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So I played this for the first time yesterday and I have to say I liked it a lot. I ended up winning though I'm still not completely sure how. I think I was the most "balanced" player and I was very lucky with monsters and rooms. We also played some things wrong which I noticed upon further reading the rules.

It was 4 player in the order Red, Green (me), Blue, Yellow (in that play order with red starting).

Early on I was VERY lucky. Both Blue and Yellow had their Room order disabled which told me I could get first choice of room by playing it last. I decided to dig, hire imps, and get a room. (1st 1st and 2nd respectively). This was exactly what I wanted b/c the room I had my eye on was the magic one so I could build 2 tunnels, hire an Imp and have enough for the magic to happen.

This turned out to be a even bigger godsend than I imagined because I was the only one who did NOT play take monster round 1 so I had a guaranteed free uncontested first choice on round 2. The mint and printing press rooms were out turn 2 which blue and yellow played for.

This allowed me first choice of rooms in turn 3 as well and not only that but on turn 3 all of them played for a monster again so in each of the first 4 rounds I had guaranteed first choice for either a room or a monster.

Both food rooms came out turn 3 for me and due to poor tunnel building on my part I had to make the chicken coop it in a suboptimal place.

This coop was definitely a winning buy for me since I could use 5 imps to pop out a free imp and I mostly ended up with mostly monsters that ate food so when pay day came In years 1 and 2 i was ready.

A random event said to pay food or lose 3 points per. Due to misreading one of the spells I opted not to make the payment cause I thought I needed it later. I had misread a spell that I needed to make the payment for my monsters or lose them and gain 2 evil. It actually said gain 2 evil or lose your monster. keeping the food turned out to be a giant silver lining which I'll explain in year 2.

When it came time to battle year 1:

Red, who had gotten both the printing press and the trap room, always had the weakest adventurers. However he had gotten the Trap room turn 1 w/out tunneling so the only place he could put it was the entrance. He lost only this room year 1 since he needed 2 turns to take out his adventurers. I believe he was the one who got shut out by all 4 players picking the same thing the most.

Green (me) was always getting the second adventurer. Because I had a level 2 wizard and I play very conservative I played spy and improve relations a lot to be fully prepared for what was to come. I misunderstood some things about splash damage and fatigue so I couldn't kill all my adventurers by round 4. I did however have a slime and a trap which skipped conquering phases so I was able to capture 2 adventurers and stall and only lose 2 tiles to conquering.

Blue I believe killed all though he lost 3 tiles in the process.

Yellow having taken a lot of evil monsters had a paladin and a hord of powerful adventurers at his door. He lost all 4 though managed to capture the paladin. Our first really big mistake happened here when we missed that when a tile is conquered you go down on the Evil-moniter

In year 2 I'll just skip the the highlights.

We had the random event that raises all exclusive titles by 1 evil. This wasn't that big a deal for adventurers since we all were leading in 1 category.

Blue got hit very badly by this. Because we didn't know we had to lower the Evil-moniter for tiles conquered previously he was forced to give up a monster when pay day came and this left him at the tip top of the evil track. He had been using his mint to get a lot of money so when taxes came he was the only one not scrambling for money (though the title he had exclusive was the resource one thanks to this). He also had got the anti magic room which was a real life saver for him during the fight

Yellow (tunnel lord) had started with the Palidin and here came our 2nd very unfortunate mistake. We were told that the player closest to starting player was "Nicer" so even though Blue had taken the Palidin from him in round 5 or 6 after pay day they were both equal at the top. Blue going before yellow always had the (fake) tiebreaker and yellow could never get below blue. To make matters worse the paladin's comrades were a 3 Wizard, Theif and Cleric so he basically was dealing with 6 in every category. He managed to capture the paladin again but not after some very unfortunate spells and his dungeon being wrecked.

Red (battle lord) was the one I couldn't figure out why he was doing so poorly. Looking back i think I now know. Though he was always getting the weakest adventurers due to his press he had completely failed at preparing a good way to get resources. His biggest mistake was probably on round 5 buying a trap and getting a golem. Then on round 7 when pay day came he realized he would need another trap and gold to keep the golem (btw another mistake we made was not drawing +1 trap in year 2). This cost him a lot of money which he didn't have to spare. His dungeon was 5 spaces big counting his 2 rooms so he really couldn't mine very well. Because of the money he spent for his monsters he was at a -12 points due to unpaid taxes from failing to pay 2 on 2 separate occasions. Unlike Green and blue he didn't have a resource production room working for him and Yellow had a big dungeon despite a lot of it being conquered so he could mine well. The only move that everyone found very very strange was on the final turn everyone had their take monster order. Red was last to go but placed his take monster card as his third order. Naturally he was shut out. Red actually finished last even though he always got the weakest adventurers.

Green (me so of course a little longer) Thanks to pay day people were less willing to buy monsters in rounds 5, 6 and 7 (though red did and he paid for it dearly). In round 5 everyone else was scraping up resources for pay day or taxes. I was making 2 food automatically with 6 imps and a chicken coop and mostly my monsters ate food so I wasn't as worried. I got first pick of the rooms turn 5 because no one else had space for them. I originally wanted the dark room for my witch but due to incredible stupidity there was no place I could put that wouldn't need more then 4 tiles conquered to reach so instead I got the the pandemonium (sp? 2 points for golems dragons and demons). This turned out to be a great buy.

In round 6 no one wanted monsters again due to pay day so I got first pick of the litter. I really wanted the Dragon cause it would go well with my pandemonium but taking it would mean I needed a total of 8 food and 5 evils after pay day (including initial cost). Remember the 2 food I saved despite losing 6 points? It was a god send cause it was just enough with my production room to feed everyone. I was pretty low on the evil scale because I had anticipated a large evil payment and I wanted to spy on the spell just in case (really really good thing I did). 5 evils would put me over Paladin which scared me but blue and yellow were gaining at least 3 evils each which meant that I would have about a 2/3 buffer between them so I thought I could handle it and took the dragon.

Fast forward a bit I got the trophy room and made the payments to my monsters. I was low enough to not be in serious paladin danger relative to blue yellow. I started mining for gold for tax day and picked up a trap (kamikaze imp). Final turn was tax day. I was going first and there was a demon and golem both out and one other. I really wanted one of these (I had a trap and a slime so I didn't really care which one) for my pandemonium but I also had some money issues and a level 2 wizard breathing down my neck. I decided to chose spy first since this would guarantee I had no paladin troubles and would let me see the second spell coming (again very good choice on my part). Then I did monster believing that with money so tight on tax day it was unlikely all 3 players would play their monster card first. finally I did money which would get the money needed for tax day and a golem if I got one (blue was rolling in cash so this seemed safe).

Everything worked out better than I hoped. Only 1 person put monster first so I got 2nd spot for monsters guaranteeing me one of the 2 I wanted and saving me a food. This food would be used in the magic room getting me 2 more imps than anyone else allowing me to use kamikaze imp w/out sharing the imp lord title. I got 2nd on money giving me enough for both taxes and hiring a golem and the spy showed me what terrible fate awaited me in round 2 of the fight (If I hadn't know what the first and second spells were the fight would have gone very very badly). I ended up getting the demon (which I was perfectly happy with) since the player before me took the golem.

The first 2 spells were
1. "attack everyone" and "attack anyone" abilities of monsters negated so you must attack starting player.
2. Monster becomes a sheep with 1 damage.
See why not knowing this would have screwed me?

On to the fight

Red had no wizards so he finished in 3 rounds without too much trouble.

Blue had the anti magic room so he was mostly alright and also finished after 3 rounds.

Yellow got crushed by his perfectly balanced team and the spells really hurt him badly though he did capture the paladin.

Green (I) was very annoyed with the spells. My 2 tank monsters would have been able to crush the adventurers without them. I decided to put my demon first to knock out the starting thief and prevent conquering. Then I used kamikaze imp (no longer damaged reduced) to leave the second wizard at 1 hp after which he turned my witch into a killer sheep that gnawed out his throat capturing him but the remaining cleric healed himself after the vicious sheep attack and conquered a tunnle. My dragon and fatigue made quick work of him after that.

I ended up winning with a lot of points tying in 3 titles:
Battle lord thanks to the demon preventing a conquer. Monster lord because blue had to let one go, Yellow had a ghost, red missed out on getting a forth and I had to feed one to the demon putting everyone at 3
Room Lord: Me and blue had 4 but non of mine were conquered which was even more points.
Imp lord was mine exclusively.

My trophy room gave me 5 points here (or so we thought since were were told it gave 1 point per shared title. I won by more than 3 points anyway) and pandemonium gave me 4.

The large amount of titles and bonus points were able to offset the 6 I lost placing me in first by a good margin. Blue was second. Yellow third with his paladin pair and Red in dead last.

Overall I had a lot of fun. I got very lucky early on with rooms and monsters which I think won it for me. I will prolly play again soon
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