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Subject: MERCS Beta write-up #3 rss

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Brian Shotton
United States
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Third of three in the Maple intro series. Communicated through 14 messenger pigeons from our super secret beta forums from the MARE IMBRIUM crater on the moon.

KemVar vs. CCC

Heavy Assault

Heavy Assault

I was torn when choosing my KV squad. The Demo trooper has worm grenades, which almost seem essential when facing the heavily armored CCC, but they also would benefit if they had the Monkeywrench on had to help repair their finicky armor. In the end, I chose the Demo troop, hoping to hell I would pass my armor checks when required.

The CCC opted to have the medic on the field, as they worried that my Worm grenades would do some damage and they wanted to be able to heal themselves when needed.

The game started off with a lot of jockeying for position. Both teams used the Bound ability to help speed up the first 2 turns of movement. I moved the KV Assassin out and down the edge of the board. The CCC moved their Heavy to counter the threat of the Assassin. They assumed that the awesome firepower (and suppression ability) of the Heavy would tie up the Assassin. Little did they know, I had counted on them doing as much. The area the Assassin went tromping into had some elevation changes, which the Heavy would not be able to negotiate as well as the Assassin. With a fair amount of tight cover and the superior movement of the Assassin, it was only a matter of time before he got behind the Heavy. Once he did, he struck lightning fast and took out the Heavy in 2 turns. Damn, the Assassin is tough when the field of battle is in his favor… I guess the same could be said about the Heavy Assault Troop, but the field was definitely not in his favor today.
The Assassin left the scene of his assault, scratch free. And the hunt for victim number 2 was on its way.

Meanwhile, the KV Sniper got the CCC Medic in his LOS and hit him with a Repulsor tag. Sure, it didn’t do any physical damage, but it made him useless to his team. Unable to get into close enough range to heal his mates, he went from being useful to being just another rifleman. He did have his uses though, doing some damage to both the KV Leader and Demo Troop before getting killed. Luckily, I some how managed to pass both armor checks, so my KV boys remained in action.

The KV Demo focused his attention on the Incinerator. With heavy armor and the ability to take more damage than the standard troop, he needed some special attention. I lobbed a pair of worm grenades on him before he was able to hit me with his flame thrower. The Incinerator won that battle, killing the KV Demo troop, but his fate was sealed by a pair of well placed shots from the KV Heavy Assaulter. Meanwhile, the KV Assassin went hunting for the CCC Sniper. The Sniper tagged him with a round, but I was able to pass my armor check and keep moving. The Sniper again hit me with a pistol shot (and with the use of “crackshot”) but yet again, a passed armor check led to the Assassin charging. He ripped into the Sniper, but fell in the next turn when the Sniper used “Snap to cover” to make a short leap and fired his pistol. So ended the life of the Assassin.

The KV Sniper had rolled out during the exchanges that were going on across the board and took aim on the CCC Sniper. In true co-sniping fashion, he was able to end the life of the CCC Sniper, right after he had killed the KV Assassin. While moving about, he did attract the attention of the CCC Leader, who ended up killing him. The Sniper was able to get one pistol shot off before dying, but did no damage and the CCC Leader was able to pass his armor check.

While this was going on, the KV Heavy Assault trooper had moved around a bit and was “setting” in order to open fire. The CCC Leader shot him once, causing damage to him and causing him to fail his armor check. As the KV HA had LOS already, he open fired, using his special template ability. He managed to hit the CCC Leader, causing damage, but not hurting the armor. Luckily, this exchange had bought me some time and the KV Leader rounded the corner, gun blazing. He managed another hit on the CCC Leader and wounded him further.

What was to be the last turn started with the KV HA some home getting initiative, followed by the KV Leader and the CCC Leader activating at the same time. The KV HA opened fire but failed to hit the CCC Leader. In a weird movie like ending, the CCC Leader and the KV Leader both fired at the same time. The CCC Leader still had the Heavy in his LOS, and blazed him with a pair of shots. The first missed, but the second took his life.

Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to see the Heavy Assaulter hit the ground, because the KV Leader shot him at the same exact time. I was some excited about how the game ended I went and had a smoke on behalf of the KV Leader. Now I know why he is in charge of the crew.

I will say that the KV are a unique faction to play. The CCC seem to be an all around "good" squad. They have some neat abilities and play well with one another. The USCR are a heavy hitting group of fellahs with some nasty weapons. The KemVar on the other hand are like playing a piano. When played correctly, they are beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed the read.
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