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As I stated in my review of the Killer Bunnies Starter Deck, , I'm going to review each booster separately. This is the first. It is worth noting that this isn't booster in the Magic The Gathering sense, when you buy this box you are getting a particular set of components not a random bunch of cards.

The width of the Red Booster is half of the Starter Deck so when you've got a few KB boosters they stack up nicely. Handy! In the box you will find another 55 of the normal sized cards, 12 small cards, a red twelve-sided die and a small (A6) instruction booklet.

I won't reiterate the rules of the game, go read my original review for that! Instead I will concentrate about the new elements this booster brings.
Firstly is the very obvious red theme. The backs of all the cards are red (the original box's cards have blue or yellow backs). Don't worry, though, this won't give any opponents an advantage. There is far too much mayhem going on for anybody to get a good idea of what you might do just because they can see what colour cards you've got!

Continuing the red theme are the introduction of the red bunnies. There are five of these: Congenial, Gleeful, Lumbering, Sinister and Timid. However, these red bunnies all have special powers which their card art acts as a reminder of.
Red Congenial has 3 cabbage and 3 water to feed bunnies with. These amounts renew each turn but you can't stockpile them.
Red Gleeful has 3 Dolla to spend each turn. Again, this renews each turn but can't be stockpiled.
Red Lumbering has 3 Lucky Clovers built in to protect him from weapons.
Red Sinister has a bounce-back forcefield. If he is targetted by a weapon which fails to kill him it bounces back to the player who launched it!
Red Timid enables the player with him down to re-roll any dice which they roll for whatever reason! This means that if a player plays the Magic Fountain while controlling the Red Timid they would get to re-roll whichever of the five dice they fancy! Very handy.
The introduction of bunnies with abilities adds a new dimension to the game. No longer are players simply randomly trying to murder any innocent bunny. All of a sudden the red bunnies become top targets since their abilities give their owners a good advantage (especially the Timid). This is a very welcome addition and I believe this really improves Killer Bunnies.

The Red Booster also adds four new carrots to the carrot pile. Your games will now last a bit longer, although there are a couple of new 'Choose a carrot' cards which evens things up a bit.

Another important addition is Rooneys Weapons Emporium. This is another shop, like Kaballa's Market, and is in play at the start of the game. Whenever a weapon is used now it doesn't go to the discard pile. Instead it is laid next to Rooney's Weapons Emporium. Players can purchase weapons, being mindful of the hand limit, and then run them through to hit their opponents with. The cost of a weapon is it's level so the more powerful a weapon the more it costs. Annoyed at the Laser Gun your opponent just used on you? Buy it from Rooney and sling it back at them!

Rooney's also sells defense cards. These are small cards like the cabbage and water cards. Each defense card has a number of units, in these booster they are the odd numbers ranging from 1-11. When a weapon affects one or more of your bunnies you can use one or more defense cards to protect them. If you can present units greater than the level of the weapon then the weapon does not affect your bunnies. Used defense cards are then discarded and you don't get any 'change', for example using 11 units to stop a level 9 weapon doesn't give you 2 units change.
Defense cards are bought like cabbage and water. They cost a fixed price per card and you get the top card from the face down pile.

A few highlights from the other regular cards, then. Red Booster introduces Barriers which are Run cards. Once run through they are placed between two players. Area effect weapons do not affect bunnies past the barrier, ie the barrier absorbs the explosion. This also adds another layer of tactics to the game as you can now be a bit free-er with the bonkers high level weapons safe in the knowledge that your bunnies (probably) won't be hit by the blast.
Dude, Where's My Carrot? Is a good laugh. All the large Carrot cards are turned face down. The player rolls the red die and must guess where the corresponding carrot card is, is it in Kaballa's or which player has it? If the player gets the guess right they get to take the carrot. Get it wrong and they lose a carrot!
The Mystery Urn is a fun card. The player who plays it rolls the violet die. If they don't roll a 12 then they must put something in the urn, either a bunny or a carrot. The next player then rolls. If they roll lower than the previous highest roll then they must also donate a carrot or bunny to the urn. If they roll higher they pass the die to the next player. If they roll a 12 they get to take all the donated items! The person who played the card always gets a last chance roll to see if they can roll a 12 and win the goodies instead.
Bunny to the Future saves your bunny from the effects of a weapon by placing him 3 turns into the future!
There are, of course, plenty of cool weapons to sling about including Irrascable Defractable Cheeseballs (really!), Cruise Mssile Prime (roams around the bunny circle detonating when someone rolls a prime number), Suction Cup (ahem) plus others.

I personally think the Red Booster brings Killer Bunnies alive. There are now reasons to kill an opponent's bunnies rather than just to annoy them. The barriers mean that the stupidly big weapons will get used more and some of the weapons and cards are just plain cool. KB Red Booster certainly continues with the same pop-culture based humour and silliness. When teaching new players I prefer to use the Red Booster as well simply because it makes the game a little more interesting.
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