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In order to do turn order instead of rolling a die and almost someone tieing we decided to randomly hand out character cards and arrange turn order according to succession. We switch from Admiral and President before we draw. Seven player game with 2 newbies.

Helo –Travis (newbie)
Boomer- Brenda (Wife)
Dee – Dawn (Neighbor)
Leoben – Myself (Me)
Ellen – Rob (Neighbor)
Apollo – Jeryson (Nephew/newbie)
Baltar – Jeremy (Brother)

My objective; Seige Warfare.

The game starts with little action (since Helo doesn’t have one) and we get a crisis. The first four players contribute and 3 negative cards show up. One treachery, politics and leadership. I’ll give you a hint and tell you I threw a politics. That means if destiny added two negative it wasn’t Boomer.

The turns continue without much events until another attack cards pops in before my first turn. There are now 4-5 civies between the lauch tubes and a basestar in front and back of Galatica. The raiders move into each side and I activate raiders taking out 3 vipers and 2 civies. I claim the ships as trophies and 2 population is lost. The only thing standing between 3 more civies is Apollo.

Ellen provies some assistance to Dee and sends an XO to Boomer to take care of some raiders. Apollos turn after jumping (Deep Space -2 ), three treachery cards show up in a skill check and I didn’t contribute. Everyone looks to Ellen and instead of accusing Dee accepts it. Baltar doesn’t draw an XO to hit Boomer and ends up discards his whole hand to save food.

Helo sends an XO to Boomer. They attempt to airlock Ellen and fail by 3. No one seems to notice how many negative cards show up, after all it sure seemed like a lot. They spent almost all their cards and wait until Dee’s turn and decide to just brig Ellen. They pass and Ellen reports to the brig.

I decide to refresh my hand using the Human Fleet and bury Cylon Refinery. All the resources are just above half except for food is around 7-8. This is obviously my biggest concern and as they pass a skill check to raise it up one I mentioned I’m okay if they want to waste resources to increase their highest resource.

We continue around the table and the president decides to keep some cards this time and lose the food. I use the Human Fleet again and find an attack card on top. I leave it there thinking that they will jump and then be hit with a fresh attack card. I advise Ellen to either play his SC or scout the Destination deck. He leaves the card on top and Apollo uses a scout to bury that card. The attack cards hits and they jump straight into a Cylon Ambush (3). Sleeper is triggered and new loyalties go out.

Someone hits Dee with an XO and she leaves the civies behind Galatica. The raiders advance towards the civies and they get caught up in something else. On my turn I asked if Ellen would like to destory the 3 civies. They agree and I activate Raiders and so does Ellen. Three more ships added to the collection. Population is now in the red as well as fuel. Morale is just one away and the same with food.
Baltar takes his turn and plays an arrest order on Dee since she has 3 loyalty cards and Dee joins Boomer in the brig. Baltar gets another attack card and the board becomes loaded with civies and raiders. I start to worry with Morale and Food just high enough.

Helo launches a scout and keeps a destination card on top. Boomer breaks out of the brig and gets guilt by collusion. Admiral damages two locations and sends Boomer to sickbay. Dee sends an XO to Boomer and jumps the fleet at -3 (Astrod Field 3). They drop to 1 population after losing one civie.

At this point I infiltrate prepared to throw everything I got to keep the humans alive a bit longer. My crisis targets morale and without thinking I throw a Scientific Research out into play. I then recover by saying I can help with this check and if they trust me I will cover most of the check. The check fails and morale drops into the red.

Now they have to survive Ellens SC.

Ellen plays The Farms (or something along those lines). If they fail its -1 pop and -1 food! Just enough to drop food into the red. We throw everything we got at them and we add up all the positives. They reach 16 positive on a skill check of 14. We add up the negatives and it’s almost as much as positives.

Cylons walk away the winners and take the excess food and fuel as the spoils!
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