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Subject: California Campaign, Feb 19 & 22 Turn Results rss

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Philip Vogt
United States
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Sorry for the delay in posting these turn results as it was a bit of a chaotic turn as the 8th Army made an end around move which we made several mistakes on. We had to re-do the whole allied move or my reaction phase 4 times, three that night, and the fourth at the start of our last session. I finally have some meaningful photos.

Axis wins initiative, weather is flight.

Axis Turn:
Not aware of the possible end-around of the 8th Army (a strategic blunder of epic proportions on my part, and I hope future players prevent it) I chose to press on two attacks, the first an overrun of the single 11th Brigade of the 78th British INF garrisoning the hedgehog hex 36.25 in the north, and once more on the gap hex 61.08 in the center. I presumed I had a few more turns to attack before the 8th Army would break through the Mareth line. It was not to be.

I didn’t write down all the details but I led off the overrun attack with two hip-strikes, the first by an ME110 with 5 factors that JaggedTech did not intercept, and had no effect. I realized then that only the Ju87s have any chance of doing any effect by themselves so I risked one when the allies still had a 3 factor fighter out. This fighter did intercept my follow-on Ju87 raid and managed to survive damaging the allied plan to boot! The overrun crushed the poor DG brits.

I swung 4 independent units from the Kasserine area to the port north of the Mareth line and into the Mareth line. This turned out to be very important.

In the center I fuel up the 90LE plus the independents and attacked hex 61.08. I DG his stack with an artillery strike. He counter-DGs one of my attacking stacks, but I still get a 4-1 +1 and roll a 10 on the table, successfully capturing the gap hex.

Photo above shows unit positions in the north at the end of Axis 19 Feb turn.

Photo shows the center.

Photo shows the Kasserine area.

Photo shows the Mareth line defenders.

Allied Turn:
I forgot to write almost anything down for JaggedTech’s movement and combat due to my shock at the end-around. During the movement phase he zipped an allied truck from near Tebessa all the way to the south running along roads I did not defend and into the valleys south of the Mareth line I also did not defend. This allows him to immediately set up an extender (which we hadn’t played with yet and made most of the mistakes on). Suffice it to say the rest is all a blur, and I will just post photos of the end of the turn.

Photo above shows unit positions in the north at the end of the Allied 19 Feb turn.

Photo shows the center.

Photo shows the Kasserine area.

Photo shows the Mareth line after my reaction phase.

Photo shows the units about to break out to the south (the extra truck point is in the big stack).

22 Feb Turn: Mud! Glorious Mareth-line butt-saving mud! JaggedTech gives me his best evil-eye look (yep, it was my turn to roll and I got a 6-4) as we both ship in SP and I survive one extra turn.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO FUTURE AXIS PLAYERS: The Allied player gets 4 truck points early in March (regardless of the truck mad dash maneuver JaggedTech would have been able to make an extender soon anyway), so the only way you can force him to fight you is to garrison the rough valley hexes near the map edge south of the Mareth Line. This was not historically done, and will reduce the number of troops available to you to go briefly on the offensive. It also will require an HQ, if not the DAK to throw them supply down near the map edge. Upon careful consideration, I think the Axis player should attack as little as possible. I fought offensively for at least 2 turns more than I should have (I should not have pushed into the Kasserine valley in retrospect, it cost me 6 SP), and I am going to need as much SP as I can get in the end game.
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