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Subject: In which Humans lose their heads rss

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Zev Neumark-Gaudet
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Hey all,

I have finally decided that it is time to write my first article that is bigger than a response. So after a memorable first game of LNOE played last night, I thought you might enjoy following me on a very bumpy ride.

I have never played LNOE but have had it on my radar for quite a while, so when a friend emailed me saying that friday night is the Last Night on Earth, I responded immediately with an enthusiastic YAY. zombie

My friend has the base game with all the expansions. Also, he hand painted almost all the minis (heroes and zombies), so we were in for a truly great experience.

We were 6 players. Apparently this does not play well when 2 players play the zombies, so my friend (let's call him E) had prepared a scenario for there to be 5 heroes and 1 zombie player.

The board was twice the size of a normal setup (8 pieces instead of 4 I believe) with the manor house in the middle of the map. The goal was to go pick up as a team 14 supply tiles that were spread all over the place and bring them to the manor. We then had to double blockade the entire manor house with us and the supplies inside so as to survive the onslaught.

The zombie player wins by a two ways: either he kills all of us, or he fills up the manor house with zombies.

All heroes started together in the high school on the edge of the board. I forget the names of all the characters, but the ones present were: the chemistry teacher, Sam, the strange girl with the skateboard, the nurse, the girl with the chainsaw...

Now on to the Last Night on Earth. zombie

Zombie player misses his roll to spawn more dead guys and moves all his zombies one square closer to the school, with one zombie almost in front of one of the doors.

Heroes turn: We split into 2 groups (not a good idead) with two of us (chemistry teacher and chainsaw girl) heading for the door where the closest zombie was (we had no weapons, in hindsight we must have been suicidal). The other 3 took the front exit. This turn we all stayed in and searched for items.

Zombie turn: He gets his spawn roll and moves all his zombies one square closer. This brings one of them directly in front of the door I was facing!

Heroes turn: Sam and the nurse dash out of the school first to head east towards the gun shop. The strange girl heads off on her own (again suicidal) towards the middle of the board where the police station is (read GET A SHOTGUN). An important thing to mention is that since the map is so huge and our objective is nearly impossible, when we "pick up" a gun, we go through the hero deck to find the one we want. Chainsaw girl first goes through the door and fights the dead guy. She loses (because of a zombie card) and takes a hit, the next hit she takes will kill her. Then Chem Teacher goes to the same square and also loses and takes a hit.

Zombie turn: misses the roll and moves all zombies closer. This means that the strange girl is almost in trouble. Sam and the nurse are still far from any dead action. Then the zombie player declares a fight in the square where the 2 stupid people are. I play a card that cancels the fight.

Heroes turn: Sam and the nurse reach the gun shop. The strange girl goes into a building next to the police station and picks up one supply token. Chainsaw girl (Betty I think) and I (chem teacher) get the f*ck out and head to the manor to start barricading.

Zombie turn: He gets his spawning roll. All zombies move closer.
He then plays a b*tch of a card and spawns as many as 1D6 zombies adjacent to any character. He chose Betty in the manor (who is next to me) and rolls... A 6!! Groan. Then he spawn more dudes.

Heroes Turn: Betty and I are surrounded. Betty moves to a corner and whacks a zombie with a fence post she just picked up (due to the zombie card that spawned 6 freakin guys!). It doesn't die. I then join her in the same square and manage to get lucky and kill the zombie there. Sam and the nurse each get a revolver from the gun shop on the other edge of the board. The strange girl picks up another supply token and kills the zombie at the door with a ranged weapons she had at the start of the game.

Zombie turn: Gets his spawn roll and moves all zombies closer, he also plays a card that get Betty and I to make out and spend the night in each other's arms (Ahem). We miss our next turn. And we are surrounded. We are so dead. He then plays a card that gets Sam and the nurse to start arguing, they also miss their next turn.

Heroes (short) turn: Strange girl tries to come closer to the manor to help out Betty and the teacher (or to watch us have sex, one or the other...). She doesn't quite make it far enough and lands close to zombies.

Zombie turn: Misses his spawning roll and then moves all oozing dead stinking damned retarded monsters closer and gets 5 of them in the square where Betty and I are... A fight breaks out and we almost... NOT. We're dead. We become zombie heroes. NICE. Strange girl survives and kills the undead attacking her.

Now it is pretty much over because there are 8 zombies in the manor out of 10 necessary for a zombie win.

The game goes on for a few generic turns, but the epic fight in the manor house was the end... It made me think of the movie Brain Dead (or Dead Alive, same thing), but the protagonists die instead of findind a lawn mower and killing everything.

All in all a very epic experience that really made me feel as if I was in that blasted town. And if Betty and I hadn't made that REALLY stupid mistake early on and insead had followed the others, maybe we coulda made it... Who knows...

I am definitely looking forward to my next game!

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Nicholas Daley
United States
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Even when you lose at Last Night on Earth, you still have a great time. It's not whether you win or lose, but whether your hero goes down in a Blaze of Glory. That's why my family loves this game so much.
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