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Subject: Homebrew Characters. rss

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Cyril Ronseaux
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First. Those characters are "poorly" tested. I hoped to play much more games in the past 3 months but couldn't. No character was tested more than once, and a few were never actually tested :(

Second. I'm French. So Shadows characters are not UVW but MVL (Metamorphe, Vampire, Loup-garou), so some traductions might not match English standards.

Third. On French cards, we have 3 wordings for "powers". Power (like Unknown) are optional and do not require to be revealed. Fact (like Daniel or Bryan) must be applied. Ability (like the rest) requires revealed but are always optionnal.

Last. It's not a "full" extension, you won't find exactly 1 character per Initial. For various reasons.

Victory : The character who killed you first wins the game.
Fact : At the end of the turn you first died, returns to life with no damage.
Matt Stone had a character with a very nice win condition : you win if the one who killed you wins. Well.. there isn't much you can do to help that guy. Matt's character power was to give all equipment to the player and heal her a bit. I wasn't fond of, and Imagine a character that would resurrect and help the one who killed her. The "end of turn" it to prevent any issue with Shadows killing that neutral as last neutral alive. (note that you can win even if dead)

Victory : you killed a character, while having a gun in hand. (hand- or machine-)
Ability : Maximum once per your turn, suffer 2 damage to retrieve a dark card from discard pile, and play it immediatly if you just drew it.

Victory : You are revealed with no wound.
Fact : (must apply) You can't reveal until you are at 7 damage or below.
Ability : End of your turn, heal yourself 1 plus 2 per white equipment card you own.
A neutral that hunts for white, while starting off attacking. When it reaches 7, better have 3+ white equipment (any), reveal and win. If you reveal too early, you might get killed, or "kept low".

Ability : Whenever you draw a white card, you can heal or inflict 2 damage to one character of your choice.
She can check the card before choosing. Basically this means "be in Church" kind of character, so quite dependent on movement, with all drawbacks.

Ability : Your attacks affects one extra character in range.
Couldn't test that one :(. Ability is interesting, but might be too weak for a 10 hp character.

Ability : End of your turn, if you didn't attack this turn, deal 2 damage to a character of your choice.
2 is nearly the average of dealing an attack (slightly stronger than average when no weapon, slightly below average with one +1 weapon), and suffer no retaliation. Doesn't combo well with Machingun or Katana. In fact it's more a character that do best without weapons at all. Might be too powerful at 12 hp. (it's a bit like if he can attack anywhere every turn, emi is weaker than that, on the other hand emi IS weak).

Ability : you receive no damage from Dark "Use Now" cards.
The main idea is to create a hunter which draws black cards. I didn't want him to be just a hunter with an amulet. Yet being immune to dark cards played others might be too strong, but this basically means his teammates will take the hit instead ;)

Ability (vengeance ;)) : To all revealed Shadows, deal 3 damage per dead hunters.
Consider 5-7 players one shadow revealed, 3 is just 1 more than the average George can do, and it requires you wait for your teammate to die. Sure ideal situation could do 18 damage, yet who would win alone versus 3 shadows alive ?

Lemure Shadow 14, a Roman Ghost.
Ability : if you drew a black card this turn, your succesful attacks inflict 2 extra damage.

Lilith Shadow 14, Mother of Succubuses.
Ability : Once per game, during another player's turn : that character must attack this turn, and you choose his target. Announce before his rolls damage dice.

Minotaur Shadow 11.
Ability : Your succesful attacks inflict one extra damage per weapon card you own.
That one turned out to be pretty strong, the player had 2 hachets in hand. I'm searching for/considering alternatives, while keeping the "weapon affinity".

I also propose "upgraded" versions of Emi, Ellen and Bob, since I'm very disappointed with them in the base+expansion game.

Ability (teleport) : to move you can roll dice then your succesful attacks deals 2 extra damage OR you can directly go to any adjacent location.
If she doesn't change location using her power, then she can teleport during fight ;). Now she is a huntress to be scared of. Might be slightly too strong. 1 extra damage would be already nice, but maybe a bit short, I need more testing.

Ability (void) : Once per game. Choose one character, than character loses his "ability" until end of game. If that character was not revealed, you heal 4 damage.
It encourages good-guessing, instead of just "oh a vampire : I burn your power". Heal 4 makes her nearly worth 14 hp. She will be a "strong" as a Werewolf who lost her power to her.

Victory : 4 equipments.
Ability : Instead of rolling dice to move, and if you are not already there, go to Ancient Sanctuary.
Bob needs a long game, needs weapons to be dug out of drak pile. If might have to dig that pile himself, potentially taking damage. Then he has to kill people to steal the equipment but must pay attention to not make them win... with that "move to the place that let you steal once equipment" ability he definitively can win. I had also move the victory requirement down to 4, but the game I saw where he played felt a bit too easy for him, so 5 might do. Needs more testing.

That's it.
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Michael Kefauver
United States
Saint Charles
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I think Billy's a bit OP. The second a Bloodsucking Bats hits the discard pile, he can draw/play it, losing 2 life to gain 2 life and do 2 damage for free. Once he has a gun, he can do it every turn and that will certainly help him win quite often. He can target the character with a gun to get it in the pile, then get the gun, then chain bats every turn to win. While it means people will try to stop him, if he can live 1 turn past reveal/gun grab, he can do 4 damage on average (2 for sure) to another character every turn.

Clemence seems hard to balance. 1 per turn plus 2 per white seems too fast. Not everyone will attack her post-reveal unless she's the first revealed and everyone else rolls well, and even with only 2 white equips she's healing 5 a turn, not counting holy water of healing, bloodsucking bats or weird woods. If she gets the holy robe and the talisman, she's immune to black cards (most at least) and takes 1 less point of damage a fight, and heals 5 HP a turn, and good luck doing 5 damage a turn! Maybe 1 + 1 per white card?

As for other characters, drawing to do damage seems pretty OP. If I draw a white card and get to deal 2 damage, I won't draw anything else. If you're in the church or Underworld Gate, or roll a 7, you can draw white and deal 2 damage a turn... White cards also heal, keeping you alive, can give you an extra turn, and can protect you from damage. I think I'd stay away from characters that can deal damage-by-remote every turn. Look at the originals. They could do it once per game for a reason. Even Ultra-Soul can only target a single person on a single space, rather than anyone anywhere. It's a lot easier to move yourself somewhere than it is to get someone else somewhere.
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Cyril Ronseaux
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Hi. Thank for that feedback !

Billy can only retreive one card per turn, the bat deals 2 heals 1, and billy did take 2 to get the card. I don't follow the 2 damage for free.
If he kills the guy who holds the gun, he can directly loot the gun.
The best case scenario is indeed when he moves to cementary and draws the bat, then can pick it back once per turn.
Werewolf once revealed with do 1.87 (or so) average extra damage per turn in the right situation. Vampyre can heal 2. Valkyre will up from 1.87 to 2.5 more with weapons, etc.
I see billy more of a "ninja" killer, like Bryan : spot a weak guy, kill him. He might have to take 2 damage to pick a succubus from the dark deck to steal a gun.
Where you are right however, is that since the card goes to the discard pile, it can pick it again and again (so technically steal the gun "forever" etc.).

What about :
Maximum once per your turn, suffer 2 damage to retrieve a dark card from discard pile, and play it immediatly as if you just drew it, then place that dark card under the draw pile.
This should remove the "infinite loop" (where infinity is limited by wounds of course).

Yup. She is tough. If you let her fully heal, then she wins. If you don't give her power to heal her quickly she will never win (whoever lands"next to her or on haunted woods would just hit her from time to time, to keep her down, especially when playing 7-8 players game, she heals once vs 6-7 players can hit her.

She can instant win if she has 3 white equipment card. It's like David, yet more flexible since its "any" white equipment card. But, she has FIRST to go to 7... when she has 11. If she reveals with no white equipment, she will heal 1, be at 6, and can get killed before her turn comes back. 1+1 per equipment feels nearly impossible to win but could be an option, or 2+1/eq.
Also consider that if she drops at 7 or below, but doesn't feel like having enough white equipment to heal fast enough, she will dig white card, and "risk" being healed past 7; blocked from revealing and thus blocked from winning. Once she reveals she could continue to draw white cards, which means she must switch between 6-Church and 45-Gates (with the help of 7). If I made her heal at "begin of your turn" she would sit at 7 wounds a whole turn.
For me once she reveals she will be killed (else nobody can win but her). So she must have the ability to win in 2 turns max.
She has no improved way to steal white cards from others, she can't take them from discard either, she has to attack players and make ennemies to go below 7, and she has to dig all the white herself.

Best case scenarii would be :
- she sits at 7, reveal at begin of her turn, has 2 white equipment draw a white, its either an equipment or a healing salve, end of turn she wins.
I would like to playtest her more before considering she is too easy or too hard. What I find interesting with her is that you have to balance between making ennemies, and having people ignore you until you dig the white cards.

For Emma, I totally agree with you. I made her too powerful. Didn't think of comparing her to Ultrasoul. Soul is 3, emma is 2, but as you said it's easier to go where you want than to have your ennemy walk where YOU want.

I'll have to think more about her.
I want to keep "i'm low hp, I target white cards to defend myself, but my defense is also my offense".
Maybe I should do that she can inflict 2 damage but can't heal, and than she can only hit people in range. (I used that already on the Lemurian : if you picked a xxx card this turn, then your attacks are better).

It also have a "fire anywhere on map" power. But I don't feel it's overpowered. It does 2 damage, where a normal unequiped attack does 1.87 average. Yet... I could do that he must target someone who is not in range for his attacks.

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