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Subject: Solo:Cthugha & the Defence of the earth. rss

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Andrew Hart
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Cthugha & the Defence of the earth.

AO: Cthugha

Gloria Goldberg/Author
Jim Culver/Musician
Carolyn Fern/Psychologist
Tony Morgan/Bounty Hunter

Note: due to movement restrictions of the Heat, you may find players stopping in the streets a lot, on their way somewhere else.

Gloria seems to be an alcoholic after turn 1 at Velmas, and a conversation with a stranger (she ends up with 2 Whiskey flasks), but that soon is cleared up, as the threat from beyond makes it's presence felt. Jim, a simple musician with a rather strange trumpet, being at the Asylum to pay a debt to Carolyn, finds out that, for some reason, he is requested to speak to some crazy guy at the asylum. After speaking with him, Jim walked away with a spell (Fist of Yog Sothoth). This is happening whilst Carolyn has to deal with all the patients at the Asylum speaking Ancient Sumerian for some strange reason. Tony, however, at this time, ended up getting delayed at the library whilst the Librarian finds the book that he requested here.

Tony, after he eventually gets the book he was after, has a look through a book in the older section. He was disgraced by the writing he found in the borders of this book, thinking he should mention it to the Librarian. Couldn't make anything sense out of it though. Gloria, with a flask in either hand, finds her way to the Graveyard, where Richard Upton introduces her to knowledge that would help her later...or not (Arcane Sight). Jim had to get back to Velmas, as he promised to clean out the diner for Velma for $2. After the Sumerian speaking patients cease their mutterings, Carolyn finds time to read a rather strange play that she gains some insight into her problem of the murder at the Asylum from. Another doctor at the hospital steps into her office to
request her help with some Dream therapy research. He doesn't know how successful he would be if he went dream-walking, so gets Carolyn to do it instead. Carolyn, in the process of trying to walk into a patients
dreams, finds herself walking in the jungles of Kied in Dreamlands, and finding an ancient ivory palace, finding some strange spell on its walls (Markings of Isis).

After leaving the Library, Tony finds his way to the General store, where, in the bargain bin, he discovers a Crowbar, which he feels would be useful against some of the scumbags he has to drag back to justice. After having her experience in the Graveyard, she decides to put the flasks away, & go & get some money. She finds her way to the newspaper, to try to get a job. But, on the way, runs into some worker there who spills ink on the floor, which she is stunned to find falls onto the floor to form a Yellow Sign! Jim just manages to finish his cleaning
at Velmas, & has lunch there, only to find a grave worm in it. He is made of sterner stuff, though, and manages not to dirty the floor again by throwing up. Carolyn, still wandering in Dreamlands, encounters a Ghost who she manages to fend off by showing she knows more of the universe than it does.

Whilst a Ghost ship docked by itself in the Merchant District, Gloria, who thinking to add another vice to that of drinking, goes to the newspaper office to apply to a classified ad for a reputably "Lucky" Cigarette case. Jim, who went to do some busking in Independence Square, spotted a Tcho-Tcho trying to lead some children away for unspecified, but probably unwholesome, reasons. He promptly takes on this foul creature with Axe & Cursed Sphere, saving the children’s life, but getting himself banned from Downtown in the process. Carolyn still floats amongst the multiverse somewhere. And Finally, Tony, and the Battle of French Hill Streets, as reported in the

Arkham Advertiser:-

This reporter got the story directly from the Hero in question immediately after the battle completed.

Tony Morgan the Bounty Hunter had noticed in passing that a number of strange creatures were beginning to congregate in the French Hill Streets. Seeing that no-one in Arkham was seeing the disaster in the making, sighed to himself, took up his trusty Crowbar, put on his equally trusty Brass Knuckles, hung his Gruesome Talisman around his neck, & waded in to battle.

First to go was a Cultist, whose brainpan did not expect the crowbar that assaulted it.

Next, the insectoid Mi-Go, causing Tony no horror at all, flattened by a good left hook. A Brazier of Souls falls from its stricken body, which Tony picked up in passing on to his next victim.

Next comes the Tcho-Tcho, who is no much for Toni’s 1-2 battle tactics. An Old Journal falls from this foul creatures grasp, claimed as battle spoils by the Bounty Hunter.

A Goat spawn leaps at him next, and, although causing the Hunter to gasp, is soon treated in the same manner as the previous 3.

Lastly of all, the Crawling One slithers towards our hero, causing him to fear for his sanity. But, not knowing his own steadfastness against such horrors, he survives the fearsome onslaught to his mind, and, using his most recently possessed Brazier, sends this creature back where it came from!!!

The Bodies lying around him tell all and sundry what can be done with just a pair of simple weapons.....

And to think, Tony had forgotten the pair of Handcuffs hanging from his belt, and his fearsome Marksman ability!


After collecting some rather grizzly tokens from his battle, as required by a contract that he had, he met with his employer, who gave him $15 for them, but did not explain why....

Upon hearing of Tony's battle, Gloria decides she should arm up somewhat, & travels to the General Store to see what she could find. What she finds is a sucker who thought her fathers old Handcuffs were valuable enough to buy for $8! How could she say no? Jim travels to the Southside streets to rid Arkham of a Vampire who had been preying on the helpless there. Carolyn is becoming orientated to her situation in the mists of time & space, but is still not anywhere she could define. After Tony's fine battle, he still felt that his armaments were a little light in dealing with threats of a magical kind, & so went to the Curiosity shop to try to thicken things up a bit, & buys an Ancient Tablet for $8, thinking it's knowledge could help him.

After the sucker goes off with her old handcuffs, Gloria spots a handy axe & purchases it. Jim decided that he must finally do something about the menace, & enters to gate to Dreamlands at the Witch House. He finds himself on a boat and lost at sea. He spots twin lighthouses, & knows instinctively that he is near the Isle of Oriab & safety. Carolyn, after emerging from the mists of the universe, finds herself at The Unnamable, & enters a Gate there to R'lyeh. She promptly stares into the face of madness, gaining much knowledge of what she faces, but
losing something of her mind in the process. Tony, after buying the Ancient Tablet, is able to define a spell from it (Wither), and also finds a Sword of Glory in the Curio shop to purchase.

Gloria, also satisfied enough to deal with the menace at hand, moves to the Black Cave, to enter the gate to Yuggoth. Whilst there, she finds some strange documents that look like they could have some superior meaning but for which she can find no understanding. Jim, still travelling in Dreamlands, finds a strange tree, covered in blood & waving in the wind. He feels he should be affected by this but isn't. Carolyn struggles for what seems like days, only to emerge into a plain of blinding light. Emboldened by his recent successes, Tony tackles an
Elder thing found in the Eastown Streets, & succeeds in bringing it low.

Some strange effect of the visiting exhibition causes undead mummies to wander the streets, being mistaken for the poor & homeless, in need to clothing, but in effect, just getting in the way. Gloria, in Yuggoth, sees the sun so far away, & thinking everything is hopeless, drowns her sorrows with whiskey. Jim finds himself back, alone, at the Witch House, & struggles to understand what he has learned in the Dreamlands, so that he can close the gate. He fails. He struggles on. Carolyn also finds herself back at the Unnamable after her sojourn in R'lyeh, and is also struggling to deal with the mental challenge of closing the gate. Tony, evading strange shambling shapes to get there, enters the Merchant District streets to rid Arkham of a Witch....oh, and a Street

Gloria arrives back at the Black cave & begins her struggle to close the Yuggoth gate. Jim is interrupted in this thoughts by a Hybrid spawn from Innsmouth, who he dispatches, but also inspires him to solve his gate closure puzzle. Carolyn also manages to solve her Gate puzzle, & ensures that it won't open again(she hopes). And Tony finds that the Merchant district is covered by these Shambling mummy creatures, & finds he must stay to deal with them.

Gloria manages to solve her Gate closing puzzle by sobering up, and seals it as well. Jim encounters a Proto-shoggoth (and a street mummy) in the French Hill streets, which he sends gibbering to hell. Carolyn evades her way through Street Mummies to the Newspaper office, and, offering to tell tales of her Otherworldly experience, gets a job with the paper. Tony evades his way to the Admin building at MU, and manages to find a Professor who teaches him how to hide (it's all he knows!!), which may be useful in this city of wandering mummy creatures.

The street mummies disappear, and Gloria, after her recent success, mugs a Child of the Goat in Rivertown. Jim goes to the Historical Society for the clues, & picks up a skill from an ancient artefact. Carolyn is also trawling for clues in the Unnamable, but comes across a disturbing vision in a warped mirror which doubles her clues (5!), but removes her blessing. Tony decides to take on the mythos head-on by going into the woods, not to see what the bears are doing at a picnic, but to go into the gate to Dreamlands! There he finds himself in
Inganok, where he is "blessed" by a small onyx statue.

Gloria goes to the French Hill Streets in order to dispense with a "rumour" she heard about there, by giving up some spell knowledge, and ends up killing a Deep one as well, Jim decides to thank the Lord at the Sth Church, & prays for Carolyn, who, goes to the Graveyard, kills an elder thing, & then gets sucked into the Gate to the Abyss, where she sees 10000 worlds arrayed before her (delayed). Tony, still in Dreamlands, falls into a pit but manages to scramble out.

Gloria decides to check out this Silver Twilight Lodge that everyone’s been talking about, but doesn't find much at all. Jim massacres a Cultist in Rivertown, and Carolyn comes across some Toxic air but manages to push through it. Tony arrives back in the woods and closes/seals the gate there. Easy!

A rumour of Cover-up is heard in the traps, but everyone is too busy with Mythos stuff to deal with it at the moment. Gloria trawls for clues in the Black Cave; Jim kills a Formless spawn that moved into Rivertown, and Carolyn almost gets taken in by a diabolical trap in the Abyss. Tony goes to Uptown, kills a Formless Spawn, but loses his Onyx Statue in the process (lost bless).

Gloria is finally free enough to deal with this Cover-up of what is happening, & goes Downtown to dump out some of her grizzly tokens of the Mythos dead there for all to see. Jim also goes Downtown to do same. Carolyn arrives back at the Graveyard, and closes/seals the gate there. Tony is on his way to Downtown, but gets stopped in MU streets to kill a Deep One Hybrid.

Gloria moves to the Curiosity shop and buys a Blue Watcher of the Pyramid. Whilst waiting to be served, she read an old journal she had been carrying around with her & got a few clues out of that as well. Jim is allowed back into Independence square again to busk, and, sure enough, this time a Deep One is trying to lure off kiddies for it's foul purposes. Unfortunately, this time the Deep one was too much for him, & he wakes up in the Asylum, missing some spells. Carolyn stays Downtown to meet up with Tony, and Tony arrives, lays out his grizzly haul of creature’s odds & ends, & dispenses the Cover-up. Everyone gets blessed & retained to write a book of the Story of all their exploits so far.

The Terrible Experiment!! Gloria moves to Hibbs Roadhouse, kills a Deep one, & moves through the Gate there to the Plateau of Leng. There she follows smoke to a small hut in the snow. She takes furs from a corpse there, and manages to return to Arkham, unblessed. Jim stays at the Asylum for his mental health. Carolyn manages to find a handy Ancient Spear at the Curiosity shop. Tony moves to the French Hill Streets.

A family is found butchered, which is the last straw for the owners of the General Store who decide to shut up shop & move to Boston. Gloria, whilst reading the Book of Dyzan, closes & seals the gate at Hibbs. Jim decides to go home to Velmas, a guy there wants to sell him some stuff, but all Jim can do is the White eared elephant thing (without the trunk!!). Carolyn dispenses with a Cultist in Northside, and Tony goes to the Southside church to pray for his soul.

Gloria decides to get a meal at Velmas, who gives her back too much change. Jim goes to the Black cave to take on the dreaded Lloiger and is victorious. Carolyn kills a Maniac in Northside. Tony moves to the MU streets, kills a Star Spawn, & decides to take part in the Terrible experiment, killing 3 of the creatures taking part.

The Gate at the Unvisited Isle decides to close of its own accord, but the previously sealed gate at The Unnamable bursts open again. Gloria feels something of civic spirit for the town of Arkham, & moves to the Police Station to be deputized (she likes to uniform, and the gun! She also likes driving around town with the siren going). Jim strolls around to the Southside Streets, Carolyn moves to the Science building at MU, kills a Dark Young there, & collects a whole mass of clues that had been collecting there. She finds a machine there that could help immensely in their fight against the mythos, but decides the risks of using it are just too great. Tony decides that he needs a rest to get his brains back, & moves to the Asylum.

A Surge of Monsters comes through Arkham. Gloria moves to the Merchant District, kills a Deep One, and lets a Serpent Person elude her. Jim takes on a Goat Spawn in the Southside streets, which is victorious over him; the ambulance takes him off to hospital, leaving his Cursed Sphere behind. Carolyn moves to the Unnamable, kills the Warlock there, & moves to Another Dimension, where she finds a perfectly good Flame-thrower! Tony moves back to the MU streets to deal with the Terrible Experiment, kills the rest of the creatures there! Tony gets +1 Luck,
Gloria +1 Speed, Jim Mental Fortitude, and Carolyn Martial Arts!!

The Previously Sealed Black Cave gate burst open again!! Gloria encounters a Witch in the MD streets & dispatches her. Jim moves Uptown, Carolyn encounters a Tcho-tcho & a Deep One Hybrid in AD, and dispatches them too. Tony moves to Southside, and kills a Goat Spawn.

Monster Surge! Gloria finds herself at the source of 3 creatures attacking her, who she dispatches, but suffers damage herself that drives her to the Hospital, where Jim sees her coming in whilst he is in Outpatients getting patched up. Carolyn comes back to the Unnamable, closes/seals the gate AGAIN. Tony moves to Southside & kills a
Formless Spawn.

Another Gate opens on the Unvisited Isle, which is the last straw, bringing Cthugha to earth.

We don't last long, only 3 turns, not enough weapons or clues or Stamina or Sanity. Not enough spells to fight

him with. All Investigators are devoured!!


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