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Miquel Izquierdo Cazorla
08030 Barcelona
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French depots can be replaced if D = 6. Deploy in France

Corps and divisions alone in one hex always are in supply, except in hill or forest.

OPTIONAL DRM in combat:
+1 or -1 French Guards and British Guards (units FG, G and KGL)

+1 or -1 Light units attacking or defending in or against woods and hills. Light units are French YG, AM, and british AL and BO.

LEADER CASUALTY: If his stack is eliminated, leader is killed if 1 D= 3-6. If survives, deploy with the nearest friendly unit..

RETREAT BEFORE COMBAT: stacks with half or more sstacking points of light/ cavalry units can retreat before combat if they are more numerous than enemy stacking points of cavalry/light units. Nobody adevances.

CAVALRY RESTRICTIONS. Not attack fortress town. Attacking fortified hex or defending in fortress town= half Combat factor.

CONCENTRATION: before combat, every unit not adjacent to the enemy can move half MF if 1D + leadre factor = 6. Unit must move adjacent to enemy units or stacking with friendly units.

FORTRESS: defender units in fortress combat factor x 2. leadres only hace half leader factor in combat.

SIEGES: TOWN or FORTRESS can be besieged if all surroundig hex are occupied by enemy units. Units attacking from bessieged= half combat factor. Units under siege surrender if after the second combat phase 1 D equal or less than number of hex occupied by ennemy units .
Port only surrenders if 1 D= 1.
DRM -2 against british units and weather clear or dead calm
-2 against french units and weather is rough or storm
-3 or +3 if Royal Navy Marker in the Sea zone

INTERIOR PORTS: is not possible naval movement, landig or supply through coastal hex occupied by enemy units, or in coastal hex adjacent to fortress o fortified hex with enemy units.
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Nameless Necromancer
United States
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Do what yhou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." - Aleister Crowley
"I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine." - John Galt
Some nice additions

The supply situation certainly needs to be addressed as the game will last at least 12 turns and the game only allows eight Depots. I assume since you can willfully move out of supply you should have the option to attack (at half strength) and not burn a depot. it is a 'House Rule' for me at least.
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