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Subject: Last playtest rss

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Esteban Fernandez
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Disclaimer: The author of this session is the designer!

After some last time cancelations, we managed to meet to do the final testing for the game, four players, Brackder, Camugnas, Daniele and me.

Game started with brackder and camugnas launching the unmaned mision (sputnik) with their last card of the turn, and that is a mistake as they were soon to realize.

They od not roll any success on the Take Off mision, so they have to take an Emergency token, if one of your ships have one of such tokens at the end of the turn, your ship is lost, they roll badly and they have to start over with new ships.

Daniele managed to make a sucessfull Sputnik mision, that scores 5 Points, I did also a 4 Points one, and camugnas for the end of the next turn launched a very simple mision, that only scores him 2 points.

However is convinient to do a Sputnik mision, as those when are done, you get a reroll ability, you can re-roll one die exhausting the card, or a full re-roll if you discard it.

Brackder takes a risky approach, as well as Camugnas, both are doing "Extra misions" for the Gemini ship, the one that Brackder takes is the most expensive one, the Space Walk, he needs 2 Astronauts inestead of one, so he put all the eggs in the same basket.

Extra misions are a costly, you have to play the card as an event, also you need to asign it some extra materials, but then if you end it successfully, you will score a lot of points, and also you will get an extra ability for the rest of the game.

Meanwhile, Daniele and me were doing normal misions, we each managed to land the Geminis with the first men on space, and return them safely, we pass the 10 VP mark, so in the next turn we will start drawing 4 cards each turn, wish is a huge advantage.

For the next turn, while we were getting the Apollo ready with materials, and planification points Camugnas and Brackder managed to succesfully end their extra misiones with the gemini, they land and get a lot of VP, they pass the 20 VP mark, so they will draw 5 cards next turn.

We were thinking that the game if you get behind, you will never managed to get on the race for the victory, but the extra misions looks like the way to achieve such objective.

For the next turn, playing one less card makes me think that I have to get to the moon with the ship as is, I was planing on doing more Planification, wich gives me more dice, or try to train a Commander, wich is the only type of Astronaut that convert the "Land in the Moon" risk mision into a normal one, but there was no time, I have the sputnik re-roll, and that is what saves me in the last minute.

Going for the moon, I did a really bad roll on the Lunar Transit stage, so I have to discard the sputnik card so I can reroll, I was saving that for the Lunar Landing, but I have no option, when I reached the Lunar Orbit, the astronauts where useless, as none of them were the Commander type, so I just did a plain roll, and get 5 hits, wich guarantees the landing.

The Eagle has landed! \o/
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