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Connor Alexander
United States
St. Augustine
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Played a 3 player last night, as we haven't broken out this game in quite some time.

Factions were decided by table position, so I took Turan, my brother took Aquilonia and my wife was Stygia.

We started out relearning the rules a bit, but once things got moving everything came back pretty quickly. The starting objectives were all military focused, with one requiring the most fortresses in the central region and another requiring 2 fortresses adjacent to a wild region. Both myself and Aquilonia started the game with military actions, I claimed a region next to me that was adjacent to a wild region, Aquilonia began moving outward. Stygia started off by establishing a couple of towers and getting a strong financial presence. Aquilonia and myself traded off control of Conan, each possessing him twice, leaving Stygia behind in the token count by the end of the first age. She was also a bit behind in points with only one fortress.

Throughout the game I controlled the 'Heart', allowing me to very effectively utilize some of my powerful military play on table cards, so that was what I went for with the bid. Spent just about all of my cash on extra troops, and turned both my fortresses into cities.

Age 2 saw Stygia catch up a bit on points as well as adventure tokens. I established a couple of towers in order to help with the cash flow and wasn't able to make any significant military advances. Things in the center of the board got a bit crazy, and the military objectives kept on coming. I did bank quite a few more adventure tokens in age 2 and was very confident on where I was at in all 3 categories. Aquilonia made several strong military advances and was neck in neck with me for points by the end of age 2, and Stygia was a bit behind, further hampered by some nasty raid tokens that docked her points at the end of the round.

At the beginning of Age 3 I made the mistake of attempting to fight for a central region in order to grab a valuable objective card and lost several turns (and troops for it). Though I kicked out a lone Stygian I had a hell of a time conquering the region itself, and in the end I got myself kicked out by an Aquilonian army. At that point I decided to ignore the center (and objective cards) and make a couple last minute conquers on some of my outlying regions, successfully placing 2 more forts and securing a slight lead. I managed to convince Aquilonia not to crown Conan though he had the opportunity...but I had a nice pile of adventure tokens and had only revealed one type throughout the game. I myself had an opportunity to crown him during his last quest, but my point lead and number of adventure tokens convinced me not to take the risk.

In the end I had a slight lead before tokens were revealed, but had majority in all 3 categories which fired me way ahead of the pack. My major strength was in the '3' chits. Though I only had slightly more tokens than both other players, I had quite a few high value tokens. Lesson to be learned: pay attention to not only the quantity, but also the value of the tokens your opponents are claiming.

Great game, only drawback was the length, as it probably took a solid 3 hours. Will definitely hit the table again soon.
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