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Subject: Grossdeutschland Campaign part 2: Beyond Zitadelle. rss

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sacha cauvin
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Beyond Zitadelle, Poltawa, 18th August 1943, Ukraine.

The Grossdeutschland division had been withdrawn from the frontline to rest and refit just before operation Zitadelle,it had been completed with a brand new tiger tank batallion and then burnt out in the assault on Kursk.
There was to be no rest.
Breaking the german supply line with about 45 tanks just north of Belgorod, the soviet 11th guards army rushed forward to the village of Akhtyrka, a major german rear unit road center defended by parts of artillery regiment GD.
General Hoerlein the leader of the division ordered his worn down panzer regiment, lead by the mighty Oberst Strachwitz, to stop the soviet advance before it could reach the medical center established there.
In outflanked Akhtyka, the evacuation of the wounded had already begun.


South- map6(number in upper right corner)- map6- map7(number in upper right)- North.
For the special rules, map 6 (upper right) is map alpha.
Map 6 (the central map) is map Beta.
Half hexes are in play.
Check the Map, courtesy of Carrion.

Special Rules:

Medics, Jeeps and trucks do not count for stacking in this scenario.
On map alpha and beta city hexes are field hospitals.Treat the hospitals as city hexes for combat resolutions.
At the start of the scenario each hospital hex holds a truck -these trucks are worth victory points- and one medic per hospital.
At the beginning of the german movement phase each truck (loaded with wounded) must move out towards the southern edge of the map and exit.
Each truck leaving from the beta map hospital and reaching safety: 2VPS.
Each truck leaving from the beta map hospital and reaching safety:1VP.

Once a truck has left the map and before the next turn place a new truck on the hospital hex it left.
For example if any truck exits the map it is immediately replaced at the beginning of the next turn on the original hex it came from.

Control of each hospital hex is worth 1VP.

The two medics must start on hospital hexes, are 4/4 soldiers, do not count for stacking (use a proxie, for example i used 2 japenese sergeants), cant attack and are killed on a disrupted result.
Important: If a medic is killed, no more trucks can leave his hospital.

Grossdeutschland division:

GD Alarm-defences for hospital 1, set up anywhere on Beta map:

SS leader
disciplined spotter X2
light mortar
mg 42
sdkfz 222
veteran infantry x2
pak 40
marder III x2
medic team (1 medic, 2 trucks) set up on field hospital.

GD Alarm-defences for hospital 2, set up anywhere on alpha map:

wehrmacht oberleutnant
mauser x2
veteran infantry
mg 42
81mm mortar x2
pak 40
sdkfz 251
motorizedschutzen x2
20mm flak
sdkfz 222
sdkfz 7/1
medic team (1 medic, 2 trucks) set up on field hospital.

Panzer regiment GD:
set up up to 4 hexes from the southern side.

Tiger I x2
panzer IV aus g x3

11th Guard's Army:
Set up to 4 hexes away from the north side of the map.

red army observer
(US) FO jeep
siz-2 x2
T 34 model 42 x4
Kv 1
T 34 commander
mig 1 x2
soviet NCO
ppsh x3

Reinforcements on turn 1:
enter throught any nothern map hex

soviet NCO
soviet grenadier x2
maxim mg
mosin x4
soviet conscript x2
(US) jeep x3
soviet M5 halftrack x3
BA 64 x2
Zis truck x2

Reinforcements on turn 2:
enter throught any nothern map hex.

KV 1
Su 85 x2

Victory conditions:

To win the german player must exit as many trucks as he can while holding the field hospital hexes.
Remember that once a truck has been destroyed or exited the map succesfully (during either the movement or the combat phase) it reappears on the map in its former starting hex at the beginning of the next turn.

For each truck, coming from alpha map and exiting the map:1VP
For each truck ,coming from beta map and exiting the map:2VPs.

+1 for each field hospital hex under control,-1 if soviet controlled.

At the end of turn 7 add up the Grossdeutschland points and withdraw (if applicable) the soviet points:

Major german victory: 26 points or more.
German victory: 20 points.
Soviet victory: 15-19 points.(historical result)
Major soviet victory: 14 points or less.

Sources: "La Grossdeutscland" Album Historique, François de Lannoy, Heimdal.
"the forgotten soldier", Guy Sajer, Marabout.
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sacha cauvin
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For more infos and pictures, please check here:

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