT gun on a 11 dice roll. I have sense demoralized the Italian gun with 36 points of off-board Artillery. I guess I better be more careful! I always get too close and get burned, will I never learn!

Well, I finished scenario 5: Libyan Defiance from Desert Rats tonight! Both sides achieved a victory which means it was a draw. The Indian/British troops occupied all 6 Libyan/Italian’s entrenchments and eliminated over eight steps but the Libyan/Italians but also had over eight Indian steps eliminated. Without the Surrender rule, the Indian/British side would not have made their objectives. Fixed positions can be frustrating! The Interesting thing about Desert Rats is; I have 7 zip-lock bags for it, one Italian, one Italian Colonial, one German, one British, one Indian, one New Zealand & one Marker bag.
I always wanted to command an India Pattern Carrier (ACW).

* Battle of the Bulge, Scenario #24 Team Dosobry
Ranking 3/5
German Victory
Well, I did get a game in tonight after all and I played the first Team Dosobry scenario! What a blood bath this one was. In the end however, the Germans just used shear numbers to pull out a victory by points. Not too many Americans left when I pulled the plug, with about 8 or 9 turns left. Fun play though!

* Road to Berlin, Scenario 41, Spring Awakened
Ranking: 3/5

Soviet Victory

The first thing you have to do on the Germans side is to pick which North to South road you want to clear & defend. One has towns you will have to clear and one has higher-three level elevation terrain. Both seem difficult and with the moving special rule for this scenario down to a crawl because of mud, the situation becomes dicey. I choose the higher elevation route. Both sides get to start a few infantry units on their side of the board and the rest come on as a race to initiate. As the Russians, you need to kill tanks without losing too many and they have the bigger force.

Basically the Russians won the first activation and I got my smaller German armor too far ahead of my Infantry and they got smashed. Yes they did take some T-34’s with them but the Panthers definitely have to be more careful of the newer T-34C & T-34/85’s. I through in the towel about half way through this game, as the Soviet clearly had this one won, and it may be just because they rolled better activations on the first three turns. The biggest mistake was blowing my panzer too early.

Hex 0710 is a good fishing hole!

* Road to Berlin, Scenario #55, Seelow: The Tank Battle
Ranking: 3/5
German Victory
Before I take on Seelow Height: The Center, I had get the Tiger Tank thing out of my system and I played the much smaller very fast playing time #55 Seelow: The Tank Battle. The only strategy I could think of for this scenario; was to go for bust with the Russians, Charge every T-34/85 & SMG Infantry unit at those Tigers & Panthers and hope for good die rolls. It didn't happen, I only took out one step of Tiger’s but lost all my T-34/85's and a good chunk of my SMG/INF before I gave up, with a hands down German victory.

* Road to Berlin, Scenario #54, Seelow Heights: The Center
Ranking: 5/5
Russian Victory
This one could take a while just to setup. So far I have the four map sections setup but I am now trying to decide where to put the six Entrenchment markers, which could be the most important thing in this scenario, other then victory it's self. Its hard to tell which East-West roads the Russians will try an clear, so the two Western boards must be divided up into half of the German forces as the Soviets could enter in force on either of the two Eastern boards or both. So far a nice looking 4 map scenario! No units will setup until tomorrow, It's too late now and I still need to study the lay of the land!

Posting #2

Here is my setup of the German! I think I must have tried three times to get it right. The Soviets are on the edge waiting to come on board, kind of like a Day Invasion there are so many. I still don’t know in which order I’ll bring them on but most likely I’ll attack the East-West highway to the North, that doesn’t go through the town on the hills, though both highways go through the hilly heights, the Town direction could be a tough nut to crack. But, if I had setup the bulk of my German units on the other highway, then the Russians would have attacked there, so you really have to divide the German forces into two groups and as the Soviet, decide on one main route to attack and use one small screening force to pin down the other group of Germans, so they can’t combine groups. Bring the Russian on board won’t be difficult, as first 14 turns the visibility is only one hex in the darkness. I should be able to pull along side all of the first German defenses before they can respond and do some back door flanking as well.

I did notice while picking out my units for both sides, that I had to borrow One Soviet Engineer, one SMG, one SU-122, one ATR, one 82mm and of course the six M3’s from the normal Russian army to fill in for not having enough guards units. Not a big deal, as they all come out of the same box! And I am assuming that the 24 x RIF are 24 Guard INF. I don’t know why but in this game, this is the only scenario that uses an on board BM-13 Katyusha counter? All the rest are off board, unlike Heroes, which uses them more but very cool to have it on board. Well just my observation for now but this scenario kind of, in a strange way, reminds me of a D-Day Invasion but no ocean. Lots of off board artillery for the Soviets and air support as well. Unit losses don’t count on either side, so this will be a bloody one, to see if the Russians can clear one East-West road of Germans units.
Posting #3
Don't worry, I won’t post all 40 turns, as I don't have the time but I'll do a couple more, maybe the halfway point and the end of the battle. In my off board Soviet assembly area, I still haven't decided on how to stack the units and who to put at the spear of the attack, maybe one of those JSU-152 conquering beasts. I still wish I had more Soviet Leaders and this will be a tricky thing as well, dividing the leader counters up!

Posting #4
Five turns into the battle and not shot has been fired yet. I am bring my Russian forces to within two hexes of the Germans before attacking with everything I have. The visibility is still one hex until turn fourteen, so I really need to get my Soviets forces in position before sun-rise. Hopefully a few more turns and I'll pull the trigger. It's hard holding back that Russian armor so long, but I am trying not to repeat history and I am waiting for all that Russian Infantry and support units to get in place. There is a big hurry to beat the dawn. With in two more turns or so Marshall Zhukov will lose his patience, ready or not! The Artillery is also waiting for some good spotting activity, as this is Germany now, with no good Razvedka spotting. I feel it shouldn't be used in this scenario.

Posting #5

So far, it looks pretty dicey on both sides of the field but I still feel the Soviet have the upper hand but dawn will not bring good thing, so I must fight on. I did loss one step of my JSU-152 Conquering Beast! Advice to the Soviet players; be careful of the German Panzerfausts in assault hexes. Yes it is very nice to assault in a hex with both Infantry with Leaders & Tanks but those Panzerfausts will start taking a total and I really like this rule, it just feels more real in the 1944-45 years. Also as the Soviet player, must keep good care of your 3 engineer units, as that plus one modifier really helps against Entrenchments, and you will need it. I didn’t take my own advice and one of my Engineers is running away from the Battlefield demoralized. I don’t have enough Russian Leaders in this scenario to chase him down, so he is on his own. The Kommissar is on the other Southern Road hex, helping some one else. The Germans at this point, look in trouble but they are in a good position to inflict some real pain on the Russian side, on turn nine, as they have a lot of demoralized Soviets, sitting in their dugouts & Entrenchment, that will soon be running away or losing steps but still there is a second wave of Russians waiting in the wings, so who knows?
Posting #6
Just a quick update! Not much to report, as I have only done about a turn and half more. More step losses on both sides, more assault hexes and maybe the south road is starting to look better for the Russians. I doubt this scenario will go 40 turns, once daylight hits, things could really be interesting, if the German hexes aren't all assaulted by then. My strategy has worked pretty well so far, having the Russians hit in one big mass in the dark. We'll see latter this week if it pays off?

Posting #7
The Russians are starting to get the upper-hand and still no day light to help the Germans out.

Posting #8
Just when I thought the Russians had the upper hand, the Germans had a pretty good turn 12 and now I am thinking the Soviets may have to shift their focus to the Southern road, which was just intended to be a diversion attack but is doing much better then the full strength Northern road battle. I have about 25 full strength units & leaders off the board, destroyed and I am not sure how many half strength & full units still on the map but still a lot. These mass assaults, adjacent attacks & huge bombardments in the night are taking a large toll. Losses in this scenario don't matter. This is a good scenario so far. A lot of small and big decisions to make! I really like this one so far. Two dead German leaders & one dead Russian leader so far out of the dead pile. The Russian can't afford the loss too many leaders in this scenario, to keep the Infantry going. Most of my M3 halftracks are burning, along with one complete JSU-152, two SU-100 and half step of T-34/85's. The Germans have one complete Hetzer unit burning and two AT-gun units taken out. The rest of the units losses are infantry & Infantry type units on both sides. Still a lot of battle left and a lot of counters to push!

I have pulled most of my Soviet forces out of the Southern road, just leaving a covering force there and will attack the Northern road with most of my forces. There is no way to take both roads at this point, nor do I need to, to win. If the Germans can take care off the covering forces, maybe they can reinforce the North but I doubt it, not with all the Artillery & Air-power they would have to encounter to get there. It is now dawn, so everything is in full view.

Final Posting

It’s time to call the battle! After 19 or twenty turns the Soviets pulled most of their units out of the Southern Road, just leaving a covering force to prevent the Germans from reinforcing the Northern Road area. The Russians only have two objective left to take at this point to clear the North (East-West) Road, one Demoralized dug-in half step Infantry unit with Leader and one full step German Disrupted infantry unit, unprotected with two leaders on the road, kind of a road bump. The only thing that could reinforce this area are units tie up in an assault hex on the hill a little North of the action, one half step of a Hetzer tank destroy unit, which will never make through all the T-34/85’s and one Infantry & Leader counter that have managed to pull out of the Southern region but will never make it through all the clear hexes in daylight with all that Russian artillery. At this point, I concede to the Russians, as it would take only about two more turn to clear the last two units from the road and the Soviet still have twenty turns to do it! I claim a Russian victory for Scenario: 54. In real action however, I think the Russian would have taken the Seelow Heights high ground on only the Northern Road and would have to stop the offense to regroup before heading West again, as they took a lot of casualties in assault guns/tank destroyers, Infantry of all types, all their APC’s/halftracks and two Leaders as well. There are also a lot of half strength and Disrupted Soviet units around.

Overall, it was a fun Scenario to play and it kept me busy for over a week. I usually just played a turn or two after work, before bed or two or three on the weekend days. Two people most likely could have played it out in 4 to 6 hours if it went the full 40 turns. My strategy as the Russians paid-off. I used a massive wave of infantry & armor and closed adjacent to the enemy in the night. I took my hits, next turn fired DF & AT-fire directly into the enemy hexes with a Column two modifier for Direct Fire and a column one modifier for AT-fire. I also Bombarded those hexes, with everything I could. Yes I took heavy casualties from return fire and some friendly Bombardment fire as well but I just kept reinforcing and then when the enemy was weaker, I assaulted the crap out of the hexes.

Again Russian Victory!
One more comment on the Seelow Heights: The Center.

Those entrenchments counters can be a real pain but as the Russians I was able to take over two of them on the North Road while putting the third in an assault hex dispute. On the South Road, the Germans kept control of all three. I am sure I had a pretty good offense as the Russian but maybe changing the attack on the Southern road to include, less forces next time around. As for The German, that is more difficult. I think I would put more Dug-in and Entrenchment counters on the road and closer together, to support each other better. Maybe I would put just a few AT-Gun on the hills farther away from the action to support the German Infantry & Tank Destroyer units latter in the game, when there is more daylight.

• Road to Berlin, Scenario #61, Rautenkranz Bridge

Ranking: 5/5

German Victory

The German Armor (Hetzer, Sdkfz 234/2 & the SPW250 with Engineer & Leader will always get to the Town east of the river and the bridge first, as they should setup in the Eastern board 18 town hex. The Soviet units will enter from the East edge of board 19, so even the T-34/85's won't make it before the German odd assortment of armor does. The German armor blocked the Russian armor from approaching the bridge and took out one of T-34/85's steps but on the next turn, the three remaining steps, took out both steps of Hetzer and both steps of armored car; SdKfz 234/2. In the next two turns, most of the German Infantry, coming from the nearest forest hexes on board 18 beat most of the Soviet Cavalry to the East side town hexes and reinforced the Engineer & SPW250 bridge hex with two more infantry units, not to mention the Stbunfr Leader counter. The remaining T-34/85's were taken out in foolish town hex assault without Infantry support and the Infantry Anti-Tank rolls were a real killer on the Russian armor. It took me 6 attempts to blow the bridge when I wasn't being assaulted. The first five, I rolled 0ne's believe it or not, each time, talk about frustrating! This gave the Soviets time to assault the bridge hex, but from only one hex away, with Cavalry. I have more Infantry units against their weaker Cavalry units, their only hope was to take out my Engineer but this proved too difficult, as he was never alone. On my sixth bridge blowing attempt by the Engineer unit, I rolled a six and it was game over, as the Soviet force had been mauled and had no was steam left. Both sides lost some Infantry/Cavalry steps but the Soviets took the worst of it and lost a leader as well. Other then the SPW250, there wasn't any armor left on the board. The game lasted only about 12 turns with a clear German Victory and the German army remained pretty much in good order accept one HMG and two GREN units, with step losses, of course their armor was gone, it had to buy the time and was thus sacrificed. Really a pretty cool short scenario! The Russian don't have time to waste and must get to the bridge fast and fight it out right away, must not give the German Engineer time to blow the bridge. The German must protect the engineer unit and push a delaying force in front as fast as possible and no one will reach him before he is reinforced. This is a night scenario but the Cavalry can still assault from two hexes away; special rule 3 in this scenario. I enjoyed it.

* Scenario #35 Kutuzov’s Heart, From Road to Berlin
Ranking: 4/5


A quick scenario-counter analysis as to who has the advantages.

Medium-Heavy VS Heavy Tanks:

German 6 x Panthers VS Russian 6 X Stalin II’s

Advantage: Even

Medium Tanks:

German 6 X PzIVH VS Russian 12 X T-34/85

Advantage: Russian

Tank Destroyers:

German none VS Russian 2 X SU-100

Advantage: Russian

Armored Cars:

German 1 X SdKfz 234/2, 2 X SdKfz 234/3, 1 X SdKfz 234/4 VS Russian 2 X Ba64

Advantage: German

Infantry & Support Weapons:

German 14 X GREN, 3 X HMG, 2 X 81mm, 8 X SPW251, 6 X SPW250, 5 X Trucks VS Russian 9 X SMG

Advantage: German

Artillery/SP’s off board & on board:

German 1 X Wespe, 2 x 16 VS Russian 3 x 12

Advantage: Even


German none VS Russian one every turn on rolls of 5 or 6

Advantage: Russian


German 1 x COL, 1 x MAJ, 2 x CAPT, 5 x LT, 1 x SGT VS Russian 1 x LT COL, 1 x CAPT, 2 x LT

Advantage: German


Slight Advantage: to the Germans because they are closer to main board #21 victory objective.

Should be a good scenario to play, with a slight German advantage overall but the first two turns Initiative rolls could play a big part.

I think the key for the Russians to win this one, will be to take out the German Armor first and conserve the Russian 9 x SMG infantry units as must as possible for the second push without so much German armor around, as there is still a lot of German Infantry to over come. I noticed while setting this scenario up that I had to borrow some counters from Regular Russian Army as I only had 10 Guard T-34/85 counters and this one requires 12 counters. No big deal, as I have found most of the bigger scenarios I need to borrow from one or the other, Regular/Guard Armies to fill in.

Posting #2
Ok, I got started early. It is like I thought it might be, the Germans are closer at the start of the game to Board 21, which will make it a tough nut for the Russians to crack but doable. Already I have lost 5 steps of T-34/85's, 2 steps of SU-100's & 2 steps of Ba64's VS 4 steps of Panther tanks. I think another 12 turns of an armor shoot out and then maybe some closing with the Infantry units, if enough force is left in that time frame. I am not sure this will go 30 turns, we'll see.

I am starting to dwindle down the German Armor but at cost to my own as well. I hope I have enough left to push the German Infantry out of town, with my Soviet SMG's and what will remain of my Guard armor. I still hold all my Russian Infantry/SMG units out of action, until my armor has cleared the German armor, we'll see if this strategy works or fails? Then I can bring it all together and hopefully work away at the town hexes.

The Russians actually have a chance to take the Northern town but I am not sure there will be enough left to take the Southern town. I have eliminated all the German Armor but I have not kept my attacking units together very well. I have finally found a use for my Soviet Ba64 Armored Cars; taking out those behind the lines German 81mm Mortars. It helps to get adjacent to them and then roll a two with the dice!

The Northern Town is about to fall to the Soviets but Southern town, has long way to go.

I was one town hex away from a Minor Russian victory, instead I'll have to settle for a draw. Much closer then I thought it would be, I didn't think the Russians had a chance but they would have had a minor victory or more, if I had kept my attacks together and more organized in the beginning. I just had too few Infantry units that were in good shape left to pull it off. Great scenario, it went all the way to the last turn to figure out who would win/lose/draw. The Russian Air-force was not much help, only showing up 3 times.

Guadalcanal, Scenario #20, Diversion I (Third Play)
Ranking 5/5
American Victory
I had to get another game in with Guadalcanal, Diversion I.

I found that pulling the Assault counters off the map and using those large Assault Hexes, that were provided by someone here (sorry I forgot who did it) and marking the board with number 1,2,3 mine markers or other markers really speeds handling those assault hexes up.

American Victory today!
I guess I still have not mastered Scenario #20, Diversion I (Guadalcanal) as to this date, I now have One Draw, One Japanese Victory and today one American Victory. 1/1/1. My American Marines did an excellent job of holding a pretty good solid line, moving units around only when necessary. It sure helped them, when believe it or not, their first combat dice roll, from the Air Force was a 2X result. Not a good start for the Japanese. One thing to remember with this scenario, is that the Japanese actually enjoy a higher morale factor of 9/8 vs. 8/8 which they will need in those Assault hexes because the American have higher valued Infantry, just not as many counters. With the Japanese, try to get a combined Infantry/Armor factor if possible but don't push your armor Type 97’s & 95’s ahead without Infantry, until you can cover the American 75mm Halftrack & the 37mm-AT gun with some sort of fire. In the End, The Japanese only controlled one little hex East of the Matanikau, number 1623, not enough!

This scenario is a tough nut to crack! After playing it three times, do the Japanese really have a big enough force to attack, do the Americans really have a big enough force to defend and cover all the area? Thankfully nothing is playable in hexes 15## or after, so the board is really smaller. After three plays, it's still in my top five scenario list. Funny when you consider that I am really a tank guy! But this scenario does give each side a little armor, which makes this puzzle more interesting. I recommend this one!

Road to Berlin, Scenario #66, Highway to Hell
Ranking: 4/5
Major Russian Victory

I have two turns to try and get my German units dug-in, maybe their Air Force and armor can hold the Russian up, while everybody else, not in town hexes of forest digs in. As the Russians, I have to exit as many units off the West edge of the board, while clearing all road & town hexes, all with in 16 turns. No time to play around, just charge! It looks like it will be a two prong attack, as there are too many units for a one direction attack and the reinforcement are still waiting off the board to come on.

Scenario notes; I did notice during setup, that besides the 25mm's, M3's & Trucks, I had to borrow from the regular Russian army counters, 1-82mm, 1-ATR, 1-SMG & 1-SU-122 to fill in for the Guard unit counters. This seems to be normal for the bigger scenarios, borrowing a few counters from either group of Russians, which is no problem for me, as they all in the same box anyway.

Pretty cool scenario so far, I even have a captured Tiger I in the Russian arsenal. But after one turn, the Soviet have air superiority back, bad dice roll for the Germans, as this changes their morale one step lower as well but at least they got an "X" result on a load Soviet Halftrack on their only show of force for the game.
About midway through and I was starting to get frustrated with my Soviet forced but things have turned around dramatically, as I my reinforcements have now entered, I took out another Tiger II step and with the Captured Russian Tiger I believe it or not and lastly, I have a big hole to the South, where units have started to exit the board. But I still have a lot of town hexes to clear and a pesky German 88mm in the woods not to mention a handful of other mixed German units to deal with.

I need more Russian leaders, to bring those rear lagging troops forward!

Yes, I am playing this scenario a little differently, as time is a factor and losses are not. I should blow that last 88mm AT gun out of the woods in the next couple of turns, with Artillery, combined with Infantry maybe Armor as well, That leaves a half step of Tiger II, one full strength StugIII, a 75mm AT gun and a bunch of mostly half step INF & Mortars to take care of or at least move from the road and town hexes. Soviet Cavalry &SU-76's are on there way as to reinforce this battle. Time is now the biggest factor. I must clear all the road hexes leading East to West and any connecting town hexes plus exit 40-60 steps, depending on the victory level. I believe I can do it but it will most likely go down to the last turn or two.

Conclusion of the game with a Major Russian Victory! Very Cool game and enjoyable scenario.

• Road to Berlin, Scenario #74, Czech Mate
Ranking 4/5
German Victory
In my delirium to get a turn or two in last night, I waited far too long to unload my German transports and a number of them got to close to the Russian T-34C’s & T-70’s, blown up with passengers. We’ll see if the German can recover enough to continue one of their last full scale advances of the war. I guess that is about the biggest error you can make in PG but I think I still have enough left to do the job, we’ll see.

I noticed that Armored Cars are tough to use in late war battles, with the low armor protective factors. It's better to use them with Infantry or behind enemy lines but always away from AT guns & Tanks. I lost all my German Armored Cars but they were useful in taking out a couple of enemy steps.

Kind of an anti-climatic AAR, the Germans came away with a total victory even with the set-back in the beginning. I think this scenario favors the German but never the less, a very fun scenario to play. I finally got to push around those Russian T-70’s counters I was longing for all these years. I think they will do better in 1942-43 scenarios against Pz III’s then the 1945 scenarios against Panthers. It kind of reminds me of situations in the Battle of the Bulge with Stuarts and against Panthers.

* Beyond Normandy, Scenario #4, The Odon Bridge
Ranking 4/5
Major German Victory

To make a long story short, it was a Major German Victory. I was able to control only the town hex #0921 but that was it. British Infantry are worth more then armor in this scenario and they are in far short supply. The British Armor are in one of the biggest numbers I have ever played with, not counting Desert scenarios but they start to wear down if you are not careful, against all the German AT guns and the few armor units. Artillery is crazy but not reliable from turn to turn. Weather and movement really hammer the British but lack of enough Infantry is the most difficult thing.

On a side note, within the Battle it’s self, I had another battle going on between a couple platoons of Tigers and a boat load of British armor. I rolled well as the British Player and believe it or not took out all four steps of Tiger I tanks at the cost of (6-steps of Firefly’s, 2-steps of Cromwell’s, 2-steps of Achilles & 3-steps of Sherman’s). This really did drain the last chance I had at any kind of victory however.

Fun game to play and a break from The Eastern Front!
One more Observation, the German Morale of 9/8 is a real killer in this scenario as well.

* Iron Curtain, Scenario #12, Third Echelon
Ranking: 3/5
Major American Victory
I was finally able to play a small fast playing scenario from Iron Curtain today.

An interesting game of Armored Chest.

The Americans won a major victory, out scoring the Russians 30 to 8.

Time is a factor on this game. As the Americans I could easily blast the Soviet Lend-Lease Shermans apart with my Pershings but I had to remember to exit in time or it was all for not. I did exit on turn ten, minus only two steps of Pershing with the board clear of Russian Shermans. I needed to close one turn sooner as the Russians, to have a chance at best.

Fun play, regardless of the out come.

• North Wind; scenario #6; Night of the Liberators
Ranking: 4/5
American Victory
Another small scenario with all armor units! It is Night with special rule Visibility of two hexes instead of one but it still makes this a difficult scenario to play. I guess another chest-match.

I am not sure with the Germans if I should try to go around the edges or hit it straight on?!

Well the results are now in, as an American victory!

The Germans exited zero units, lost 9 steps and had one step of demoralized armor unit left on the board when I called the game. For the American victory, it cost 4 steps of Sherman tanks of both types; 75's & 76's. A clear victory! Being Night, causes a lot of movement. Interesting play but difficult for the Germans.

* White Eagles scenario number #27, Escape
Ranking: 4/5

One Polish Victory & One Russian Victory

I played scenario #27 last night, in fact, it was so good, I ran through it a second time.

The first play I thought I had a sure Russian victory but I let two steps of Polish armor off the board plus three steps of infantry. Each step that exits the East side is worth two point and tanks are doubled, so just that alone gave the Polish 14 victory points plus they took out one step of Russian BT5’s, one step of SMG Infantry and one Leader. With the Russians needing to win by twice as many point, they fell a little short, even though they eliminated all or kept most of the Polish units on the board. I am not sure if Leaders counted in this scenario but I counted them as points. The score was Polish 17, Russians 21. I almost through in the towel as the Polish but they got big points in the End with the double victory points exit. (First game Polish victory)!

This led me to a second game, where I totally stuffed the Polish from exiting all but 8 points. A clear Russian Victory. (Second game Russian victory)!

Very fun scenario to play! Great replay value, short playing time, low counter density, nice counter mix as far a unit types and very unique, as a Polish vs. Russian WWII battle. I highly recommend this one.

* Alaska’s War, Scenario #9, Yamasaki's Attack
Ranking: 4/8
American Victory

Setup for the Americans and entry for the Japanese was critical. This was a very enjoyable scenario. The setup restrictions, the special rules for both the scenario & the module made this one play out very close. The Japanese needed ten American steps eliminated before they could exit off the West side of the board, to continue the Banzai into the rear area troops. They also need twice as many victory points to win this battle. It’s doable, after my first play but in my game, the Japanese fell a little short and the Americans won this battle, even if the Japanese did score more victory points, just not twice as many.

The Americans are spread thin over a large area and have limited stacking in the initial setup, so the Japanese must close fast, kill 10 steps and head for the exit before the Americans can consolidate their forces, but with this terrain, the American will have a slow time moving units together, so anything can happen.
The smoke markers were just to mark the hill elevation, which really wasn't needed, as they were pretty much just the different color shades on the existing map. Stay out off the Muskeg/light tan hexes if you can, unless you are on the main Track running through it.

Alaska's War adds two new terrain types; Arctic Hills & Muskeg. Tracks are also a little different.

Also, some interesting rules for Cold Weather & Alaska Scouts.

Setup for the Americans and entry for the Japanese is very critical.

• Alaska’s War: Kiska Evacuation, Scenario #11
Ranking: 4/5

I played this one again last night and finished this morning. Funny thing is the Type 95 was the first unit lost to a M5 Stuart, followed by one of the Stuarts being lost a 37mm AT gun. I forgot to put the wreck counters on at first but latter remembered. The American strategy should be to blow by the Japanese Rear Guard Screening Force as fast as possibly, without getting tangle up too much, take care of them latter, as you must block the Elements of the Japanese Occupation Force from escaping in mass. The Japanese need to do the opposite and hold the American up with the Rear Guard and terrain and don’t get your Occupation Force stuck in too many assaults, even take the loses to escape.

I used a few home made assault counters I copied from one of the gamers on this folder. Helpful! In this situation, it pays off to have three combat units in a stack for assaults when ever you can, as there is not much artillery, other than one mortar unit. In the end I had to count both sides losses and the exited Japanese units and minus the totals. The Japanese lost 18 steps to combat but exited 13 steps, the Americans lost 7 steps. The end result was draw. Japanese 13 exit + 7 US step loses = 20, compared to Americans with 18 points of Japanese eliminated steps that didn’t exit. The difference is only two points, so it’s a DRAW, as a side must win by three points just to get a minor victory. Very close for the Japanese.

One more thing to remember, the American M5's have a movement of 11, the Scout INF unit has a movement of 4 and the LVT with an INF Passenger & Leader has a movement of 6, so get those units through fast but don't create too many wrecks in one hex, or it won't be fun.

The Terrain is a really killer, Muskeg hexes and visibility is only three hexes. The American have a stronger force but the Japanese have better morale.
* Guadalcanal, Scenario #7, Kokumbona (Third Play)
Ranking: 3/5
Two Japanese Victories & One American Victory
I played Kokumbona #7 from Guadalcanal for a third time tonight. I needed a quick playing scenario and the Guadalcanal has the best maps of any wargame out there!

After my third play of this scenario, It's Japanese 2, Americans 1.

The American took and held the objective hex but lost one step, so the Americans lose because of the one step loss to the Japanese reinforcements.
Japanese victory!
* White Eagles #6 Skilled Instruction
Ranking: 3/5
Polish Victory

As the Germans I rushed to the town hexes on board #4, as that is where the victory points were, 2 per town hex and 1 for each eliminated step. I used the Kubel's as APCs, as they have a 2 DF and don't count against stacking and they don't count against step losses either. I lost one of them in combat. Really the Germans are hard pressed to take the town with weaker INF and a short time frame. They do have more units but it didn't help much, as they knocked out the Polish Artillery piece early, which send the Polish Reinforcements in early.

As the Polish, just setup in the town hexes on board 4 for protection and hold on and hope for fast reinforcements.

In the End, The Germans Had 6 points of controlled town hexes and only one point for eliminated Polish steps. While the Polish had 6 points of controlled town hexes and 3 points for eliminated German steps.

The Polish win 9 point to 7 points over the Germans.

Attacking town hexes with weak forces can be frustrating.
• Road to Berlin, Scenario #16, South of Warsaw
Ranking: 4/5
German Major Victory

This was another interesting battle from Road to Berlin. The Russian beat the Germans to the Bridge hex, but at night, the Germans were able to take advantage of the situation and basically destroy the Russians first force, pushing the small remnant into the woods with nothing to do but wait for reinforcement to arrive, as they were far too weak without them. Next the Germans went on an aggressive defense by placing armor far ahead into two forces, into two layers of ambush defensively, waiting on the Russian reinforcements. The Russian Reinforcements didn’t arrive until almost turn 0715/turn #37. Now visibility was up 8 hexes followed by 10 the next turn, perfect for the Germans plan. It was an armored battle but left the Russians with very little armor and only truck mounted Infantry to make it all the way across two boards, to attack a well defended town and some German armor still alive. No chance, I throw in the towel for the Russians with 7 turns left and the Germans to celebrated a major victory!

This was actually played out like two separate battles. I knew the Russians were in big trouble when the first group was ground up but when the first JS-2 from the second group was shot at the entry point by a couple platoons of Panther tank, it was a sign of the beginning of the end. I should have sent Infantry to assault them in the town hex first. My play as the Russian was poor and my dice rolls for the Germans was hot, as normally, I think the Russians would have the advantage here.
* White Eagles, Scenario #17: Bicycle Race
Ranking: 2/5
German Victory
I am not sure how the Polish can win this scenario. I blow them out of there with the Germans. A clear German victory! My only highlight for the Polish was taking out two step of PzI's but no big deal, the Germans still had 4 more steps of these and a boat load of Infantry. Polish, nothing left! Bicycles against tanks, not a good idea, yes they did have one 37mm AT gun but once it was gone.....

I still had fun playing this quick scenario, but in my option, this one favors the Germans.

* Battle of the Bulge 2: Elsenborn Ridge: Scenario #15, Roosevelt's SS
Ranking: 4/5
Major German Victory
Here is how my setup looks for Bulge II, scenario 15. As you can see, I will try to defend the town/city hexes more to the West and the Eastern one will survive to slow the Germans down, maybe just speed bumps but now the American will have a real force to fight with at least, instead of just little pockets. Also some Dug-In units just east of the major town, while the German will enter in three groups, not to bunch up so much and to maybe swing around and hit the American units from more than one direction. It should be an interesting battle but the Germans have much more armor and Tiger & Panther tanks to boot. I am not sure how long two Platoons of Sherman Tanks and three Batteries of 3"mm Guns will hold up?

Really the Battle is about time and who will score the most points for control of town hexes and points for eliminated units. It could be interest with only 20 turns, as in the long run, the German would take it all but with only 20 turns, it will be interesting.

Posting #2

First off, all the scenarios look excellent but I wanted to play one where I could see how difficult it was for the Americans to hold on in the beginning of the Germans offensive push. This one seemed to fit the bill pretty well.

In the beginning the Artillery was dominating and I thought the Germans Offensive might fail, as I was rolling some devastating 2’s & 12’s on the Bombardment tables but then the German also roll some with their artillery into the first group of American holding the towns and the hot artillery rolls slow down on both sides for a while, or the Germans could have been toasted. One of German loaded Halftracks was taken out, with a high ranking leader and a full step of SS Infantry.

As the Germans pushed West, they eventually took out all the American Sherman tanks, thought the Sherman were able to take a few steps of Pz IVH’s, the American 3-inch AT guns had the most luck or opportunity and did some damage. I kept trying to get a Crossfire +2 modifier against a Tiger II platoon but never rolled high enough but to my surprise, I rolled a straight 12, with no Crossfire in effect, with my 3-inch AT Gun and killed a half step of Tiger II’s. This is my first kill of a Tiger II in a Battle of the Bulge PG game and made the battle worth it. The 3-inch AT Guns also claimed three more steps of Pz IVH’s. The Germans Panthers really got hung-up in the Forest Hills South and never really free themselves.

The Americans scored some points taking out German Halftracks in assault combat with that Infantry Anti-Tank Weapons, (bazooka).

When the Americans got hot again with that combine 54 points of Artillery, the Luftwaffe troops paid this time and never really recovered.

In the North there was a small town the Germans took and left but some disrupted American Infantry that recovered latter, sneaked in the back door and reclaimed it. The American also controlled the Hilly Forest to the South with a small force but it really wasn’t strong enough to do anything more.
The German ground the Americans down in the end but at a high cost.

The main prize of Stoumont was completely in German hands by the end of the game and by some weird chance, the American LT COL survived and was running for his life, going West.

The totals were like this, Step losses, American 30, Germans 28, Town hex points controlled by American 3, Germans 22. Total Victory Points: Germans 52, Americans 31, a Major German Victory.

Great Game overall. Did I play well, I am not sure but it was fun.
* Elsenborn Ridge, Scenario #9, St. Vith: First Probe
Ranking: 3/5
German Victory
I wanted something fast and small, as I didn't have a lot of time, so this was the fix I needed. What was interesting for me, as I didn't think the Germans would win but they did! I just didn't have enough American Infantry to hold up the Germans until the Sherman reinforcements arrived and my dice rolls for the American Artillery was poor. So when the Sherman Tanks did arrive, there wasn't much left of the Americans and they were picked off in detail by the StuGIIIG and the road through St Vith was open for the German Army.

But really, if you want a scenario that you can setup, play & put away in one hour total, this is it. Win, lose or draw I away enjoy playing PG.

The M8's don't have much of a chance but if they roll 12's they can take out a step of German StuGIIIG's and with cross fire they only need to roll 11's or better, so there is a chance to help the Sherman’s before they arrive, but it wasn't the case in this game.

* Bulge II: Elsenborn Ridge, Scenario #34, Return to Parker's Crossroads
Ranking: 3/5
Well here is the initial setup, with the Americans lined up to come on the Western edge and German SS defending up front & the 560th Volksgrenadiers defending the second line deep. To me it looks like the German won't have a chance, especially with the VT Fuse rule but the movement rule, due to snow will slow the Americans. All the Germans not in Town or Forest hexes are Dug In.

This scenario kind of reminds me of days of old, playing a game from another series, with all the American Sherman tanks, with 75mm & 76mm guns coming on the board.

This scenario was harder then I thought it would be. The Movement was a killer in that weather. Both sides came away with some sort of victory condition fulfilled, so it was a draw. Germans by steps and Americans by step and hexes controlled.

*Bugle II, Elsenborn Ridge, scenario #20: Night of the Long Knives.
Ranking: 3/5
Major American Victory

This is another one of those scenarios you can start and finish with in one hour. Unless you take pictures and write AAR’s.

On smaller game however, one big dice roll can change events. The turning point in my game was rolling a 2 with the dice, against a stack of Germans defending in a town hex but with a coordinated attack of three stacks of Americans with a Captain, with a plus 2 combat modifier, next to two stacks, one with a Lieutenant and the other a Sergeant. These combine to blow most of the German away with that nice dice roll of a two on Direct Fire, adjacent to the enemy.

Not to mentions, I didn’t move my reserve Germans unit up to help, which was a big mistake, as I could afford to just sit back and defend as the Germans.

Results, a Major American Victory! I didn't even finish the game, as at a certain point the Germans couldn't win anymore.
* Secret Weapons scenario #11 Mirror, Mirror!
Ranking: 3/5
Major German Victory
I have set this one up and played one turn. Most of German force is still coming on the North side of Board 23 with a small force coming on board 22 to keep the Americans from concentrating to much to one side. In fact I set the Americans up first and just decided to try to push the main body of German through Board 23.

The only step loss so far is a Maus, believe it or not! On the first turn I draw a P-47 with a 2 armor factor, rolled one six out of the two dice roll attempts and now I have one step of burning Maus armor. Leave it to the Air Force!

Posting #2
As the Battle continued, I found I had too many holes in the American defenses. The Germans were going to go right up the middle with the Maus tanks screening but this was taking to long and the Americans over reacted to the middles game play and left their flanks open too much, especially their right side. The Germans poured through the hole after the Germans had whittled down the American armor. And it was game over. I didn’t even need to play to the end. Major German Victory!

Out of the 8 steps of Maus monster tanks, I only managed to take out two steps worth. One in the very beginning with some luck of drawing a P-47 with a 2 armor factor and taking the second one out with a shot from a M28. The Maus tanks fared much better then the M28’s on the battle field in this game. The major problem in this battle was I spread out my American armor way too much. They should have been kept at the rear to plug the holes, out of harms way, or attacked in mass. Either one would have been more effective.

The Sherman are basically only good for the crossfire bonus against the Maus tanks, use them instead to go after the lighter German armor and the loaded APC’s, which I didn’t or couldn’t because of my terrible setup.

By the way, those Maus have an AT range of 10!

Good game, win or lose, either way it is better then work!

* Bulge II: Elsenborn Ridge, Scenario #11, St. Vith: Help Arrives
Ranking: 3/5
Minor American Victory
I am playing this scenario, as it is a quick one, and my time is short today. After one turn of play, I have rushed my M18's into a blocking position, hopefully they will get to activate first next turn? The American have very little Infantry but lots of armor. The Germans on the other hand have tons of Infantry and enough armor to make them dangerous. Both sides really need to try for the Major Victory conditions first because if both get minor one victory conditions, it will be a Draw. So the fight should center around the Northern part of board 25. Without very much Infantry, this looks tough for the Americans but if I can quickly take out the German armor, I should have a chance.

Those 14 movement factor, really makes the M18's a fun TD to move across the map board first and get into position and this scenario you get to use 3 full strength counters/Platoons of them.

This ended in an American Minor Victory. The Germans never could not get it together to make a finally push. They had terrible recovery dice rolls. I threw in the towel with about six turns left. The American did what they needed to do to get a minor victory but had little chance to get a Major Victory with too few Infantry units and no Artillery.

* War on The Equator, Scenario #2: Peruvian Blitzkrieg
Ranking: 3/5
Peruvian Victory

I was really interested in playing this scenario, it was the perfect size. The Ecuadorians just had to keep one town hex or the bridge hex in their possession after 18 turns to win. The Peruvians on the other hand had to take all these objectives to win. The Peruvians had the much stronger force and better Morale, as they had much to do.

The only problems the Peruvian had, was the clock, 18 turns. What slow them down was the Ecuadorian 75/97 gun in the Southern town just above the bridge and a delaying party at the bridge. Once the gun was gone, the Peruvian armor had a free hand as nothing could stop them short of staying out of assault combat. The next obstacle was a strong Infantry force in the Northern town and Ecuadorian reinforcements that came in on turn five I believe, but they are very weak and some were blocked.

With the combine tank, infantry, artillery and air-power of the Peruvian army, I was able to repeat history and take all the objects by turn 14, at which point I called the game, as their was no way for the weak morale Ecuadorian forces to recover their demoralized force in four turns and dislodge any of the stronger Peruvian forces from the Northern town. A Peruvian Victory!

Maybe I should have put more Ecuadorians south to delay? Fun play, no matter what the results!
* Edelweiss Expanded Edition, Scenario #4, Hunters of the Plains
Ranking: 2/5
I had to get something on the playing table and this is the one that came up for some reason. This was a puzzle for both sides as the make-up of both is very different with the Germans have all Infantry and small AT-Guns and the Russian side having all armor. I am not sure either side can get a major victory but a minor one for both sides is doable and in my game, both sides did get a minor victory resulting in a draw. That is about it for this short AAR.
* Kokoda Trails: Scenario #6: Milne Bay - Second Night

Ranking: 4/5
Major Japanese Victory

The whole scenario seemed kind of interesting but I feel the Japanese have the advantage with two extra leaders, one extra Infantry and a tank unit and a killer 9/8 morale. The turning point happened early in the game for me, as I had a stack of two Japanese INF, one Reduced Type 95 Tank and two leaders, one with a combat modifier of one, for a total of 12 Direct Fire point, adjacent to, two Australian INF with one leader. The Japanese activated first and rolled snake eyes, a (2) and even with the Jungle modifier, it was a 2X applying a 2 step loss to the Australians right off the bat. The Australian just didn't have enough left to control enough trails and village hexes and played to aggressive after this, trying to play catch up which cost them more steps in assault combats.

In the end, the Australians lost 6 steps of INF and one Leader to the Japanese one step of INF. The Japanese controlled 14 hexes of trail and village to the Australians 5 hexes and one other village hex still contested in assault combat.

A Major Japanese victory!

I still enjoyed playing this one, it was fun to dive back into the jungle!
* Cassino: Scenario #19, Cavendish Road
Ranking: 3/5
German Victory

I had to get a scenario in on Cassino, even if it was small one. This one has Allied armor; New Zealand & American trying to get through the Cavendish Road, control it and a few more victory point hexes and eliminated German steps. The German Forces consist of all Infantry and a few small guns but have a very high Morale and terrain on their side and they basically have the same victory objectives.

To make a long story short, my Allied armor got chewed to pieces, in mostly assault combat, as I seemed to push them too close to enemy stacks of Infantry to get those adjacent bonus modifiers but would usually pay for it latter in Assault Combat. The Germans just kept feeding fresh Infantry: INF, ENG, HMG right into new stacks with three units plus leader usually in their stacks, why not. Two of the assaults really broke the allies backs, with the Germans rolling 6’s on the dice with one 2x and another 3x result. The wrecks stacked up and the German even scored with a 1 value AT gun, rolling a 12 on the dice. The Germans did loss some Infantry steps as well but nothing like the Allied losses and the German kept possession of most of the victory hexes as well. In the end, it was a Major German Victory.

I think I rushed forward too fast with my Allied armor but they had no support what so ever, not artillery, infantry or air and the Germans had nothing but time on their side, which the Allies did not. I kind of saw the hand writing on the wall on this one, but it was so fun to play, an interesting puzzle to try to solve for each side.

The big hexes are so enjoyable to play on, especially in assault combat. The terrain took me a little while to read through the scenario book before I could play but this was awesomely fun to play, even if the results were loop sided this time. Hey, it was most likely my aggressive play that made it that way!
* Panzer Lion: Grossdeutschland In Action, 1944, Scenario #2, Corntesi Town
Ranking: 5/5
Major Soviet Victory

I won’t make this a large AAR but this scenario was very enjoyable. Basically the German start in control of most of the town hexes with a smaller force then wait for what the Russians will bring on board but if they can hold out long enough, they get automatic reinforcements with armor on turn seven. Both sides have the same objectives, victory points for town hexes controlled and victory points for enemy steps eliminated. Tanks count double. Half way through, I still had no idea who was winning but the Soviet started to get the upper hand in towns hexes by the sheer numbers but there was still hope for the Germans as armor reinforcements were on the way. This hope faded as the Soviet had the a great ambush setup, with a lines of T-34/85’s and one SU-76 that blasted them as they came into range, over or around the hill. They also had great die rolls, or good marksmanship, depending on how you want to look at it. Burning all that German armor made up for all that lost Infantry and put the Russians way on top for a clear victory. This was really a fun play and I highly recommend it. 12 turns, one map, and manageable force, with a nice unit mix, makes it a winner. I lost two leaders on each side, so it was brutal combat, with many steps lost.

Soviet 47 points

German 29 points

Major Soviet Victory.
• Iron Curtain, scenario #5, North German Plain
Ready: 5/5
Major American Victory

I needed a real steel scenario so this one was it for me.

The scenario started off with a big rock & roll thunder storm outside so a perfect setting for this battle.

With the Soviets I decided on a three prong attack and whichever one had more success, I would shift my focus to. My main goal was to open up a hole, and exit troop out the North end. The leaders have to be stacked just right in this game as neither side has many and losing just one on the Soviet side would really hurt.

With the Americans, I just had to get in deep enough to setup a blocking force and use the best terrain to my advantage. Also, rush the Chaffee (M24) tanks forward, in time, even if it meant their sacrifice. I believe they were the biggest factor in the game in fact.

After turn one, both sides’ stacks were very vulnerable, and after turn two no shot had been fired yet. After turn three, the Chaffee were doing their job and actually shooting up Soviet armor, slowing them down to allow the Bigger American Armor, M26’s, M45’s, M3/76’s a better chance to get into better positions and the Infantry to dig-in or get into towns or forest. Not to mention getting some good cross-fire bonus points.

In the end, the Soviet made several attempts but their casualties were way too high, they lost most of their Leadership on the East side and the low Morale of the Soviet’s side made it very difficult to rally the troops when they became demoralized. The American Artillery really started to breakup the Soviet Infantry and the big Soviet armor, T-44’s, JS2’s, T-34/85’s, M4A2’s & Su-76’s just got ambushed and blasted to hell. So much for the big bad wolf!

Incredible Casualties:

Americans lose 73 steps. Losses: 70 Armor, 1 Infantry, & 2 APC’s, also one Leader.

The Soviets lose 148 steps. Losses: 140 Armor, 8 Infantry, also two Leaders

They did exit 8 steps.

Total American Points 148, Total Soviet Points 81!

Remember tanks steps count double in all the above.

The result is a Major American Victory!

Final comments: when you play solitaire you always win and lose at the same time. To do it over again, I should of have two Soviet prongs and taken my time a little more. This scenario only played out about half of the turns before the Soviets retreated or waved the white flag. The American did pay a price but much smaller and mostly in armor. I see why the Chaffee tank was the best light tank in WWII. I called this game early. I think I need to try this one again someday. Fun scenario to play, win lose or draw.
* Kokoda Trail #10 Assault on No3 Airstrip
Ranking: 5/5
Minor Japanese Victory
This scenario had a lot of interesting things to offer, Americans, Australians, Japanese SNLF & Regular Army. The Infantry slightly favored the Japanese by a few more units but the quality the Allies. The hardware was about even, one Japanese, reduced Type 95 Tank vs. a 40mm AA Gun. Leadership would go to the Japanese as the Unfamiliar Allies rule prevented the Americans & Australians from working together in this scenario. So I did not mix these groups. The Morale clearly favored the Japanese but being on the defense in the jungle favored the Allies. So this makes for and interesting scenario!

As the Allies, I intended to use the Australians the first line of defense, more forward to where the Japanese would enter and then fall back. The American with Engineers, HMG’s and that 40mm AA Gun would be defending around the airstrip, which I added a home made airstrip counter for. They would also benefit from the Firing Lanes special rule in this scenarios and rained fire down on the Japanese and hopefully this defense would bring victory to the Allies.

As the Japanese, I would slug down that single trail with half of their group and than if they got too tangled up there, plan B would be to break off half of the Japanese force down the coastline beach hexes, which are consider clear terrain hexes for movement and right on to the Airstrip.

As the battle progressed, here are some of the highlights and strategies. First I risked making some of my unit combat stacks with three combat units, as there is no bombardment, as there is no on or off board artillery. Yes some direct combat column modifiers would be used for direct fire but I thought the risk was worth it to get into assault combat with three units. The fire first in Jungle came into play in assaults but using the Japanese with a column shift for all unit with higher morale, one for being Japanese, one for having a leader and one for have an AFV with INF was very nice. The Australian first line of defense didn’t workout so well, as either the Japanese assaulted or went around using the beach highway instead of the jungle trail. When the allied unit went demoralized in the jungle it was hard to gather them back, especially with a much lower morale then the Japanese. Once the Japanese got around the Australians they ran into the American defense line and paid a price with the Firing Line around the airstrip, eventually losing units and their reduced step Type 95 tank unit to the 40mm gun, which was also lost latter as well. The Australian did regroup some of their units and head back to help the Americans, after being flanked on both sides but by then the Japanese were pretty imbedded in around the airstrip and the American were hurting. The Japanese 9/8 & 8/6 Morale prevailed and the Allies just could not around up enough strength for a third push and many of their units were off in the jungle in a demoralized or disruptive state. And the unfamiliar Allies rule hurt in trying to pull units together for sure. All the air strip hexes but one contested one, were in Japanese hands. So because of the one contested airstrip it was a Japanese Minor Victory but it could have easily have been a Major one. Step losses were 11 Japanese & 13 Allied.

This was a very enjoyable scenario. I think worth a replay or two even in the sea of PG scenarios. Next time, I will not space my two lines of Allied defense so far apart and I will defend the beach highway better. This should give the Allies a better chance for achieving a victory but maybe not? I would rank this high on the PG scenario list of must play scenarios. It just an interesting subject, battle setting and mixes some cool nationalities. Also the scenario is not too large, has an interesting mix of units but not too many and terrain and is a cool puzzle to try and solve. I will try this one again someday. Besides, how offend do you get to put a wreck counter, on an airstrip, for a blown up Japanese tank in the Pacific? I guess no planes will be landing there.
* War On The Equator, scenario #5: River of Death
Ranking: 3/5
Major Ecuadorian Victory

This is my second scenario from War on the Equator.

The Ecuadorians have a larger force but are stretched out very thin per special rule at the setup: at least one unit must setup in each city hex. They also have more leaders and one Cavalry unit but a slightly lower morale.

The Peruvians have some of those stronger Marine Naval troops mixed with regular Infantry and the big Naval Gun Boat but they have very few leaders and I lot of town hexes to take without any support weapons to soften the targets before assaulting.

Into the battle, the Peruvians decide to attack on one side of the river first as both sides have the same amount of city hexes which count for victory points, besides enemy step losses. The gun boat will take units further down river to work on another town. The Ecuadorians decide not to play it historical by sitting around and waiting, and group for a major counter attack. They send a Cavalry unit and some Infantry reinforcements from the center towns, east to help the towns in this area and to tie up all the remaining Peruvian units which thought they would take that first large eastern town with just a little fight. This turned into a mini Stalingrad for them, especially without large support weapons or artillery to soften up town hexes. Even way out west, the remainder of the Peruvian attacking forces got locked up in battle. In the Center, the Ecuadorians were unchallenged.

I called the battle off at about turn 22, as the Peruvians were spent and without enough leaders to rally the troops. It pretty much stalemated in both the Eastern & Western sectors with the Ecuadorian controlling most of the battle field.


Peruvians lost three INF steps and controlled two town hexes.

Ecuadorians lost one CAV step but controlled twelve town hexes.

Ecuadorians 27 points, Peruvians 7 points

• Major Ecuadorian Victory!

This is my second War on the Equator scenario, one victory for each side so far. Interesting scenario!
* Battle of the Bulge 2: Elsenborn Ridge, Scenario #22, St Vith: The Fall
Ranking: 5/5
Major German Victory

Well, I won’t write as detailed of an AAR as I usually do, as AP already posted an AAR on this same scenario and I didn’t take the needed time to document my play in detail.

This scenario has everything I wanted in a Battle of the Bulge Battle: Tiger II Tanks, Nebelwerfer rocket launchers, Assault Guns, Sherman’s, M18s & M36s Tank destroyers, AT Guns, tons of Infantry, the I&R unit and lot of Engineers on both sides, not to mention off-board artillery and a big snow storm.

Two major factors about this scenario besides different strategies can make this battle play out very differently each time, which makes replay value on this scenario very high, not to mention again, it is one the best Battle of The Bulge feel scenarios out there. Oh yeah, the two factors are The Snowstorm which is rolled for and will change Movement and Visibility at some point in play and also rolling for those Tiger II reinforcements, all 8 steps of them, which will really change the shape of the battlefield.

My short AAR:

• My Tiger Tanks arrived on Turn # one, yes that is correct, I rolled a six on turn one.

• The snow didn’t start falling until turn # eight

• Though the Americans put up a good defense on the two Eastern Boards, the early arrival of the Tigers squashed that.

• The American lost all their armor and the Tank destroyers rolled very poorly against the Tigers.

• Two steps of Tigers were lost, one with the cross-fire bonus, hit by a 57mm AT, 3-inch AT & a Sherman tank. The other step was lost to an assault, which had an INF, ENG and a Leader. The Engineer bonus helped here. I guess the Tigers can be taken out but eight steps is a challenge when they come on board this early. One step of the StugIIIG was also lost.

• When visibility went down to two hexes, this benefited the Germans, as they were able to regroup for that second assault on the western town hexes and St. Vith, out of sight of Artillery. Bring the Engineers up, mixing them with Armor, to get the two column modifiers in assaults is great.

• Those American HMG’s are critical in defense and bring a lot of fire power on German Infantry units.

• In the end, I cut the scenario shot by about 8 turns, as the German were on top taking out 40 American steps and controlling 18 points of town hexes, where the American took out about 21 steps of German and controlled 8 points of town hexes and there was another one or two town hexes that were contested but about to fall. In the southwest, is kind of stalemated but in the northwest, the Germans were steamrolling. Tigers arriving on turn one and no snow until turn eight, not really effecting play until turn 12, really hurt the Americans in this game. Next time, I’ll use some different setup strategies on my initial American setup. In fact I am not sure how to bring my German forces on board next time either. In the End this one was a Major German Victory by 5 points, as they won by 20 points. If I would have played out the last 8 turns, maybe in the south the Americans could have gotten back 4 point or so, maybe changing it to a minor German victory but maybe not but in any case it was a German victory.

This Scenario has a lot of options for both sides and variable which makes playing this over and over again very high, with different outcomes. I really like this scenario, all the way around, it’s not a small one but the interest level and the situations that came up throughout the battle makes it not seem so big, as time flies. I am glad I finally took the time to play this one and I used the Winter Maps. Go for this one guys, it’s too cool to pass up!
* Roer River Battles, Germany Under Siege, Scenario #7, Sergeant Jake Lindsey
Ranking: 4/5
Minor German Victory

This scenario, looked very interesting to me. Nice mix of unit types on both sides of the fence. 12 turn scenario and not too many counters, perfect for a faster game.

The German basically have to defend the town hexes on board ten and take out American steps and hope their reinforcement come in soon, as they are kind of spread thin but they do have three entrenchments, three strong-points, three minefields and units not starting in town or heavy wood hexes can start dug-in. Other than that they have an odd unit mix to defend with but the Jpz IV/70 is their best asset to slow all the American armor down, until at least a Panther platoon comes to help out in the reinforcement mix. They can also use the woods to the South as a natural barrier but still they are exposed to the flanks as they don’t have enough units to cover everything.

The American have the same objectives: take control of the town hexes on board ten and kill German steps. As the attacking force they are kind of spread thin as well and really need those reinforcements to come soon, as this has a 12 turn limit and the mud will really slow movement. On a good note they will have some air support & artillery. I finally get to use the M10 and a Sherman Jumbo counter as well. The Engineer counters, all three of them, one being a FLM unit, will be very critical. Visibility also increase as the game goes on.

The German setup most of their forces to the West and North, the two area most exposed to the American attacks and use the forest to the South as a natural barrier and the road to the East open for the promised reinforcements. The Americans come on from board 25 and decide not to take on that mini Stalingrad fortress head-on but to flank it on both sides. A big risk as with only 12 turns and mud slowing movement down and terrain to the south being very difficult but we’ll see.

The Americans proceed with their two prong flanking attack. Why face that frontal assault, on fortified areas, if I don’t have to. At first I noticed I had two too many Sherman counters on the board and pulled them off before they made a difference.

In the early turns the Americans rolled first activation a lot, sometimes three before the Germans got to react, so this help get the offense going. In the beginning the Jpz IV/70 took out a step of M10 but it was eventually overwhelmed and taken out by more Sherman’s & M10’s. Some of my American Infantry got caught out in the open by German Artillery as the Visibility increased. The worst unit in trying to figure out what to do with, was the truck loaded 57mm AT guns. I should have just left them in the rear but I thought I might be able to bring them up to block the German reinforcements but with the mud, they were too slow and the German got their reinforcement on turn two.

This early arrival of the German reinforcements has now put a lot of pressure on the Americans, as they can no longer just stroll around the flanks and the Germans can now cover a lot more area for defense. The American got their reinforcements on turn 4 but is this too late to get them across two boards in the mud with only 8 turns left? I lost a truck loaded with a 57mm AT gun. The Americans are now knocking at the door on the Southern and Northern flanks but the Germans are adjusting their force as well. To the South, the Americans were able to slip some units adjacent to a Panther unit which activate in time to take out the Sherman Platoon, both steps but not in time to avoid an assault all alone in an urban hex. Not only that but the Americans rolled for an INF AT result and rolled high, taking out a step of Panthers, followed by the assault which took out the other step. The German are now without any armor but some halftracks. They do have a small gun and one of the strong-points has a AT value, which to my surprise has a two value and rolled a 10, taking out another step of M10 TD, which only has a defensive value of 2.

The Americans were able to penetrate some of the Southern city hexes and controlled two at one time, before one ended up being contest again. Both sides lost some more infantry steps and the Americans one leader. Only the first group of American reinforcement played any part of the battle, helping to knockout one entrenchment with the help of the FLM engineer to cancel the Fire First. I also took out one Strongpoint, which turned out to be a dummy.

The finally result was not enough time for the Americans. That mud hurt, slow reinforcement and early German reinforcement sure bottled things up and changed this battlefield. For what it’s worth, the Germans had a good defensive setup. But tomorrow will look more promising!

The American lost 13 steps and one leader but controlled only one city hex on board 10 and had a second one contested in an assault, as the Germans went to reclaim it.
• Total of 14 American Victory Points.

The Germans lost 12 steps but controlled four city hexes on board 10.
• Total of 21 German Victory Points.
• Minor German Victory according to the scenario!

A fun scenario to play and I finally got to push a Jumbo Sherman counter around!

* 1940: Fall of France, Scenario #15, Delaying Action
Ranking: 2/5
German Victory
True this is the easiest scenario to play out of the whole group but I had to get something from Fall of France on the board and knock it out fast, so this was it. An all armor scenario call Delaying Action! There isn't much to report on this one, as the puzzle because easy for the Germans, don't stop and fight the French and you will win this scenario hands down, as the German have both Armor Efficiency and all their tanks have Leaders. The French took out two step of German armor, the Germans exited 10 steps without firing a shot. Clear German Victory.

I think the victory conditions should be changed on this one, to Read that the Germans must take out four steps of French armor before exiting and then it will be more balanced but a fun scenario to push some armor counters around on and mine ended in about 3-4 turns, so very quick.
* First Axis, Scenario #20: End Game in Italy
Ranking: 2/5
Slovak Victory

I wanted to play an unsual group of armies who don’t get much attention in the history books, so what better scenario then this one. Slovak Army/ Partisans vs. the Mussolini’s Italian RSI.

This was a nice small size scenario, with a small unit count, short scenario, only 16 turns, easy to follow victory conditions, pretty straight forward all the way around.

Now the tricky part, to assault city hexes with Partisan Armies with no real supporting heavy weapons. The only saving grace for the Slovak Army, was that the Italian RSI, had such a low morale, that they could easily break and head for the hills or out of town in this case.

The victory conditions were points for eliminating steps and controlling town/city hexes. RSI sets up in town hexes & the Slovaks try to take them, both sides try not to lose too many steps as well.

It turned into a pretty close battle after all, neither side could make a very big punch but in the end, the Slovak’s morale gave them the upper hand but by a small margin.

The Slovaks lost 2 steps but gained 9 victory points in town hexes controlled. The RSI lost 5 steps and retained control of 8 victory point in town hexes. Slovak wins, 14 points to 10 points. In part because the Slovaks get three VP’s for control of town hexes where the RSI only get 2 per hex!

I used the Black-shirt leader counters from the AP download, as I made them a couple of years ago to go along with the Fronte Russo module. I am glade I finally got to use them in a scenario.
* Waltzing Matilda, Scenario #6: Steel Spring
Ranking: 5/5
Major Japanese Victory
Posting #1

Right now, I have Waltzing Matilda, scenario #6: Steel Spring, on the table. 6 map boards, tons of units, as the Japanese try to take Western Australia with Later model tanks, lots of Infantry and supporting units and the Australians defend with Lend-Lease American tanks, some British stuff as well and a lot of Infantry. Lots of battle area, so armies will have to divide into at least three groups each. Managing Infantry and armor in this battle while taking victory objectives and knocking out enemy units, is not going to be an easy task for either side.

Well, I'll be playing this monster all week and will post as I have time.

Posting #2

Try to organize my units for setup!

I didn't have to make two copies of Waltzing Matilda to play, one will work, as I was only short a few Japanese trucks, which I just borrowed some Italian Truck counters. Also, my home-made counters match up great to the die-cut, in size, thickness and everything. Cool.

Post #6
The next couple of turns will be very interesting. The armor will start having effects on each other. Huge amounts of Armor and Infantry on both sides and both sides are very mobile but still, so much territory for both armies to cover.

The boards are evenly divided, so both sides now control 16 town hexes each.

Posting #7

Really too much going on right now, on this large battle field, to get into too much detail. But the armor is fully engaged and once this whittles down a bit more, the Infantry will play a bigger part trying to secure town hexes on all the maps and maybe getting more combine arms attacks.

Both side are losing armor, the Australians do have armor efficiency, helping them even out the greater quantities of Japanese armor but still, this could go either way. The Infantry units are just starting to rub against each other and both sides and are taking hits, with off & on board artillery, aircraft & each other.

Man I love this stuff. Step losses and town hexes both figure into victory. I assume at some time, this large battlefield will settle down a bit and smaller strategies can be had or determined, for now, it's a head-on collision!

Posting #8

Right now, I am not sure what units to leave behind to defend my existing town hexes and which units to advance and try and take more and not leave exposed openings. And this is true for both sides, as this is a head on engagement.

Posting #9

No time to post any pictures tonight but I did get some playing time in. The armor on both sides, are starting to get weeded out a bit but there is still a boat load, but give it few more turns and it won't be so. The infantry are also starting to engage in a few more locations.

Right now, the Japanese have the advantage in the center group, the Australians have it with the Western Group and with the Eastern Battle Groups it is anybodies game.

The Australian have the overall advantage with Victory Point, gaining more step loss VP's. But if the Japanese knockout too many more Australian Armor steps, they will be able to bring more punch to their fight. This is still anybodies game.

I am going to have to count total step losses after the game, as it's getting difficult to keep track of.

Cool stuff!

Posting #10

The battle is still raging! The last turn wasn't so good for the Australians but in the game, they still have the advantage in Victory Points. Both sides have lost about half their armor and both sides are engaging and losing Infantry & APC steps now, including a leader. There still seems to be no clear winner, but the game is still early, which makes play very interesting. Many decisions still to be made.

Posting #11

The Victory points are about even currently but the Australians have lost too much armor in my view and separated too much from their Infantry while the Japanese are currently using their combined arms ARM/INF better. Of the three main battle areas, I would say the Japanese are winning two out of three. There is still too much battle to be played but the Australians need to regroup some how, they are more defensive with the exception of the large forest in the middle of the battlefield which is raging, with bullets flying.

Posting #12

The main battle seems to be for the Australian controlled town in the West and the forest area in the center. I am not sure how both sides got the majority of their infantry tangled in a non-victory hex location but the Japanese are starting to get control of the forest and are breaking much of their armor away from there and heading to the western town, where the next strongest Australian battle group is. The Australians are also gathering their remaining armor in the west for one last show-down. The whole campaign could hinge on this western town but the attrition factor, as far as step losses will be a factor both sides still have to watch as well, besides the town hexes controlled, which is still even at this time but could change any turn now. In the East, the Japanese have the Australians contained. So the whole battle could ride one the next 3-5 turns.

It's starting to get easier to move counters around on the board now, as there are 46 less units/counters on the board, eliminated that is. Of course the markers are more.

Interesting, I had the Japanese roll a 3X result in Assault Combat against the Australians. They rolled a 6 on the dice with 20 combat factor, had a Leader modifier, a Japanese INF Modifier and in open terrain, bring the result to the far bottom right on the Assault Combat Chart, a 3 result. Talk about wiping out a stack of good Australian units with Leader.

Posting #13

Oh Australia! Army Western Australia is radioing Sydney asking for reinforcement! The Japanese have the East bottled up as a toy, the Center forest group has been routed and the big town in the West is about to be streamed rolled by the Japanese released from their victories in other sectors.

Those new Type 3 tanks were a nasty surprise. Maybe I can bring some rearguard Australian units up, that were guarding exposed town but that would leave them open for the Japanese to just walk right in.

This could all be over in a couple more turns, even though there are many left, we’ll see?

Posting #14

With the Japanese winning by a total of 144 points to 120 points, I may call the game sooner, as they have over a 21 point advantage for a major victory and they are about to take both the Western & Eastern towns on the Northern boards.

I may push the counter around for a few more turns, to see what happens?

I played one more turn and a few steps were lost on both sides with assault combat but the overall picture didn’t change. This one will go down as a major Japanese Victory.

Very fun play! I am looking forward to playing many more from this supplement, very enjoyable. I highly recommend it, download and all.

Also, you really don't need to print off two complete counters sets, as you can sub most of the extra's from other games, mostly trucks. One set will work and that is all I would ever want to make myself.

The missing postings were all pictures postings.

* 1940 The Fall of France, Scenario #13: Lords of Steel
Ranking: 5/5

There were so many scenarios that I haven’t tried from this game, that I had a hard time deciding which one to play next.

Lord of Steel looked interesting, a smaller size scenario with a nice mix of counter types, only 20 turns and a chance for the French to go on the offense, followed with the Germans going on the Offense once their reinforcements arrived. So cool, both sides get to play Offense & Defense in this scenario.

I won’t go in it detail in this brief AAR but the game was a (draw) if the 1 step of Bufla counts as one victory point, but if it counts as two, then the Germans would have won?

German Step Losses:

1-Bulfa, 1-37mm AT, 1-PzII, 4-ENG, 1-INF GD,1-SK232/8, 2-HMG GD, 1-Wagon, 1-LT.

13 Points lost

French Step Losses:

1-HMG, 4-INF, 6-FCM36, 2-LT

17 Points lost

Town hexes controlled: 3-German, 4-French, 2-contested.

If the Bufla counts as one step and isn’t doubled, then it is a draw, Germans 23 VP to French 21 VP. One side had to win by three for a minor victory.

Kind of a fun battle to play! I don’t know why one would even try to put units on the west side of the board to flank the enemy, as with only 20 turns, there really isn’t time to mess around with that, even with 6 German ENG units.
* Army Group South Ukraine, Scenario #9: Panzer Lion II Targu Frumos
Ranking: 4/5
Major German Victory

Posting #1

This is my scenario of the week! I’ll be playing this a little bit all week. This scenario looks great. The unit mix, the scenario situation, the topic, the time period, the size and the length of the scenario, should make for an excellent play.

The unit mix on the German side which has a bunch of cool armor types: PzIVE, PzIVH, PzIVF2, PzV, PzVIE/Tiger and some interest mix of INF/AT/ART.

The unit mix on the Soviet side which also has a bunch of cool armor types: T-34/76b, T-34C, T-34/85, JS-2 and BM-13 & some interesting mix of different INF types, including my favorite the SMG, not to mention the Guard & RKKA armies are really mixed up in this battle.

Points are scored by step losses, control of the town hexes on board 24 and how many units the Soviet can exit on the South edge of board #24 and the East edge of board #24, below the east-west road.

I have the German setup in two groups. The Germans are setup well forward on or below the east-west road on map boards 23 & 22. Kind of an ambush/delaying force, that will do their damage and hopefully fall back to map board 24, where the Infantry and heavy weapons support battle group is stationed to block the Soviet exit points and deny them any city hexes as well.

The Soviet have to come on board in the North Battle Group board # 23 and the North Battle Group board #22 according the scenario instructions. Both groups are heavily mixed Guard & Regular Army. Their battle plan will depend on how well they can get by the German armor in a timely fashion without too great of losses. Hopefully the JS-2’s & T-34/85’s can balance out the heavy German armor.

I am not sure how this will turn out but I am looking forward in seeing how it unfolds!
This scenario has everything you could want in a late Eastern Front battle/scenario. Armor/INF/Rockets and it's not too large of a battle. Not too many counters, so the battle is very manageable and only 20 turns, so there is no messing around, you have to all out go for it right away!

Posting #2

The situation is now very interesting, as I would guess the whole battle will be but the Soviets have now enter the Northern edges of the Battle field in force in four entry points as the time is very short in this battle.

The Germans have take out 6 steps of the Soviet Armor mass. The next activation is very critical for both sides as the Soviet armor has closed with the German armor and in one place are attempting to blow by them. So the Germans will have about a turn or two at the most, where they will have to shot up some more Russian armor and pull back to defend their Infantry & supporting units or they will get tangled in the Soviet Infantry, which would not be good at this point of the battle.

The next two turn look to be a mini Kursk but a 1944 version. This will be cool to play out!

Posting #3

This was a fun scenario to play, as I played a little all week. This battle really had two phases. The first phase being the armor clash on the Northern half of the board before the breakout attempt and the two Infantry & support units would engage.
• The Armor Clash:

This went pretty historically with the German getting the upper hand with better placed armor waiting for their prey!

Russian mistakes in this phase, were that they didn’t play to their strengths, by grouping in numbers, instead, they came on board in four areas, too spread out. True the scenario makes you come on in two groups on the different boards but I used 4 groups. Also, only the Russian Guard units have Armor Efficiency, so most of the Soviet armor can only shoot once per turn, which really offsets their numbers. Had I realized this before turn one, I would have played this differently.

The Germans did a great job with their initial setup. The only thing they did wrong was get greedy, trying to pick off more Soviet armor then they should have and in a few areas they didn’t pull back in time and got caught in Infantry assaults. Even though I said I wouldn’t let this happen it did in a couple of places. 18 points of SMG and a Leader can do a lot of damage to armor in city hexes with assault combat. Other then those tangles, they had a good game plan but those JS-2s can put a hurt on you.

The German side did so well at this point, I should have call the battle, as the Russians did historical but since this is just card-board and I was really enjoying the flow of this battle, I decide to play it all the way out. I wanted to see if the Russians could still get 25 steps off the map board.
• The Breakout Attempt:

At this point, much of the German Armor that wasn’t too engaged, start to pulling back instead of getting over run by hoards of Soviet Infantry!

The Russian came close to getting the 25 steps off the board and taking away 25 victory points from the Germans. They got 23 steps off the board but even if they had gotten 25 or more steps off the board, they still would have lost by total victory points, as I mentioned, they lost too many armor steps in the first phase of the battle. They also controlled no town hexes on board #24.

The German stuck to their game plan and won this battle but did take some lumps with their armor as well.

At the conclusion of the Game, the Germans had 132 victory points to the Soviets 76 victory Points. A Major German Victory!

Even though the battle turned out as above, it was very enjoyable to play, it flowed very well. I recommend pushing some counters around on the scenario.

* Divisione Corazzata, Scenario #10, Road to Rome
Ranking: 3/5
Axis Major Victory

Posting #1

I decided on this scenario as my game of the week. It peaked my interest for a number of reasons. It has Italian, Hungarian & Soviet nationalities in it. It uses the Gold-Club PG counters from 2007, which I rarely get to use. It is 30 turns long, it has a manageable amount of units. Lastly, it just looked fun to play.

The victory conditions are a mix of controlled hexes/road/town & step losses, a little different for each side but will cause some good clashes. Also there are different levels of victories for both sides to think about, both Minor & Major victory conditions. A Draw is possible as well.

Soviet strengths:
• A good amount of armor.
• Great off board Artillery.

Soviet weakness:
• Only three leaders.
• Maybe not enough Infantry to control the required areas.
• A 7/6 morale.

Axis strengths:
• They have a blocking force to stall until the bigger Italian force arrives.
• Italians have a nice 8/7 morale.
• The P70/44 unit.

Axis weakness:
• The Hungarians have a small force, that could end up serving as a speed bump.
• The Italians don’t have as much armor.
• The Hungarians 7/5 morale.

Axis Hungarian:

• 4 x INF • 2 x NHP • 1 x 75mm • 1 x Wagon • 2 x Leaders

Axis Italian:

• 9 x BERS • 3 x BERS MG • 8 x P23/41 • 1 x P70/44 • 2 x 81mm • 14 x Truck • 9 x Leaders • 5 x Tank Leaders • Off – Board Artillery 2 x 10


• 9 x SMG • 12 x T-34C • 4 x T-34/85 • 2 x Su-76 • 3 x Leaders • 7 x Tank Leaders • Off – Board Artillery 4 x 12, 2 x 18

Posting #3

North & South, things are picking up now.

You Better Run, You Better Take Cover!!!!!!!

Posting #4

In the South I lost my only Hungarian Infantry Leader in the Area and in the North I lost my only Soviet Infantry Leader in the area. The Italians have enough Leaders in both the North & the South to go around but really the Soviet total offensive could be in trouble. That 3X really hurt. There is still a chance, all depending on how things go in the South but that Terrain is a real killer. The Soviets are taking out some good P23/41 Italian armor but they are losing some of theirs as well and that big P70/44-Tiger II is still looming. I'll have to bunch some T-34/85's and go after it but I just can't maneuver around the terrain well enough.

I think the one type of counter, the Soviets couldn't afford to lose in this scenario was a Leader counter. Dang, there are only three of them to start with. That Soviet Armor better start carrying it's weight.

Posting #5

Into the thick of the Battle. Both South & North are raging to a fever pitch. A lot will be determined in the next three turns. Either way, I doubt it will need to go the full 30 turns.

The Soviets got some of their valuable armor tied up in the South but nothing is for sure in either section yet.

Posting #6

With company coming over tomorrow, I had to bring this battle to a conclusion after playing a little more then half way through I called the Battle as it was a clear Axis Major victory. In the North the Soviets were all but routed, with no Infantry support left that wasn't demoralized and hadn't left the battle area. In the South the Soviets attack has stalled out and the higher Italian Morale is really taking a total on the Soviets. Their Armor numbers in dwindling and they haven't even taken out that monster P70/44. The Terrain was a killer in the South.

The key for the Axis Victory, was using the Hungarians as a forward road block, giving the Italians enough time to get into all the best defensive positions and terrain: Hills/Towns. Once this happened, the Soviets which were weak to begin with in Infantry & INF-Leaders had to use their armor to try to win the battle but the Italian had enough bite that this was going to happen, especially with a higher morale.

* Cassino, Scenario #28, Pignataro
Ranking: 4/5
Major German Victory
Posting #1

Only 14 turns and at night, this should be interesting and quick, so I'll go slow to make it last me all week!

Oh yeah, I forgot the mention, there are Canadian, Indian, British & German units/leaders in this scenario.

Posting #2

So far, this scenario is a blast! A little bit of everything and at night with mines, strong-points, Flares, Artillery off & on board, Infantry, Armor, different Nationalities and large hexes with different terrain including the three town hexes.

Nobody has the upper hand yet but the Indian Infantry is starting to take a beating.

Posting #3

The battle is progressing into a blood-bath. As the Allies I am starting running out of health units, especially Infantry units, to be able to force my way into the town but there is still enough punch left to try.

Side note, I changed out the two German 105mm guns for the two weaker 150 IG guns, I didn't notice that setup mistake until well into the battle. Well I don't think it hurt too much.

Posting #4

I won’t get into too much detail but to say this ended in a Major German Victory. The Allies took way too many casualties even if they had managed to take any of the three town hexes of Pignataro they still would have lost. I pulled the plug a couple of turns early, as the Allies didn’t have enough strength in Infantry or Armor and most of the remaining Infantry was so scattered, or demoralized that it would take far too long to try again without reinforcements. The Canadian armor was slowly worn down, the Indian Infantry & APC & Armored Cars were ground up and even the British lost a Leader of the rank of Major! The Germans did take casualties but only about a third of what the Allies took. The Mines and strongpoints did slow things down a bit for the Allies attempt to take Pignataro and with only 14 turns, it was a rush to take that objective.

Win or lose, it was an enjoyable scenario to play, especially on those large hexes.

One more side note; the Flares really did help the Germans a lot, it prevented the Allies from bunching up or sneaking up in the dark against their positions. I think they actually may have made the difference in this scenario's out come.

* Eastern Front, Scenario #31, Head On
Ranking: 2/5

Soviet Victory

Posting #1

I am plowing through Eastern Front, scenario #31, Head On.

If I played the victory conditions as written both sides would have a victory causing a Soviet overall victory. But I will continue playing it, to maybe adjust the victory conditions a bit. I'll post a few picture later in the week, as time allows.

I am enjoying fighting with Soviet units that once fought in the Nomonham battle against the Japanese in 1939, now fighting the Germans

Just remember, a bad day gaming is better then a good day at work!

Posting #2

Kind of an interesting battle to mess with. If you go with the scenario rules, the Soviets won. If you go with a points system, the Germans clearly won. When both sides were beaten down enough I called the battle.

* Afrika Korps, Scenario #18, Catanzaro Division, Eastern Sector
Ranking: 5/5
Italian Victory
Posting #1

Now how do I get through all that as the British player in 15 turns and control hex 2008? I am sure the Italians can harvest 10 steps from the British if they try. Well, here is to finding out!

Posting #2

This scenario has more than meets the eye. It’s a very different mix off opposing forces. Overall, you need to play it twice to get it right as the British, maybe!

My Initial British force of light Mk VIb tanks, Rolls Royce armored cars and mixed units of a 25-pdr with truck, 2-pdr Portee and two LT-leaders must hit a wall of Italian Infantry and mix artillery with some L3/35’s as well.

The time is short, 15 turns, so as the British player, I must start ASAP and not wait for the Reinforcement, A9’s & A10 tanks. The Italian just have to keep their defense line in tact and trade out demoralize & disrupted units before British units can ask for surrender. Also, using the terrain to their advantage, hills, salt marshes & so on. The ocean marker should be another salt marsh marker, that I didn’t have the patience to find.

As the British I wasn’t sure how to go at the Italians in this, I mean that small start up force, well with the surrender rule, I decide to stay out of range of those big 105mm guns with a nice AT fire factor and try and punch a hole through the middle and right flank. It started to payoff but then those Italian 75mm gun start to dwindle my Small tanks and Armored Cars too much and the Italians were just trading out their demoralize & disrupted with fresh units. So it was time to pull out, before it was too late and pull an end around, through and opening by the big 105mm guns I was trying to avoid. Besides, the medium size tank reinforcements had now arrived.

Ok, the British now have new life. Everything through the small opening in the desert, passing the big Italian guns! I should have tried this in the first place with numbers. The big Italian 105mm, all four them, did rake in a good harvest but there was still enough armor to try for the victory hex # 2008 and make this thing a draw, as the Italian already achieve their victory of at least British 10 steps eliminated, in fact I quit counting after 10 steps. The 2-pdr Portee is useless in this scenario, with no direct-fire, it was shot up early and never made it through to engage any Italian light armor. The British can use their 25-pdr but not close to the front, or it will get pounded and with only one Leader left, it can only shot to twelve spotted hexes away.

Incredible but I found two great ways to use the Italian L3/35’s in the final defense of hex #2008. First to cluster it in two hexes in or around hex #2008. When the British engage them with their armor it took them up a couple of turns and the Italians then assaulted a stack of British armor with the adjacent hex of L3/35’s and rolled a 6 on the assault taking out the last chance the British might of have to pull off a draw. The BER INF then filled in the victory hex, as these units do not surrender, the British were finish, a complete Italian victory! Using the L3/35’s to assault British Armor, was their best use in this game, I can’t believe they pulled it off.

In hind sight, I should have rush both British forces through the small opening in the desert and risked the big guns from the beginning but maybe the Italian could have filled that hole as well? I want to try this again someday. Both Air-Forces showed up a couple of times but no real effect to the outcome of the game.

This scenario was more fun then I thought it was going to be. A real puzzle for both sides. I highly recommend it.

* The Fall of France 1940, Scenario #14, A Quiet Village
Ranking: 4/5
Major French Victory
Posting #1

This looks like a fun scenario to play and an interesting puzzle to solve for both sides. I used Ruin counters for my hidden units, as I couldn't remember where I had my homemade hidden counters. I find they are hidden from me.

I can't imagine that the Germans will use their trucks to come on board, with the French so close. I'll use the SPW251 APC's to bring units on board, as they at least have some protection.

Only 12 turns, I think the Germans will be in a rush!

Posting #2

This was a quick playing scenario, just what I needed. I don't feel like writing up a detailed AAR but this scenario hit the spot. I am not sure I played it correct on either side, as far as strategy goes but the French came away with a Major Victory. Victory points are scored for enemy steps eliminated and town hexes controlled. The French have the setup advantage, which carried them through the game.

* Eastern Front Deluxe: Scenario #81, Tankers of Volokolamsk
Ranking: 2/5
German Victory

Scenario #81, Tankers of Volokolamsk, ended with a German victory, as the Soviet couldn't clear the road and took a beating trying to do so.

* Eastern Front, Scenario #44, Red Steel: Gates of Chisinau
Ranking: 2/5
Romanian Victory
Scenario #44, Red Steel: Gates of Chisinau, ended with a Romanian victory, as they were able to exit Romanian & German Motorcycle units without too much trouble, as the Soviet didn't apply a very good defensive plan and went to offensive with their Armor & AC's, thus getting them tangled up with other Axis units.

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