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Subject: Rules Qestions searching for answers... rss

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Hannes Riener
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Please and thanks in advance =>


5.3 Replay markers.

[...] the player may actiavate any formation [...] If a formation is activated by a Reply marker, flip its HQ counter to reverse side.

Q1: How do I handle formations without a HQ but their own formation marker.
(sorry, no idea how to transform the question into a Y/N way)

Last para: may keep one Replay marker on hand to play it later in combination with another formation marker.

Q2: Can it be kept till next turn?

Q3: How does in combination with another formation marker work? The only way I can imagine is in combination with a General marker for activating 2 formations in same phase.

5.5 General Activations

Q4.1: Can it be kept till next turn?

Q4.2: together with an kept formation marker?

Instead of activating two formations the player may

The time I can/have to play it confuses me. (BTW: downloaded the translated VV-rules, the alternatives are new, as I see)

At what moment can I do it?
What are the requirements?

Q5: Like: I have the general marker and already the 1st formation sitting next to it... if I choose one of the alternatives. When can I and what happens to that formation?

Combine a formation with Artillery or Stuka

Q5.1: Do I actually have General Marker, Artillery/Stuka/formation Marker in front of me and pull now a Artillery/Stuka/formation Marker to get such a combination?

Remove any 6 Neutralized or any 2 Fatigue markers

Q6.1: Do I have to decide that right in the moment I pull such a General Marker?

Q6.2: If no, how can I do it later? What would happen to a prepared formation marker?

Get another Reply marker

Q7.1: Do I have to decide that right in the moment I pull such a General Marker?

Q7.2: Do I instantly have this marker or is it placed in the cup? (this extra Replay marker has to be removed from the actual game after usage, right?)

Try to cancel enemy activation

Q8: If I have a 'passed' formation sitting next to it, this formation is also gone?

If a second General marker is drawn, it must be played immediately

Q9: What means 'just' passing in the worst case (As stupid as this might sound but I am confused about the possibility that playing 1 General marker might qualify for Remove any 6 Neutralized or any 2 Fatigue markers what would be very very powerful.

6.3.2 Return Fire

Q10: If the target unit is within a stack. Only the targeted unit qualifies for a possible Return Fire?

8.2.3 Fire Modifier

Q11: Are the TEMs also cumulative?
Like: What is the TEM of field: 0411 (Les Huttes d'Ogny with some woods), or 0815 (La Grange au Mont with woods all over)

9 Assault

Q12: Generally: If I rush with more then 1 unit into a hex and the first result of the attackers causes a N result and the defender decides to keep his Neutral marker and retreats -- the other attackers watch this without doing anything?

Imagine an example:
Let's say I assault with 3 units into a hex with two enemies where one is Neutralized.

Q13: First: The first defenders makes a seperate attacks against any of the 3 invaders and if he archives a N the attacker has to decide instantly whether he withdraws or gains a step reduction, right?

Q14: Imagine the attacker prefers the step loss. Then the second defender decides to attack the now reduced unit but fails. He doesn't have to care about the other two?

Q15: The first attacker now attacks the already Neutralized unit and archives a N resault. The defender rolls against panic and is successful. Is he still staying with his Neutral marker in the hex?

Scenario Stonne

German Initial Placement
In or adjacent to 0401: II/PZ.R

QS1: Guess this is a type and should read: 0104?
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Steven Bucey
United States
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Hannes, did you ever get answers to your questions?
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