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After poring over Google's translation of Pickpocket's rules, I've got a pretty good sense of what's changed and how you can incorporate these changes into Double or Nothing.

- In both 2 and 3 player games, players are given one "warning" after drawing a card that doesn't continue a chain, and are only put out after drawing a second chain-breaker

- In each round after the first, the player with the most points is penalized by having to go first. Pickpocket's scoring tokens stack, allowing you to tell who reached that score first in case of a tie - in DoN you can agree that the first person to reach a score will keep his pawn towards one side of the scoring board should someone else join him. The first person to have reached that score has to start the new round.

- I could be mistaken, but I believe Pickpocket's rules allow you to play both cards from your hand during a Double or Nothing.

- Speaking of cards from your hand, Pickpocket awards 1 point for each symbol on a card that is left in your hand at the end of the game

- In case of a tie, the player with fewer cards in their hand wins. If the tied players have the same number of cards, they play another round. If there is still a tie after this, players are instructed to call an exorcist(!)

- The biggest change is an optional variant called Power Cards. Basically, before each round players each get to pick one Power Card, starting with the player in last place and continuing in ascending order through the person in second place - the first place player does not get a card. Each card can only be used once during the round, and all cards are put back into the pile at the end of each round

Points received from Power Cards are never doubled, but are added separately after multiplying

The first row from left:

- Drink a Beer: allows a player to skip drawing a card for their turn once during a round. This can be used in place of one of the cards during a Double or Nothing

- Bruce, the Ninja Mouse: If a player goes out voluntarily, they receive an extra two points.

- Accomplice: if you go out voluntarily, double the points received from bonus cards. However, if playing these cards in DoN, I recommend making this card increase the bonus by 50%, rounded up, since the bonus cards in Pickpocket are significantly lower than in DoN.

- Ambidextrous: Once during a round, if you draw a card that doesn't continue any chains, you may attempt to draw another card. If that card doesn't make any chains, you're still out. This can be used during a Double or Nothing.

Second Row:

- Power of Illusion: This makes certain rows worth more if they are still in tact when you get out voluntarily. In Pickpocket, the lower rows are less common than the higher ones, so it might not be advisable to use this card in DoN

- Secret Door: If two bonus cards are drawn, you collect all points on the board as well as both bonuses. This works even if it's the final bonus card and during Double or Nothing. Again, since Pickpocket's bonuses are significantly lower, I'd recommend capping the bonus points you can get at 7 or 8, or saying that you only collect the higher of the two

- Magic Gloves: Allows you to draw a new card for your hand when you go out voluntarily. If it's a bonus card it gets revealed and added to the line as normal, and if it's the second bonus it ends the round

Also, when playing a 2 or 3 player game with power cards, the player in the lead chooses 1 power card during the first round of drafting, after which the other player(s) get to choose another card

If anyone can make out any other rules changes I've missed, please feel free to post them here.

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