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Subject: Leoben triumphant rss

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Merric Blackman
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Ramping up my reviewing.
Happily playing games for many, many years.
Since Pegasus has been released, I've ended up playing a Cylon Leader in most of the games we've played. I decided to make a change this game - I'd play Leoben rather than Cavil!

Josh had just bought BSG and Pegasus and wanted to play them rather badly. As both Pat and Troy were present, I was very amenable to this: Mick also played, as did Liam.

Character selection was as follows:
Troy - Lee "Apollo" Adama
Pat - Gaius Baltar
Josh - Helena Cain
Merric - Leoben
Liam - "Chief" Tyrol
Mick - "Boomer"

My secret objective was to have the Cylons win - but have Galactica mostly undamaged at the end. Yes, I wanted to strip it for spare parts after the humans were eliminated. Shortly after the game started, the nearby basestar attacked, damaging the FTL drive and Command. As Leoben is basically an engineer, I infiltrated the ship and started repairing these areas, thus gaining the trust of the crew. "Look, Leoben's a good Cylon!". ("Only good Cylon is a dead Cylon!" - Josh)

The initial stages of the game saw us draw attack after attack of Cylons - and space got very crowded indeed and the jump marker wasn't moving any faster. Boomer and Apollo spent a lot of time flying about, and it was a great relief for the humans when the ship finally jumped. Of course, that's when all the trouble really started!

After the second jump, the sleeper phase occurred, and shortly thereafter, both Boomer and Chief were in the Brig - and, given Liam's very untrustworthy demeanour, we weren't about to let him out. Or Boomer. Of course, with two characters in the Brig, the humans were having a lot of trouble succeeding at challenges. They were using lots of cards stopping the Chief's and Boomer's escape attempts, and I wasn't helping their crises much - and there was also a couple of unrevealed Cylons. The dials were now heavily in the red!

After a very long time without any Cylon ships about, they arrived again. Mick finally got sick of staying in the brig, and revealed herself to be a Cylon. So did Gaius (and Pat and Mick rejoiced a lot as the fleet lurched closer to destruction).

At this point, I decided it was time to end this once and for all, and I moved into the communications array and started moving the civilian ships into harm's way. Troy, playing Apollo, needed to spend all his actions flying after them and protecting them. The fleet had actually managed to get the 8 distance and just needed one further jump to success, but the team of Boomer and Gaius Baltar weren't about to let them do that: Sabotage Investigations came up, and with my help failed utterly - reducing Fuel to 0 and Morale to 0. The Cylons had won - and Leoben presented them with this almost undamaged fleet!

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