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Subject: First looks at the game. rss

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Michael Roop
United States
Three Rivers
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Ok, so I used to be a huge viedo game junkie, and to top off my list, I
loved spending saturday's in the arcade at the fighting games. I'd get in line
to try my hand at de-throning whoever it was at the machine and I was fairly
good at it. So I have had hopes for a game I used to play alot.

First Impressions: The box is a detailed version of what the video game
cabinet used to look like. However, for a game that was definitely PG-13, this
game suprised me with it's age rating. Upon opening up the box, the game neatly
unfolds to the sides, flaring like the tiny dinosaur in Jurassic Park.

Components: Ok, component wise, the little worshippers are nicely done,
reminiscent of the figures from Escape from Atlantis or Survive: Escape from Atlantis!.
The ramps are sturdy enough cardboard so that they hold their shape. The different
arenas are just 7x7 sheets of thinner cardstock that slide into the arena floor,
each one with a different beasts motif, but the placement spots in exactly the same
areas. It would have been nicer to have a variety by arena (more on this later).
The battle balls, the worst thing in the whole game. 2 round pieces with a jagged
radius cut out, which are to be inserted into each other to form the ball. Worse
part of the game by far.

GamePlay: Ok, so up to 4 players pick their beast and then face off against
the player to their left. Each player has 2 times that they can play in a game,
but they have 4 special cards (numbered 1-4) so play is basically down to "is
what your special card is worth + what your ball rolled higher than his?" If
it is, you get to keep all the worshippers that were knocked down that turn.
The game is as fun as Sorry! Sliders, or at least it would be if not for
3 GLARING problems:

1) the slope of the ramp is much too high for the size of the arena. I would
play the game again if there was more arena room for the ball's path to even matter.
2) the arena floors have no bearing on the game. How about a different pattern for
the snow arena, where the worshippers are lined along the same line of the ramps,
forcing you to bank shot off the opponent's ball as it comes towards you?
3) the 2-piece balls don't hold their shape, tending to flatten down to a squatting
"X". Also, the edge's of the ball are cardboard, which can have a tendancy to NOT
roll down the laminated cardboard ramps, but instead slide. I am working on fixing
my copy, with adhesive caulk to keep the shape, and rubber bands attached to the
outside curve of the ball, in order to force them to "roll".

End Of Game: As I said before, it's a nice slide-dexterity-betting game, that
just needed a few fixes and it might have been the Battling Tops of
it's time.
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John W
United States
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wow -
I'd never heard of this game before (and I am a huge fan of the old battlin'-dinosaurs videogame)

Thank you for your efforts in saving, cataloging, and posting this game (I saw your geeklist story about the saga) - I never would have known of its existence.

BTW - I am very familiar with the artist's works that you used for your avatar.
I followed his webpage for about 6 years, checking from time to time for new works - he's a master of the animated gif format.
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