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The following Vid-log was recently retrieved from Battle Brother Horace of the Crimson Fists

We landed at the crash site on schedule; the wreck of the sleigh lay near the center of the field, and the stormtroopers had already secured the crash site. The pilot, Saanta or whatever his name was, was lying alive but unconscious near the sleigh. That was good; the wave of bugs advancing towards us was not. It was a mixed horde, gaunts and 'stealers were getting dangerously close. Stormtrooper squad Dorok burnt two gaunts with his flamer, but most of their lasrounds bounced off their targets. My brothers and I managed to blast the shell off of a 'stealer, but it kept coming. The other half of our squad was not yet in effective range.

One of the 'stealers charged squad Dorok, but they crisped him quickly. They took a loss though, as those blasted xenos opened fire on them. Some more of the critters appeared on the horizon; the big ones, Warriors. A shot of bio-plasma landed wide, but they were advancing steadily. Then that Saanta guy woke up. Didn't know he was a psyker; he crushed a Warrior's gun with a small gesture. It was great for morale; we flamed some more gaunts that were getting too close to the artefacts (they flew from the sleigh as it crashed), and so did the boys in squad Dorok. The stormies in squad Tolmek managed to down a 'stealer, and the other battle brothers continued to move upfield to support us.

Then things started to go downhill. First, we lost Battle Brother Nicholas to a bio-plasma shot. Then squad Dorok was charged by by a group of 'stealers and hormagaunts. They cut down 2 of the gaunts with return fire, but a genestealer grabbed hold of one of the guys and shoved something through his helmet. Another 'stealer wrecked one of the artefacts.

We managed to blast some holes in a 'stealer, but he didn't go down. Our fellow battle brothers rushed towards one of the artefacts. Saanta was not doing well in his fight against the hormagaunts, and teleported towards another artefact.

I thought it couldn't get any worse, but it did. There was a terrible screeching noise, and a 'stealer burst out of one of the Doroks. Then one of the Tolmeks fell to gaunt fire, and the 'stealers slew the Dorok flamer. Then another genestealer burst from one of our guys; bloody xenos! Our shooting was completely ineffective against the surrounding horde, but Saanta crushed another Warrior's gun (the bio-plasma monster).

Gaunt's returned fire on Saanta, and I saw him fall to his knees. He was still in the fight though, and began to fight a Warrior in hand to hand. The mass of Genestealers that had massacred the Doroks pounced on squad Tolmek, and tore them apart in a similar fashion. Some of the gaunts dug into the ground and fired something downwards; writhing thorns burst out of a patch of ground and began to wave about wildly. With grim determination, we returned fire: we reduced a Warrior to a lump of ash with a well placed melta missile, blasted holes in a 'stealer, and Saanta sliced off a Warrior's arm with his power sword.

Gaunts began to fire at us, but they missed completely; blind they were I reckon. Others however destroyed the last artefact, and the Warrior gave Saanta a nasty flesh wound. Some of our battle brothers fell to a genestealer, but we managed to put some bolt rounds into it. Santa was still fighting the warrior, but it seemed a bit odd now; it looked like he was just prancin' around with his power sword, and the Warrior didn't seem to interested in trying to hit Saanta either.

Then it happened: we were already in full retreat when a rain of plasma came down from the skies. Our backup had arrived! Saanta's air support had arrived! But the plasma scattered wildly. Not a single bug was harmed, but our squad was blown apart by a 'stray' fragment. Saanta was unharmed...if anyone sees this...you must know..........North Pole...........genestealer cult.....
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