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Subject: Snow Day? Let's head to the pitch rss

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Daniel Sarasio Meyer
United States
Forest City
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Well it is another snow day in the year of never ending snow storms. The wind kicked up over night, and with some accidents a lot of the roads are closed. So, no school today. The girls and I were up early to shovel and get ready for school. This means the gaming starts early. The girls each picked three games, and I picked two.
Olivia picked: O Zoo le Mio, Sorry! Sliders, and Jenga.
Madeline picked: Clue: Harry Potter Edition, Shrek 2: The Twisted Fairy Tale Game, and PitchCar.
I picked: Kayak Chaos and Clue: The Great Museum Caper.

We started with two games of Jenga. Olivia tipped over both towers.
Next was Zoo Sim. I managed to get enough permanents to win 147 to 138 and 136.
Third we played Clue - Harry Potter Edition. I was able to eeck out a victory and solve the case, before Olivia got to Dumbledor's Office.
Fourth we played Sorry Sliders. Just two games, and Olivia won both.
Fifth was Clue - The Great Museum Caper. We each played the thief once. I went first and got out with two paintings. Madeline went second and got out with three. Olivia went third, and got caught while trying to get her fourth painting.
Sixth we played Kayak Chaos. Olivia and I each won once.
Seventh was PitchCar. Reported below.
Finally we ended with Shrek 2. Playing three times we each won once.

With PitchCar we each agreed to make a track. First was my track. I put in everything but two of the curves, and left some of the sides open to allow flying off. Olivia got off to a quick start. I had a decent first shot, but Madeline was going for broke and flew off the edge. The first lap ended and Olivia had the lead. I pulled up close behind, and Madeline was making up some distance.
Olivia tried to make a big move, but ended up going off track. she got a little frustrated and was off again on two of her next four turns. This allowed Madeline to move handily into second place. I had a large enough lead that I didn't need to try to make any big moves and was able to win with just maintaining my position. Game one goes to Dan.

The second track was set up by Olivia. She wanted to use all the track pieces and designed a good track. Random draw allowed Madeline to go first. She had a good first hit and took a lead. Olivia was still reeling from her goof on the last race, and had a rough start. I was able to start just a little behind Madeline. On the first round we maintained position. Madeline was in front, I was close behind her, and Olivia was struggling in third. Madeline and I both passed Olivia on our second lap, putting her a lap down. We have a family rule, that anyone more than a lap behind gets two turns. So to finish her first lap and on her second lap, Olivia gets a few extra hits. Just before the second lap ends I run off the edge of the track.
Madeline tries to make a big move, but flies off the edge. I take advantage of her blunder and move into first. As our third lap winds down I have a bit of a lead. It looks as though I will be out in one turn or two at the most. Madeline makes a big hit and pulls just in front of me. On my turn I make a decent hit, but don't pass the finish line. Madeline takes her turn. Knowing she has to win this turn she hits it hard, but ends up off the track allowing me an easy finish on my turn. Second game goes to Dan again.

Third track was designed by Madeline. She wanted lots of back to back curves because she knows that I have an advantage on the straight-a-ways. Random start has Olivia going first. Her little fingers are able to give her just enough kick, so that if she doesn't get off track, the curves are great for her. Madeline and Olivia both take a good lead through the curves. They both get through the first lap and are headed back into the curves as I exit and move down the straight stretch.
On her second lap, Madeline bumps Olivia of and gets moved back to her spot. This gives me a turn to catch up, and Olivia a chance to move ahead. Olivia finishes her second lap. Madeline is a little behind, and I am still in third. As Madeline comes out of the curves to finish her second lap, I am just behind her. Olivia is way out front and is just coasting now. On my turn I try to run the straight stretch and move a ways into the curves, but I am off a bit and run off the course. Madeline makes a move on Olivia as the third lap ends, but Olivia keeps the lead and takes the checkered flag. I am significantly behind. Third game goes to Olivia.

Here is to hoping the weather improves for the rest of the winter and there are no more snow days. Thanks for reading.
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