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Subject: History of "Ronnie", Mission #7 rss

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Greg E
United States
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Mission # 7
Date: December 29th, 1944
Target: Nagoya Urban Area
Intel Brief: Conducted 0600 29 December, 1944.
Good morning gentlemen. Today is a test run of a new strategy to attack Japans industrial base as well as his will to fight. Thus far we haven’t had much success with high altitude precision bombing. So, instead, we’re going after an entire city by which we hope to have impact in reducing local factories as well as cottage industries that support those factories. We also hope that this type of attack will negatively impact the general population’s will to fight. The city is Nagoya, with the center downtown area as the aiming point, here (points to a map like sketch of Nagoya with his wooden ruler). This is based on a picture taken a few days ago during a special mission in which we dropped leaflets telling residents to evacuate the city as it will be destroyed in the near future. We hope this will have psychological affect on the enemy, and we anticipate that when we drop similar leaflets on other cities in the future residents will flee, thus reducing the workforce available for factories in those cities. Instead of the normal payload, some of you will be carrying a prototype incendiary bomb developed by the Standard Oil Development company. The tail bomber in each squadron will also be outfitted with a special camera to assist with BDA. This will be at high altitude with no fighter escort. Please check your packets for your squadron position and your specific position as well [Ronnie – squadron position is “high” and she’s the tail bomber in her squadron]. The weather brief will follow time hack. Stand by for time hack…5…4…3…2…hack.

Flight Recorder:
[ a little while after formation assembly ]
BOB (CAPT Bob Deloney, Pilot): “That’s Texas Doll in front of us, right?”
McFALL (1LT “Lar Dog” McFall, Copilot): “Yes sir.”
BOB: “Did you see their nose art? I think they changed it.”
McFALL: “No sir, I didn’t notice.”
[sound of engines for a few minutes].
McFALL: “Formation’s nice and tight today.”
BOB: (grunts in agreement.)
[ about an hour later ]
CRAIG (MSGT Craig Fulton, Flight Engineer) : “Ah! Instruments are down!”
BOB: “Say again?”
CRAIG: “Sir, Engineering reports all my…wait…..never mind. They’re back.”
McFALL: “Looks like we have a gremlin aboard today.”
DEAN (2LT Dean Eastwood, Navigator): “Approaching Iwo Jima.”
JERRY (1LT Jerry Wallace, Bombardier): “Wow, take a look at that weather up ahead.”
McFALL: “Looks like we’re heading straight into it.”
BOB: “Yup. Looks that way. Attention all hands, stand by for some bumpy weather.”
[ sound of throttle adjustments as the formation naturally spreads out a little as it nears the dark storm clouds ]
[ about forty five minutes of throttle adjustments, flight control banter between pilot and copilot, occasional cursing, and grunting while fighting to keep the plane in place in the formation. ]
McFALL: “Sir, look at number two engine. Looks like we lost part of the cowling.”
BOB: “Woa….well, I think we’ll be alright. The gauges look fine and I don’t see anything else wrong.”
[ Capt Deloney calls for the crew to do a careful damage check of their station and a visual of the outside. Nothing else is reported. ]
[ nearing target ]
BOB: “Bombardier stand by to start the camera.”
JERRY: “Roger that.”
BOB: “Feet dry in about thirty seconds. Jerry start the camera.”
JERRY: “Solid copy. Camera started.”
[ a minute or so later ]
JERRY: “Target is completely obscured by fire and smoke. Dropping bombs by radar.”
[ shouts through the airplane as the bomber suddenly plummets five hundred feet in a belly flop, then is shoved back up with force another seven hundred. Popping sounds and the groaning of metal is heard and felt. ]
McFALL: “Thermals!”
BOB: “Report.”
[ crew begins to report in. Bombardier interrupts halfway through the crew reporting in.]
JERRY: “Break break. Bombardier here. Stand by…Bombs away!”
[ standard comms the rest of mission. ]

Pilot’s AAR:
Hit some major weather near Iwo that ripped a panel off of engine number two, but without any impact otherwise. It was a challenge to maintain formation in that weather. I’ve suggested that we fly around storm formations such as that in the future. No enemy fighters to speak of. They were smart and stayed on the ground in that weather.

Over Target:
The weather cleared up by the time we neared Japan, but Nagoya was completely obscured by smoke and fire. It looked like everything was burning down there. Nothing could be made out at all. Hell on Earth. Honestly, I have no idea if our bombs hit anything, but it looked like it didn’t matter. I don’t think the pictures we took will help with battle damage assessment.
We hit a major thermal at one point that suddenly dropped us five hundred feet, then violently pushed us back up. It sounded like the wings were going to rip off. Very alarming popping type noises occurred at both the end of the plummet, and the apex of getting shoved back up. I spoke to my maintenance chief about that.
I saw no evidence of any enemy resistance whatsoever. No fighters, and no flak.

Nothing of significance to report.
Respectfully submitted, CAPT Deloney.

DA 2408 13-1 entry made for #2 engine panel, & possible electrical problem with the Engineer’s instruments. Verbal report to my maintenance chief concerning the popping noises probably from the wings. DA 2408-12 Flight Log completed.

Mission Rating: Draw. 28 to go
Bomber Hits: zero (only enemy action counted here)
Brought Fwd: 28
Total Hits to Date: 28
Random event hits: 3/3 (this mission / to date)

Historical Notes: While this mission was not directly based on an historical mission, it was loosely based on the first incendiary attack against Nagoya Japan which occurred on the 3rd of January 1945.

Gaming Notes: Enemy fighters reacted too slow and couldn't get to altitude in time to attack the B-29's. One wing root hit per wing as a result of the turbulence caused by thermals generated by the heated air of the fires below. Also depicted in the dialog above was an electrical problem generated by a random event.

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