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Subject: The longest day: a role-less variant for Bang! rss

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Sergut _
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The longest day

"I arrived to Lago soon after midday. I found lots of known faces in the Saloon: Kit Carlson, Slab "The Killer", old Bart Cassidy cheating at poker... even the sweet Calamity Janet! I did not even know she was alive. I thought she had been caught and lynched. 'That's what I made them believe', she said. Mmm, nice girl, Calamity. She also told me where to find bloody Vulture Sam. For he was the reason I was in Lago. shake

He had left me stranded in front of a throng of angry indians, and only the devil and a hell of a lot of luck made see the following day. I almost lost my scalp that day! Filthy bastard, son of a thousand snakes! But I had not forgotten. A big scar on the back of my neck reminded me every morning of his debt... and now the time had come to make him pay. Once and for all. devil

Little did I know that el Gringo was also in town, and he was still angry at me for running away with the loot we had robbed at El Paso... whistle

This is a variant for those that like the Bang! game mechanics for gunfighting, but either (i) they are a bit tired of the roles, or (ii) they have more than seven players for a gaming night. surprise

Before the start of the game, choose randomly N+2 characters (face down) where N is the number of players. For a more deadly game, choose exactly N cards. Then give a character to each player, face down. This is NOT their character, this is their target. This is the person they want to kill (for a personal grudge or any other reason). The players note their targets down and return the cards, without letting anyone know who their target is.

Shuffle the characters and deliver one character to each player again, face up. Now most people have a character and a target (for example, if your target is yourself, you do not have a target). All rules of Bang! apply, with the following exceptions:

There are no roles (sheriff, etc)
When you kill another character, you get their cards as loot, and their character card as a trophy. You do not have to announce who is your target until the end of the game.
Trophies give victory points: any killing gives you 1pt, your secret target gives you 2pt. If you kill the character that was trying to kill you, you get 2pt.
Saloon and Beer cards are not reshuffled. When they are used, they are removed from the game (to prevent games to last foerever).
The game ends when all living players agree, or there is only one player alive. When the game ends, all targets are revealed.
The winner is the player that is alive and has more victory points.

Tournament variant

Only for heavy Bang! addicts.

Play as many games in a row as you dare. Give new characters and targets on every game.
All surviving players get one tournament point.
The survivor with more victory points gets three tournament points. If there is a draw, every player gets two points.
At the end of the tournament, the player with more tournament points wins. If there is a draw, the player with more solo victories wins. If there is a draw, the player with more kills wins.
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Tom Duensing
United States
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Interesting. I'll have to try this.
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