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Subject: The "Complacent Monster" variant rss

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Dane Barrett
New Zealand
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For this variant you may need some extra tokens (glass stones, counters, or even the card dividers from the original release of the game can be used). For the purposes of this summary they will be referred to as "tokens".

Additional setup: Take 5 XP cards and place them above the Dungeon Hall.

Additional turn step: At the beginning of the each turn taken by the Starting Player (including the first turn), the Starting Player must take one of the XP cards from above the Dungeon Hall and discard it back onto the main XP deck.

When the XP cards run out: If the Starting Player goes to discard an XP card from above the Dungeon Hall and there are none left to discard, the following rule is then implemented:

Each time a player takes a turn (starting with the first turn in which the Starting Player cannot discard a Dungeon Hall XP card) which does not involve the player Visiting the Dungeon, a token is placed above the Monster in Rank 1 of the Dungeon Hall. Each token is worth an extra Victory Point if that Monster is slain by a player.

If the Monster is removed from the Dungeon Hall by means other than being defeated by a player (or shifted to a Rank other than Rank 1 within the Dungeon), the extra Victory Point tokens that have accumulated above that Monster are also discarded.

If a player defeats the monster at Rank 1, then they also take the Victory Point tokens/cards that have accumulated above that Monster and keep them for the rest of the game.

When final scoring is done at the end of the game, players must also total up the amount of tokens they collected and add this to their final score.

Reasoning: The increase in Victory Points represents the Monster becoming complacent, because no one has visited the dungeon so far on their watch, making them feel like the enemy has been scared off. The monster itself doesn't actually get more powerful, and so a complacent Goblin still isn't going to put up much of a fight.

The 5 XP cards to be discarded at the beginning of the game are there to try and give each player 5 turns without extra Victory Points being assigned, to give them a chance to build a deck if there are particularly strong monsters in the Dungeon Hall. The monsters at this point don't become complacent, because they are still expecting an influx of adventurers and are still on their guard.

Of course if you randomly draw the strongest monsters in the deck and only have things like Food in the village to fight them with (therefore needing far more than 5 turns to build a deck to defeat them), then the chance there will be a Monster with a large accumulation of victory points increases greatly (and nabbing that monster might decide the game). For this reason it is recommended to try and play this variant with a balanced group of decks (there are already a few great ideas for pre-made decks in another thread HERE).

I'm hoping this will give players food for thought about which action to choose in their turn, as every time they do not go to the Dungeon they may be effectively giving an extra Victory Point to the next player. It should also help in reducing stalling within the game if low-VP monsters are in the Dungeon Hall.

Feedback welcome as always. This has not been play tested.
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Hans Messersmith
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I'll resurrect this for a moment.

Why just the Rank 1 monster? Several alternatives...

* Put a token on the monster with the least victory points (including tokens)

* Put a token on the monster of your choice

* Put a token on the the third rank monster

* Put a token on ALL monsters not attacked each turn

I've not playtested the variant above, so I can't comment on whether any of these options improve it or make it worse. Just brainstorming.
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