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Subject: MERCS Beta write-up rss

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Brian Shotton
United States
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This isn't the first write-up, but it was the first I felt I could bring over from our super secret beta forums hidden under the white house without censoring too much.

It has a couple of things going for it. One, it has no glaring errors in play, or omissions that really swayed the battle. Two, it is concise but still tells a story.

Just got done with our KemVar vs. USCR battle.
It was a hard fought battle, but in the end, the KV lost to the USCR by a narrow margin.

Instead of doing a play by play of the battle, we decided to list down a few items of note.

The KV group consisted of:
KV Leader
KV Assassin
KV Sniper
KV Demo
KV Heavy Assault

USCR rolled out with:

The KV Sniper tagged the USCR Monkeywrench early on. I figured that without the ability to close in and get free armor fixes, the USCR would be at a slight disadvantage. Their armor repair rolls seem to be a bit higher than the other factions, so I was praying on them failing their repair rolls. For the most part, this tactic worked well.

I sent the KV Leader and Assassin after the Behemoth, because I was worried with the ability to not have to “set” and the strong weapons he packs, he would decimate my guys. I used the KV Leader’s Worm grenades to soften him up by 1 Blood and was somehow able to manage getting the Assassin behind him. Although this worked in taking him out, it left my Leader exposed, who was Ice grenade(d) and stuck in place. This made him a ripe target and he fell in battle.

The Assassin was unable to get much further and ended up getting “anchored” by the USCR sniper. Losing his ability to move quickly, he became a bullet magnet and was taken out.

The KV Monkeywrench, having been tagged by a Repulsor round, acted more as a standard “grunt” for the rest of the game. He and the KV Heavy Assault trooper went toe to toe (both having taken damage earlier in the game) and in a spectacular show of brutality, they opened fire on each other. The initiative rolls tied, but the Monkeywrench had the higher Reaction score. He gunned down the Heavy, only to be gunned down by the KV Leader (the bullet magnet) who was then in turn gunned down.

The USCR Medic was all over the board, helping people out and making good use of his Eagle Eye ability. I have to say, that SOB is like the Terminator. He doesn’t feel pain, he won’t quit, ever, until you are dead. His abilities make him a very tough fighter.

In the end, the USCR Sniper walked away with 1 blood point left and the USCR Medic had 2 left. The dice rolls were pretty even, with very few poor rolls, and a handful of “WTF” lucky rolls of 10. (They seem to come when needed the most)

I felt the KemVar were at a slight disadvantage. The Ice grenades are nasty as is the USCR Medic (more so than the Behemoth, IMO) The KV seemed to have to focus more on using 2 vs. 1 type tactics, which worked okay because of there speed and repulsor tags, but it also made them ripe targets for Behemoth (if he had gotten a bit further before dying) and the nigh-unstoppable USCR Medic.

I wouldn’t say that they were drastically unbalanced (this may even be attributed to my play-style) but it felt like the USCR were destined to win from the 2nd turn on. We had fun, in fact each game is getting better than the last, and did a fair amount of playful smack talking. The sound of the oven-top alarm signaled the completion of the chili that had been cooking all morning, which added to the gaming experience. (Damn, I don’t like to brag, but that was some tasty chili I made)

The USCR seem to be a tough crew, however they are very straight forward. I wouldn’t call them boring, but they seem to be pretty much a “hulk smash” type unit, without any real fancy tactics. The ice grenades and anchor gun slow down your opponent, as the other units move up and open fire on them. We didn’t get to use the Behemoth hammer, so I can’t say how good it is, but I can imagine that it will be rather brutal when it comes into play.

Next up, CCC vs. USCR. I will once again be playing the CCC, as I have played them twice before and would like to see how they fair against the USCR. I have a feeling that it will be another tough battle.

Please take my write up with a grain of salt. This was the first time we have used the USCR (at least my test group), so they brought some new things to the table. My initial assessment of them was that they are tough.

Hope you all enjoy the battle report. The game is shaping up (IMO) really nicely and I have to say that "I am hooked" after playing a few games.

I'd love to say more, but I don't want Brian hunting me down and having me made into an "example".

Written by BetaMERC-Maple courtesy of MERC-Brian
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