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Subject: Virtua Talisman (PBeM)! rss

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Aaron Tubb
United States
Fuquay Varina
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This is the result of a 2-player play by email game of Talisman I did with my brother last summer. Most of what we wrote in the emails has been transcribed here. We thought it would be fun, so I threw together some rules and this is what I came up with:

me wrote:
The board is a single track, from the top space (highway), all the way down to the bottom space (the treasure chamber). The board has 2 regions: the OVERWORLD and the DUNGEON.

You will need a d20, d10, and a d6 in real life to play. Everything else will be recorded in email (even spells, which will not be hidden from each other).

When you get a VIRTUA TALISMAN email, that means it is YOUR turn! On your turn, you do this:

1) roll d6 for movement and then move (up or down the board).

2) encounter a player or the space. If you encounter the space, follow the instructions on it. If you have to draw a card, you roll a d20 to see which "card" you draw (roll d20 twice if you draw 2 cards). If you attack another player, roll your die and say what you want to steal/take from them if you win, then you email the other player and they finish the battle and then take their own turn.

3) if the other player has a spell when you attack them that they could use, stop and find out if they will use it before the combat.

I hope that all makes sense.

When you encounter an ENEMY, instead of getting a die roll, all enemies automatically roll 3 in combat.

When you draw a SPELL, roll d10 to see what spell you get. In VIRTUA TALISMAN, everybody knows what spells you have.

The trophy trade-in value is 5.

You WIN the game by defeating the BOSS in the Treasure Chamber. He is Strength 12 and Craft 12 and you get to pick with stat to fight him with.

We also decided that it would be fun to "dual class" our characters, so we each picked 2 characters from a set of 4 random ones and used the following rules:

Dual-class rules: You have a "base" character and a secondary character. You have the strength, craft, life, and alignment of your base character, but you have the special abilities of both characters. If your base character is Neutral in alignment, you have the alignment of your secondary character. Your fate is the lowest value of either character.

My character for the game (dual class minstrel/merchant):

*Jimmy the Band (Famous Musician, retired)*
Strength 2, Craft 4, 4 lives, 4 fate, Good, Start: highway
-You start with 5 gold.
-Animals and dragons will not attack you, though you can attack them.
-You can evade monsters by paying them 1 gold.
-You may attempt to charm an animal instead of fighting it. Roll d6, if you roll > the animal's strength, it becomes your follower and adds its strength to yours in combat.
-You may take the Lost Maiden from any character you land on.
-You may trade an object with any object in the purchase deck at the village or with any object of a character you land on.
-You may sell stuff at the village; 1 gold for objects and 3 gold for magic objects.

My brother's character for the game (dual class monk/elf):

*Huang-di (Elven Monk)*
Strength 3, Craft 4, 4 lives, 5 fate, Good, Start:1st woods space
-If you are in the woods, instead of rolling the die for movement you can teleport to another woods space.
-You can evade enemies and players while you're in the Woods.
-You add your starting craft (4) to your strength in combat
-You may add 1 to the die when praying
-You cannot use any weapon or armor (except the Quarterstaff)


Highway - Nothing here, you stop here if your move would take you up past this space. *Jimmy the Band*

Woods - draw 1 card *Huang-di*

Corn fields - draw 1

The Village of Tristram - Mystic (roll d6; 1-2;ignored, 3;turn evil, 4;turn good, 5;+1 craft, 6;+1 spell), the Market(sword-2g, helmet-2g, shield-3g, mule-3g), the Healer (heal life for 1g/each)

Cabbage fields - draw 1

Cemetery - draw 1

Crags - roll d6(1;attacked by Craft 4 spirit, 2-3;lost 1 turn, 4-5;safe, 6;gain 1 str)

Hills - draw 1

Tall grass - draw 1

Woods - draw 1

Ruins - draw 2

Dungeon entrance (begining of Dungeon) - draw 1 dungeon card

Corridor - draw 1

Cave - draw 1

Abandoned mine - draw 1

Goblin lair - fight 1d6 str 4 goblins (one at a time), gain 2g if you defeat them all

Cavern - draw 1

Some guy's basement - draw 1

Sewer - draw 1

Underground lake - draw 1

Chamber of darkness - on your next turn, instead of your normal move, roll d6; 1;back 3 spaces, 2;back 2 spaces, 3;back 1 space, 4;forward 1 space, 5;forward 2 spaces, 6;forward 3 spaces

Corridor - draw 1

Library - roll d6(1-2;have a good read, 3-4;find secret door, move again, 5-6;gain a spell)

Cave - draw 1

Crypt - draw 2

Catacombs - draw 1

Secret room - if your craft is less than 6, miss your turn. Draw 2 cards

Vault - draw 3

Cavern - draw 1

Lava flow - roll d6(1;lose 2 lives or followers 2-4;lose 1 life or follower 5-6;safe)

Treasure Chamber - guarded by THE BOSS (Str 12, Craft 12)

The board was updated in our emails as stuff started accumulating on the spaces.

The card list was as follows:
the cards wrote:
-If you draw a place that is already on the board, re-roll the "card."
-You cannot use fate to re-roll a "card draw."

1 Buckler - (armor/shield) 5+ armor save
2 Crossbow - (weapon) makes your Str in combat = 5
3 Red shell - (magic object) attack a player or enemy up to 2 spaces away with a Str 5 attack, then discard this card. If you lose, nothing happens. If they lose, they lose a life.
4 Loyal Wolf - (follower) adds 1 to your strength in combat
5 Old Crone - (enemy spirit) Craft 1, turn into a toad if you are defeated
6 Stone Altar - (place) You can pray here by rolling d6(1-4;ignored, 5;gain 1 fate, 6;gain 1 life) or, if you are GOOD, heal all your lives. If you are EVIL, replenish all your fate.
7 Blizzard - (event) all players in outside spaces move 1 space, lasts 2 turns. If you draw a Blizzard while a Blizzard is already in effect, discard all items and places on the board (they are buried under snow/ice/slush/mud or stolen).
8 Crazed Mountain Man - (follower) you are always safe at the Crags
9 A witch! - (stranger) roll d6 (1;toad!, 2;-1 craft, 3;-1 str, 4;+1 craft, 5;+1 str, 6;+1 spell)
10 Dire Moose - (enemy animal) Str 5
11 a bag of gold (1g)
12 Quarterstaff - (weapon) +1 Str in combat, Monk can use it
13 Pot roast - (object) eat to heal 3 lives
14 Magic stream - (place) stick 2 Strength and 2 Craft here. You may take one stat point each time you land on this thing.
15 Creepy see-through Ghost - (enemy spirit) Craft 5
16 Grizzly Bear - (enemy animal) Strength 4
17 Dire Garden snake - (enemy animal) Strength 2
18 Drunk farmer - (enemy monster) Strength 3
19 Goblin Attack! - (event) all Village Market prices go up by 1g. If Attack! is drawn 3 times, the village is destroyed and becomes a Ruins space (draw 2 cards there). If the village has already been destroyed, place a Str 4 Goblin enemy on the old Village space. If there is a Goblin village, this event becomes "Humans Attack!", with the same effects.
20 LIQUIDATION SALE! - (event) all Village Market prices go down by 1g (they cannot cost less than 1, though). If the Village is destroyed, the Goblins build their own village there, making it into a Goblin Village space (same as the Village, but you must fight 1d6 Str 4 Goblins before seeing the mystic, healer, or market). If a Goblin village has already been built and destroyed, the human village is rebuilt.

1 Kingly sword - (magic weapon) you must have craft 4+ to pull out of the stone in this space. +2 Str in combat
2 Lost Maiden - (follower) +2 Craft
3 Egotistical Adventurer - (enemy) Str 6. Gain a Sword and 1 gold if you defeat him
4 Gelatinous cube - (enemy monster) Str 4. You must drop an object here if you do not win the combat
5 Vampire - (enemy spirit) Craft 6
6 magic potion - (magic object) roll d6 when you drink it: 1;lose 1 life, 2;lose 1 craft or str, 3;heal all lives, 4;gain 1 str, 5;gain 1 craft, 6;gain 2 fate
7 two bags of gold (2g)
8 Shrine - (place) pray by rolling d6: 1-3; ignored, 4;+1 craft, 5;+1 life, 6;+1 spell
9 Summoning Circle - (place) Immediately move any enemy or player to your space and fight them
10 Snake Pit - (place) roll d6. Unless you roll less than your Str, lose a life or follower
11 Dragon - (enemy dragon) Strength 7
12 Undead wizard - (enemy spirit) Craft 5
13 Giant beetle - (enemy monster) Strength 6, if you lose it also eats one of your followers
14 Cave in - (event) roll d6(1-2;lose 1 life, 3-4;miss one turn, 5-6;safe)
15 Yellow slime - (enemy monster) Str 5, any weapon used against it disolves after combat. If you don't defeat it, any armor/helmet/shield you have disolve after combat.
16 Gauntlets of Might - (magic object) +1 Strength, can only use one
17 Crystal of Power - (magic object) +1 Craft in psychic combat
18 Dragon Armor - (armor) 4+ armor save
19 Secret passage - (place) you may take it by rolling d6. Immediately go to the: (1;village, 2;crags, 3;abandoned mine, 4;sewer, 5;crypt, 6;vault)
20 The Haunting - (event) for next 2 turns, all Strength enemies become Craft enemies. If you draw The Haunting while The Haunting is already in effect, discard all enemies and strangers on the board (they are scared off).

1 Acquisition - steal an object from someone else
2 Mesmerism - steal a follower from someone else
3 Destruction - discard/destroy any card on the board
4 invisibility - evade an enemy or character
5 Summon Ifrit - a Str 6 monster fights in your place for one combat
6 Alchemy - turn any number of your objects into gold
7 Random - target player rolls d6(1-toad!, 2-lose all craft, 3-lose all strength, 4-lose all gold, 5-gain 1 craft, 6-gain 1 strength)
8 Transference - switch spaces with another player, instead of rolling the die for movement
9 Immobility - evade an enemy, or cause a player to miss their turn
10 Psychic blast - add your starting craft to your Str for one combat

Now, the game begins!


Jimmy the Band, famous minstrel, now retired, is visiting this remote town in search of fame and fortune, having heard about some dungeon nearby wherein lies a grand treasure that no one has ever plundered. Coming in by the highway, Jimmy goes forth, ready for ANYTHING.

(for movement: rolls a 1, moves to the woods.)

There's some kind of Elf monk dude here, but Jimmy ignores him and ventures further into the woods. (rolls a 12 for the adventure card)

Up ahead in a clearing of some sort, a short smiling bald man in robes is training with a quarterstaff. He notices Jimmy and gives him an appraising look before asking, "are you new around here?". "yes, I'm Jimmy the Band."


"You've never heard of me? I'm a famous singer and lute-ist!"


"Pathway to Paradise? Smells like Adolescent Soul?"

"Sorry never heard of them. You seem like you could do with something to defend yourself, though. Here, I have extras." Said the bald smiling man as he handed Jimmy his quarterstaff.

Now, the Elf-monk's turn:
"My story is, I wanted to leave my village and get stronger while seeing the world as well. Then maybe he finds out about the "BOSS" and he is all like, "I bet I can beat 'em!". That's about it."

Huang-di, the elven monk, starts on his quest, ready to fight the evil boss in the underworld and become a legend in his own right, and is completely confident he can do it too!

Movement: 5, to the hills
Card: 5, old crone: craft 1

whilst traveling, he finds himself in a grassy, hilly region, of many hills, of which he stands on top one of the tallest. while looking around, he can see a strange dark clothed hooded figure sitting loathsomely on a hill in the distance. as he approaches the figure he notices it's a old woman, who looks horribly disgruntled and mad at the world. he asks her "woman, what brings you to this place all by your lonesome? may I help you?"

Just than, the horrible, HORRIBLE CRONE LADY, looks up at him and says "I WILL EAT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!" and lunges towards him with glowy evil eyes. he sidesteps and sticks his foot out under the crone's and she trips down the hill, and dies....just like that. upon closer inspection, she appears to have been malnourished and starving, so she probably was actually serious about eating the monk, and his family....creepy old crone indeed. he than searches the body for any loot, and rips off her cloaks hood as a trophy for his victory, and moves on.

Jimmy heads out on his *merry* little way. [rolls 1 for movement. Moves to Corn Fields. Rolls 4 for encounter]

Not very familiar with the landscape, Jimmy ambles around in what he hopes is the general direction of the nearby village, Tristram, or the infamous dungeon. Finding himself in a corn field that seems to be near the village, he begins walking along a trail surrounded by tall corn stalks on either side. Caught unaware, he is attacked by a lone wolf, which jumps from its hiding place among the corn and bites Jimmy on the leg. Jimmy is something of a suicidal dog-lover and thinks his assailant is playing. Slightly confused, the wolf bites him again.

This continues for several hours.

"I don't know about you Debbie, but I'm beat! Let's head for town and get some rest!"

Debbie was unclear on what just happened within the last few hours, but he sure was beat, too. He had never been called by any name before, but responding to "Debbie" just seemed natural. Jimmy was already walking away. Debbie wasn't sure what else to do... so he followed.

Tristram, the nearby village

*rolls a 3, goes to ruins

As Huang-di finishes traveling for a while, he looks for a place to sit down for a moment and practice his awesome martial arts skillzzzz! after awhile he approaches some old ruins, all decrepit and such, and he's all like "I'll think this place is a worthy training ground."

*rolls an 11 for first encounter, 9 for the second, bag of gold and a witch.

after training for a while, he notices something lurking in the shadows, and he doesn't know if it's friend or foe, so he decides to let them know fighting him is a bad idea by showing even more of his....IN...CREADIBLE FEATS!!!!! and shatters a stone pillar in front of him with a palm strike and says "who goes there? If you have been watching, than I suppose you would not want to fight me. I have no valuables, but I do have the will to become a legend, which I intend to be someday."

*(rolls a five for the witch; +1 strength) The witch reveals herself and says "tehehehe, and so you shall. I can help you!" Huang asks "do you intend to come with me then?" the witch replies "no, not at all, it's too dangerous for me, not my style to go adventuring, but I like your style, and I would like to know I helped you on your journey, SO HERE!!!!" she zaps Huang with some sort of magic, which makes his muscles even more toned, and slightly bronzed skin to boot. "there, now you can really break stuff, TEHEHEHEHE! oh, and here's a present, ya never know when ya may need it." she tosses a bag of gold at his feet. "thank you, madame, and I will speak of you when I am a legend, that a kind witch helped me along my way," while the witch replies "you better!!! the way, that torn hood you have on your person looks very much like my sister's hood, where did you find it by chance?" Huang-di remains silent for a moment when she suddenly says "ah, pft, It doesn't matter, she was a crazy old hag anyway, she's probably dead now... hahahahaha! well, good luck!" and she vanishes into a poof of smoke.

All right! [rolls a 6 for movement, rolls 11 for encounter] Jimmy wanders off in what he thinks is the direction of the village. He must have made a wrong turn somewhere, because he totally misses it. The next few days are completely uneventful. After traversing various fields and some hills, he comes to a large open area of tall grass. A nearby sign reads, "Staye thou out of ye olde tal grass. Hear be monsters." Ignoring the sign, Jimmy pressed onward, Debbie following. Eventually, Jimmy came across someones gold stash inside a hollowed tree stump. Figuring that whoever put this here probably deserves to get it stolen for putting it in such a crappy hiding spot, he took it.
[found a bag of gold]

Rolls a 2, moves to Corridor. (dungeon)

Huang-di, now more confident than ever, goes straight for a creepy looking dungeon, hoping to fight some sort of awesome dragon or something. he travels through the dungeon for some time until he reaches the corridor.

rolls a 17, Crystal of power (+1 craft in psychic combat)

he notices a large alter thingy with a glowy crystal on it. as he approaches it, he can feel a sort of psychic power emanating from it. he looks around and thinks "can't believe this is still here, must be booby trapped or something....but I bet I can get it" he does a bunch of impressive back flips and somersaults and ends up landing in arms length of the crystal, then he jumps over it with a flip, grabbing it from the alter as he passes over it, does some more cool flips, and lands elegantly on the opposite end of the room. He turns around to notice that a bunch of arrows and axes are sticking in to the walls and floor, but realizes, he didn't hear anything, so they must have already been there. He examines the room and notices there are holes in the walls for shooting arrows and stuff, and than upon closer inspection of the weapons, notices shattered remains of bodies, now far decrepit and dust like. "I guess they ran out of ammo, lucky me!!" he sticks the Crystal in the hood which is now tied on to his belt and moves on.

[rolls a 2 for move, uses 1 fate, rolls 6 for move, moves to Corn Fields, rolls 7 for encounter]

Jimmy realizes that he has gone WAY past the village and turns around to go back the way he came. The journey is uneventful. He recognizes most of what he passes on the way, and end up back in the corn field where he first encountered Debbie. "Well, at least were closer to the village," Jimmy said out loud to no one in particular.

Suddenly, tons of dark clouds closed in on the area and started precipitating. At first it was light rain, then sleet a few minutes later, and then it was a full blown blizzard of Biblical proportions. Jimmy headed off towards the village for shelter.

[Blizzard - (event) all players in outside spaces move 1 space, lasts 2 turns. 2 turns remaining]

Rollz a six for movement, goes to sewers

Huang is now "TOTALLY CONFIDENT!!!!" that he can beat up all da baddies, so he runs full tilt deeper in the cave. he jumps over cliffs and stuff here and there, dodges some stuff, and gets fairly far before he starts to feel kinda tired, so he then finally takes a break. He notices a "HORRIBLE!!!!" smell, and looks around to notice he is a sewer.

rolls a 2 for encounter, Lost Maiden + 2 craft

he notices a figure clothed in white, approaching him, and gets ready for a fight. the white figure, than calls out to him "hey! I'm lost! can you help me?". Huang realizes it's probably not a ghost or a threat, and runs up to her and says "actually, I'm not quite sure how I just got here, I've just been running, trying to get deeper into the cave." She sighs in frustration and says "the first person I see in several days and your lost too. Poop! Well, can I at least come with you? It would make me feel safer if I did." Huang smiles and says "very well. I will let you come with me, and even protect you, free of charge of course, but I need to defeat something I can become famous for, that was my whole reason for coming here." The maiden says "well, I don't know, I guess that's fine, I just think I'd follow you even if you were trying to jump into an active volcano or pit of lava. I just hate being lost by myself, ya know?" Huang looks somewhat insulted and confused that she would say such a thing in relation to his quest and just says "um...sure. anyway, lets keep moving"

[Blizzard still in effect. Moves to Village. Uses ability to trade Quarterstaff for Armor. Buys sword and mule for 5 gold]

Fortunately, Jimmy didn't make a wrong turn and completely miss the village this time. Jimmy and his loyal follower, Debbie, trudge through the deep snow into the village of Tristram and enter the tavern. While there, someone recognizes him as the famous musician he once was.

"Hey! You're Jimmy the Band!" says the stranger.

"Why, yes I am!"

After some conversation, the stranger is happy to exchange a full suit of armor for a Genuine Quarterstaff autographed by Jimmy the Band and in like-used condition. The armor will be more useful than a stick, Jimmy thinks to himself. After a bit, he visits some of the shops in the market and buys himself a mule and a sword.

***right around here, it kind of tapered off. My brother's really bad about checking his email, really.***

Huang-di rolls a 1, moves to underground lake. rolls 15, encounters yellow slime

Traveling further into the dungeon, Huang-di and his new follower enter a large cavern that contains a vast underground lake. Before they know it, they are attacked by some kind of yellow slime thing that drips from the ceiling!

Battle: yellow slime - str base 5 + roll 3. Huang-di - str base 4 + (ability) 4 + roll 3. Huang-di wins and immediately trades in for a strength boost.

Huang-di bests the slime puddle in mortal combat (somehow) and feels himself getting STRONGER!

[blizzard still in effect, moves to cabbage fields, rolls 11]

Meanwhile, Jimmy the Band sets out towards the dungeon, into the raging blizzard. In a cabbage field just outside of town, he is accosted by a farmer who is standing idly in the snow.

"I lost my pitchfork! Get me my pitchfork!" he says.


"You look like an adventuring type! I thought you adventuring types loved to go fetch things for townsfolk!?"

"Well, maybe, but..."

"It's just over there! Just go get it for me!" he interrupts, pointing to a spot of snow about 50 yards away.

Jimmy obligingly marches through the snow and grabs the handle of the pitchfork, which is sticking vertically out of the snow. Upon returning it to the farmer, he says "Thanks! Here's a bag of gold!"

[gets a bag of gold]

rolls a 5, moves to crypt. rolls a 4, rolls another 4, encounters 2 gelatinous cubes

Huang-di continues his fast pace through the dungeon, jumping over things and ducking through corridors and hallways, the Found Maiden running along behind and screaming at him to slow down the whole time. After a little while, he stops and looks around him. The maiden catches up with him, gasping for breath, and then does not scream obscenities at Huang-di, only because she screams out of fear at all the bones and coffins surrounding her.

Attracted by Huang-di and the maiden's presence, a pair of gelatinous cubes jiggles and wiggles into the room from a connecting hall. Huang-di braces himself for combat and then rushes at the both of them with his fists raging with energy.

combat: Huang-di: 5 + 4(ability) + rolls 6, 2 cubes: 8 + 3. Huang-di wins and immediately trades in for strength.

Huang-di punches one gelatinous cube right in the jiggly wobbly cubic bit with his super-powered fist and it explodes into gooey fragments. He then spins and headbutts the other cube with a special energy-headbutt-technique that results in what will hereafter be referred to as the "gelatinous cube headbutting incident" and will not be mentioned again.

[blizzard is over. rolls a 5, moves to woods. rolls a 9, encounters witch]

As suddenly as it started, the blizzard abates, and Jimmy heads off towards the dungeon. Somewhere in the woods along the way, he encounters a house made of what appears to be gingerbread. Curious, he opens the door and creeps inside. There is a table with some scrolls on it and a bookshelf full of books, and a vast oven taking up one of the walls. Looking over the books, he sees books like, "Black Alyss' witching cookbook", "The Joye of Snacks", an almanac, and numerous books on horticulture. 'I heard about this place from some people at the village,' Jimmy thinks to himself. 'They say a witch lives out here in a gingerbread house; has a bit of a sweet tooth. Not a single tooth left in her mouth, actually. Casts spells on people and such. What's this?' Jimmy reaches into the wastebasket and pulls out a scroll. "She probably won't miss this one, right Debbie?"

[rolls 6, gain 1 spell. rolls 5, summon Ifrit spell]

rolls 4, moves to cavern. rolls 16, finds gauntlets of might

Moving on, Huang-di runs and jumps down halls, though rooms, and past many doors. He eventually stops and sees a dead adventurer with some freakin' sweet gauntlets. He takes them and tries them on for size. To his surprise, they are magical gauntlets of might and they make his attacks even more potent!


Through an archway in the wall, he can see an underground lava flow. A sign hangs on the arch, reading "Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Thou art screwed. Srssly"

"Looks like we're almost there!" says Huang-di

rolls 3, moves to corridor. rolls 10, encounters snake pit. rolls 1

Jimmy and Debbie finally reach the enterance to the Dreaded Dungeon, and they enter. Not far in, Jimmy comes to the edge of a wide pit full of snakes! With a running start, he manages to clear the pit without falling in, while debbie jumps and lands right beside him. "How long have those snakes been there? Are there really enough people going into this place every day that these snakes can survive?" he asks out loud to no one in particular.

Huang-di rolls 3, moves to treasure chamber.

To be continued...
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Abdul Rahman Ibrahim
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Agreed on the awesomeness. I can't wait to see what happens
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