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Subject: Exteemly Lucky set of 3 Adventures with the Doctor. rss

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Steve Fraser
United States
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Time again for another game of Doctor Who.

Using the November rules with the Friends, Scaling, and Companion personalities expansions.

Lets see, what should the doctor be this time? I think a will try a brave, strong doctor instead of the usual smart strong doctor. So

Qualities Brains 10, Brawn 6 Brave 10

To go with Brave doctor have the following traits
Charisma, Demolitions, Domination, Marksman, Medicine, Pilot, Running, Tracking. Not the best Traits, but he is brave not smart.

With the friends rules look at the controls and find I am in (r2-a403) Earth - 1869 Cardif.

Looking around I find a (r2-e182) TARDIS key ( +1 Charisma for joining rolls. +1 Bravery for


=e118 us first Character.
=+1 DM
=Machines (Enemies or Friends) -1 all Qualities.

Turn 1 Explore r9+1=May Investigate of move next tuns or move to gain location event.
Encounter (r7-2=Event1, r5=e223) Chase. The Doctor has running, so we outrun the enemy.
Turn 2 - choose to have Location Event. r6-e259- Church and there I discover an old (r4-e253)

Secret Passage here. ( +1 luck) +2 investigate next turn or roll for location event.
Encounterr7-4: Character-auto e118 ) Caroline Fairfax (friend (ye07) is independent +2

explore when not with Doctor) in the secret passage. She decides to join the doctor as a

companion (r8 +1charisma +1key) Caroline showes the Doctor ( Plot roll brains r5->e132) an

Ancient Relic that reviles (r3 science, r11+1 history vs 9) the history of the enemy (DM+1)

Then (r3-e135-Possessed) The Doctor and Caroline feel will trying to possess them. The Doctor

begins calculating the Time-Space coordinantes of Altar 7 while counting backward by primes

from the millionth prime 15,485,863 and tap dancing and easly drives the possesor out (r3 vs

10+1 Domination). Concentrating Caroline composes a song in rhyme incorporating the names of

the Eyptian Pharaohs in order and also succeeds in resiting posession (r5 vs 7+1key )

Caroline Brains: 6, Brawn 4, Bravery 7 (Charisma, History, Marksman, Running).

DM +2
Luck 5
Turn 3
Doctor will investigate the secret passage further (r6+2=Plot=r4= e132 ) and Discover another

Ancient Relic- (science r8, History r6) but the Doctor can't quite recall the science behind

the relic. (r4-e034) Wait, now I get it -- its an Alian Transmitter. Quickly the Doctor trys to

demolish it (r4+1 vs 9)- but is interupted (r3 for failure=V507->+2 DM) by sighting a Werewolf

(r1) Host. He doesn't seem a threat, so with bravery winning out over Brains the Doctor talks

to the Host. (r6) The Host gloats about the (r4=e245) Empire of the Wolf ( Sometimes

foolhartyness works) (Goal 3, -1 DM makes DM+3 - can oppose) (-1 point per ally or companion

with lupine virus if you lose)
Caroline will explore. r8+2=10 -> investigate or move to location next turn.

Doctor r9 -> Automatically Enemy Event. (r2-1) and encounter the Host. Hoping to gather my

forces before the battle, once again will Talk (r4) and (r5 vs Brains) and get +1 DM.

Caroline r4 no event

DM +4
Luck 5

Last turn while mistakenly doing e124 noticed it said DM-1 if enemy is v506. This must mean

v507 werewolf. Also I though the text ment it will be night until an event mentions it is

daylight but this is not clear.

Turn 4
Doctor moves to Caroline (r3 vs 8+1) success
Caroline will move to location (r2=e091) the Underground, and may move anywhere next turn (r2)

Encounter r3-- no encounter
Turn 5
Doctor and Caroline decide seek out Lord Fairfax using the underground.
Brains 6, Brawn 5, Bravery 6 (Bureaucrat, Charisma, History, Thief)

Encounter (r6 Enemy) But the Werewolf (r3 normal encounter) has followed us. Will try to trap

him. (r9 vs Brains -2 fails) The Werewolf sees our trap, Evade: Lord Fairfax r4, fails,

Caroline r 7+1=8 fails, Doctor r12 +1 success but stays. Hide Lord Fairfax r8+1, success.

Caroline r6 fail, doctor r4 fail. so we Fight

Round 1
Caroline and the Doctor will aim for the eye while Lord Fairfax will face the beast.
Doctor Brawn 5+2=7 vs WereWolf Brawn 9.
Doctor r2 burn luck r3 = 10
WereWolf r5 burn luck r5 = 14.
FairFax Light Wound, Bravery for infection r6 vs 6+1 Domination success.
Marksman Caroline r4+1=5 misses
The Doctor r6+1 = Wolf light wound. ( Did not give evade because is not a strike. Would have

missed when I rolled for it.)

Round 2.
Doctor will fight the beast with support of Caroline and Fairfax. Caroline will use aim for the

eye again.
Doctor Brawn 6+2=8, WereWolf Brawn 9-2=7
Doctor r1 burn luck r4.
Werewolf r4
WereWolf stunned, but r3 evades.
Caroline r4+1=5 miss

Round 3
Doctor fights, Caroline use aim for eye.
Doctor brawn 6+1=8, Werewolf Brawn 9-2=7
Doctor r2
Werewolf r2
Werewolf stunned. r3 evades
Caroline r6+1 wound Werewolf. ( again would have evaded if this were the rule)

Round 4
Doctor fights, Caroline uses aim for the eye
Doctor Brawn 8, Werewolf Brawn 9-4=5
Doctor r1
Werewolf r4
Caroline r4+1 misses.

Round 5
Doctor r5
WereWolf r3 dead, but evades r1
Caroling r2+1 misses

Round 6
Doctor r4
Werewolf r2, dead, but evades.
Caroline r1 misses

Round 7
Doctor r6
Werewolf r5 dead finally does not evade r4.

That was brutal. Lucky to win and would not have if I got the marksman rule wrong. Would have

burned luck to evade in that case. Thinking about it now evading would have been the better

thing to do.

Aftermath Down to 2 Luck, and get one more for a total of 3 luck.


Adventure 2:

Vortex r7

Set control for someplace holiday r10 and get it. r2=a422. Askanka – 2963

+1 DM on enemy except ice warriers.

Turn 1
Both relax separately.

Doctor (r10) -- Entertainment +1 Luck
Caroline (r10) -- Entertainment +1Luck

Doctor (r2)
Caroline (r8-2 = Event - r1 on entertainment --> r1 on Evente151) finds a Brutal Death (r2-no

enemy) (r9 medicine success) at the entertainment. Looking at the body she finds a clue +1 DM.

(r1=no e288)

Luck now 5
DM +2
Turn 2
Doctor Relax r8 - More entertainment +1Luck.
Caroline Relax (r4-no further relax ) is dull thinks Caroline.

Doctor (r8-5 Character r5=e087) Meets Cathica and she joins as an ally
Caroline (r12-1 enemy.v533 +1 DM -- r2=e140) The Aquarius is doing something rotten: Sabatage.

Caroline puts a stop to that fixing the machines ( r10 vs 9 +1 DM, +2 Charisma in Character


Cathica Brains: 4 Brawn: 4 Bravery: 5. (Aware, Bureaucrat, Computers, Thief).

DM +4
Luck 5

Turn 3
Doctor (Seek information with Charisma r7+1=8, Location event. e070 The Doctor finds a museum

with strange art in it, but look its not art those are Alien artifacts. He recognizes a (r11

e36) Stasis Pod. Being the curious sort it must be aquired (r7+1=8 vs 10 fail) and instead

(r5=e096) the doctor spots a Security system too late to shut it off, then (r4) electricity

jumps out of the walls and stuns Cathica.
Caroline Move to doctor. r6 success.

Encounter (r10-1. e70.) The Doctor enters another room in the museum. But this room has nothing

of value in it.
Turn 4:
Everyone will hunt around the museum a little bit. There must be something useful (r2-198,)

There it is a big blue crystal. We will try to borrow this, but after getting it half unbolted

4 soldiers come along. They have heard of Caroline preventing the sabatoge and so wish to talk

(r6 -2 being caught borrowing, +2 sabatog, +2 Charismas = 8) and go about their business

without further adu.

Encounter r2
Turn 5 (Seek information with Charisma +2 = plot event = goal event ) The Aquarius corp is

hunting a fugitive (Goal 3, can oppose +1 DM for Aware and Tracking)

Encounter r9, enemy automatic, r4+4=8 --> 2 Enforcers want to help us along, but the Doctor

talks them out of any trouble +1 DM

DM + 5


Turn 6: Plan Charisma r11+2 and success Charisma now +3

Encounter. r6. (r4+3+2=9) There are 4 goons and a Sectoin leader coming this way. Succeed in

talking them out of bothering us. (r4) DM +1

DM +6
Turn 7lan Charisma again. ( Can I plan the same thing twice -- I think so ) r6+3=9 ->

success, Charisma not +4

Encounter r10->Auto Enemy - r3+4+2=9; 4 goons and a Section leader. Will hide Doctor r9

success, Caroline r5 fail, Cathica r6+1 fail. Doctor stays. Will evade Doctor r4+1 fail,

Caroline r8+1 success, Cathica r5 fail. Will Talk r11 and fail. Surrender r5-2-success. E059

r1->e060 Marked for Execution.
Turn 8:
Caroline attempt to rescue: r6 fail.
Doctor r11 (lucky) and escape. Cathice escapes with the Doctor r2.

Encounter (for Carloine ) r10-Enemy. r6+4+2=12 3 enforcers, and a section leader, and a

business partner. Will hide r11 success.

Turn 9: plan Charisma r8+4=12 Success.
Encoutner r6-> enemy: r3+4+4=11, 5 Enforcers, and a business partner. r4 vs 10-8+5=7, Aquarius

is defeated.


Luck +2 now 7.

Adventure 3
Caroline Brains: 6, Brawn 4, Bravery 7 (Charisma, History, Marksman, Running). Independant +2

explore when not with Doctor.
+1 Bravery for
+1 Charisma rolls for Doctor recruiting Companions.

vortex r6

Try for an exotic place r8 fail, then go to 4-5->A427 Sanctuary – 2765.

When you roll for a Character event from the Event Matrix, roll 1D6 here instead: 1-3:

Character event; 4-5: Location event; 6: Enemy event. You may not Research here as an Action.
Turn 1
Caroline Expore (r10+2 independant.) Caroline discovers something vital (e082 r4-discover

captives +1 DM)
Doctor Explore (r7+1 Character Event e029)Meets Joe the Hermit. Will Talk (r6) and convice Joe

to join as an ally. +1 DM, (Plot r5 e176 Temporal) Joe showes the doctor a Conduit (r4 Brains

+1DM) that the doctor sees is for an invasion, then Joe somehow connects with the enemy and

provides information on their plans (+2 DM for Aware 2) ( Joe is frozen when first defeat

action is taken -- what does this mean I wonder?)

Joe Brains 9, Brawn 2, Bravery 8 (Aware 2, History, Medicine).

DM +5 ( thats prety good for turn 1 actions!)

Caroline (r8-2 Event 1, r5-e095) Hostile Creature. Brain 1, brawn 8, Brave 6.
turn 1 Caroline r4+4=8, Creature r5+8=13 dif 5 luck to reroll r5, Wound Caroline
Caroline evade r10 sucess.

Doctor and Joe (r11-4 Character Use special temple roll 4 become location event, r1-e066)

discover an ( r5 not 1 for e064) inhabited Temple. The doctor asks politely and is let inside


DM +5
How about that DM+5 on turn 1, come on Daleks show up if you dare!
Turn 2
Caroline moves to doctor r8-success.
Doctor. Investigate (r8+2=10 =Plot r2->e132) and discover an Ancient Relic (fail science r5,

pass History r11 for +1 DM) which reveals somethin about the enemy but no more (r1)

If captured by enemy the take the relic an you take d3 DM penalty.

all (r9-2 Event 1: r5 e095) The Doctor discovers a nasty creature 1-4-6 that attacks.

Round 1,Doctor r4 + 6 = 10 vs r5 +4 =9 Creature stunned.
Round 2 doctor r3+6=9, vs r6+4-1=9 No effect
Round 3 doctor r3+6=9, vs r6+4-1=9 no effect
Round 4 Doctor r4+6=10 vs r2+4-1=5 Creature serious wound
Round 5 Doctor r1+6=7 vs r5+4-5=4 Creature Killed.

DM +6


Turn 3
Doctor and Joe attempt to heal Caroline. r10+2=12 succes. Caroline healed

Encounter r10-4 ( Character - temple r6 Enemy event r5=v536) Isis the Chronovore (-2 dm r5 ) in

bestial form.
Doctor r7 vs 10+1domination + 1 running +2 timelord success.
Caroline r6 vs 7+1 running +1 key. success.
Joe r7 vs 8 success

DM +4

Turn 4
All attempt Seek information Charisma r8+1-> plot event -> goal event e204 Escape Prison

(temporal Goal 4 can oppose)
Encounter (r10->enemy event r2+ 1 previous encounter, +2 can oppose = 5. )The beastial form has

found the Doctor again.
Doctor Auto success. vs 10+1domination + 1 running +2 timelord =14.
Caroline r4 vs 7+1 running +1 key. success.
Joe r4 vs 8 success

Turn 5
Humm what to do, seems like there is nothing that can be done to give better chance of

defeating Isis. How about research medicine +3. r7+3=10 DM +1

Encounter r8, Enemy. r4+2previous +2 turn 5, +2 can oppose =10, encounter Isis in all her

MAjesty. Would like to offer her a chance to surrender, but she insists on Combat using Bravery

Doctor will fight directly bravery 10+ 2 for Carolin's Bravery of 7+1 and +2 for Joes bravery =

14 vs Isis Bavery 10+2 = 12

Round 1
Doctor r5+14=19, Isis r3+12=15 Isis wounded
Round 2
Doctor r5+14=19, isus r4+12-2=14, isis Serious wound
Round 3
Doctor r2+14-16, Isus r2+12-4 =6, second serious wound so dead.

OR if Joe freezes from turn 1.
Round 1 Isis stun
Round 2 Isis wound
Round 3 Isus wound-> serious wound
Round 4 doc r3+12=15, isis r2+12-5=7 Isis Dead


Luck +6
Luck now 13.

Spend 10 points to gain second level in Marksman and Medicine

Luck now 3.

Reflection: This session has been unusually lucky, How may times do you take Domination and get to use it on all the adventures. I was really sweating the first adventure with the WereWolf. May is that thing hard to defeat in combat, In Adventure 2 and 3 things just seemed to go perfectly. I mean how many times have you come out of round 1 with +5 DM?
Continue to have lots of fun with this game.

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simon cogan
United Kingdom
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Thanks for posting these (in a very informative and entertaining way too) and I'm glad you're enjoying the game.

Yes - a real bit of luck there too.

Keep us posted on amy more games.How did the use of Fairfax feel? I'm always keen to promote good storytelling.

How did the werewolf, aquarius and Isis feel like as Enemies?

I'll address your questions after having a quick look at my books
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simon cogan
United Kingdom
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Okay - your answers to a few points:

1:e124 - good catch yes it should be v507. The timing issue is already fixed - 'night' lasts 1D6+2 turns.

2:Against the werewolf, I would still regard any attack (aim for eye whatever) as a 'strike'

3:e151 - another good catch - this counts as a Plot event so you can Investigate after it, but not Relax (as Caroline did)

4: You can plan for the same Trait twice (Charisma). Note that there is now a cap of +3 on any Trait bonuses for Actions though..

5: e176 - an ally with 2 aware is frozen (cannot act) after you roll on the Defeat Enemies Action table.

6: As written you shouldn't be able to Research on Sanctuary, but Medicine seems to make sense so I've changed it to reflect that.

I also can't see how you got into the Underground in your first adventure - my list says Location result 2 for a403 is e028?

If you have further queries in a session, can you put them in bold so I can see them easily?

Why not become a fan of the game Steve?

Best Wishes

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