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Subject: MERCS Beta write-up #2 rss

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Brian Shotton
United States
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The second in a series of three pretty fun beta write-ups for MERCS. Once again, communicated from our super secret beta forums under the Mediterranean Sea.

Tonight it was the USCR facing off against the CCC. Once again, I opted to play the CCC, as I am familiar with them and wanted to see how they would fair against the Red Tide.

The USCR brought along:

The CCC family included:
Heavy Assault

I opted not to use the medic, because I felt the added punch of the Demo Trooper, with his grenades, would be needed.

Our board set up consisted of a few open areas, but mainly an indoor setup with tight terrain and a few elevation changes.

The CCC spread out first. I could see that the USCR were going to stick close together (they kept a small spread. I assumed this was to mitigate grenade losses). I realized right away that I needed to separate them, because with a Monkeywrench and a Medic close by, they would be hard to stop.

The CCC Sniper got a lucky shot early on, tagging to Behemoth for a point of damage, also making his armor fail. Unfortunately, the Medic was close by, healing his damage.

The CCC Leader and Demo trooper made ample use of cover while attempting to flank the USCR mob. The CCC Leader somehow got in the sights of the USCR Sniper, but the shot ended up failing.
The CCC Leader and the Demo Troop were able to rolled a corner and Demo troop tossed a grenade right into the area the USCR Medic and Behemoth were standing in. BOOM, both got caught in the blast, whcih was followed up by a pair of well placed shots from the CCC Leader. The dice were in the favor of the CCC and the Medic took two shots from the CCC Leader. This knocked the ungodly strong Medic out of the game, leaving the Behemoth immobile and wounded.
Due to positioning, the Behemoth did not have LOS to the CCC Leader or the Demo troop. With his armor damaged, his ability to move was impeded.

Meanwhile, the Incinerator was moving up the board, hoping to get into position to light a few USCR folks on fire. The USCR Monkeywrench and Leader were pushing forward, looking to score a kill. The USCR Sniper moved to get line of sight on the CCC Heavy, who was setting himself up, so he could open up on the next target to present itself.

The USCR Sniper used his gun to tag the CCC Heavy. The shot hit, but did no damage to the Heavy. Unfortunately (a reoccurring theme in the game), the Heavy failed his armor check, immobilizing him and reducing his armors ability to protect him. (This was an important turning point in the game)

The Heavy got line of sight on the Monkeywrench in the next round, some how hitting him with a well placed shot. The Monkeywrench was reeling from the damage, but the USCR Leader rolled around the corner and shot the Heavy back… twice. The Heavy was now hurting really bad and the Sniper, who was there to protect the Heavy’s back, still was in the process of reloading. The Incinerator finally found a target and took aim, hoping for a good initiative score in the next turn.

The Monkeywrench shot and killed the CCC Heavy and then took aim on the CCC Sniper. Again, lucky rolls put a shot into the Sniper, wounding him. The USCR Behemoth now had LOS on the Incinerator and was able to plant two shots into his back. Wounded, but not out of the fight, the Incinerator opened up on the USCR Leader and Monkeywrench. The Monkeywrench could not take the pain and died on the field of battle. The CCC Sniper put a kill shot into the Behemoth and the USCR Leader put two rounds into the Sniper, killing him. (It was a bloody round for both players)

Meanwhile, the Demo troop and the CCC Leader split up their adhoc team, each one hunting a new target. Some poor rolling on the CCC’s behalf left them open to attacks in the next round. The USCR Leader spun and fired on the Incinerator, hitting him.The Incinerator opened fire again, hitting the USCR Leader.

The USCR Sniper opened up on the Demo troop, hitting him with a well placed shot.
Meanwhile, the CCC Leader moved into position to shoot the USCR Leader on the next turn.

Again, fate was on the side of the USCR. The Leader was able to kill the Incinerator troop and put a round into the CCC Leader, further injuring him. The CCC Leader missed his shots on the USCR Leader, leaving him in a bad spot. The USCR Sniper shot the Demo troop yet again, doing further damage to him.
The Demo troop attempted to fire back, as he was not close enough to lob a grenade.

The next turn opened with the USCR killing the CCC Leader. The CCC were in a bad way, with only the Demo troop left. The Demo troop again fired on the USCR sniper, hitting him twice.
The final turn opened and ended with the USCR sniper shooting the CCC Demo troop, killing him.

The game was over, the USCR had won by the narrowest of margins.

As the CCC were behind enemy lines, in a place they shouldn't have been in the first place, no letters were sent home about their heroic actions. All their mother's received was a non-descript letter detailing a "training accident". Luckily the CCC medic was safe, as he had sat on the transport chopper while his squad mates were being torn apart by the USCR. He has vowed to recruit new blood to reform his now decimated squad.

3rd to come.
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