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Subject: Magetic pyramid! rss

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Raiko Puust
Harju Maakond
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Fluch der Mumie (Curse of the Mummy) is a game with asymmetrical goals. While one player as the Mummy tries to catch tomb raiders, the other players try to secure as many treasures as possible from the Pyramid.

The game is played with magnetic playing pieces on two sides of a vertical board, so the Mummy player cannot see the pieces of the tomb raiders. As the Mummy piece consists of two parts (one on each side of the board) the tomb raiders on the other hand know the movements of the Mummy.

They move their pieces via dice rolls and judging by the color of the tomb raiders treasure goal cards and their dice rolls, the Mummy player tries to deduce their position on the board, while they try to evade him.

When the Mummy moves over a tomb raider, he is "caught" by the Mummy magnet, thrown into the dungeon and loses some life points. The mummy wins when it earns a certain number of life points, while the tomb raiders have to secure a certain amount of treasures.
Ravensburger states that bluffing and memory also play a big part in this game

About The Game

I have to say, that I'm just too old to be entertained by this game so much! This game has so many cool attributes!
OK, I don't even know where to start! I guess I start with the board it self! The board is magnetic and I think that this is the most innovative moving system ever made (at least so far that I have seen)! Also you have to like the mummy design - that nose and the turtle neck - c'mon, who made that thing!
This game can be played a lot of ways! What I have figured about the game, is that if you play according to the rules that come with the game, the Mummy will always win! That changes when there are 4 players, then it seems like the treasure hunters will win, because they can move around so much and make the little mummy quite dizzy!
The goal for the mummy player is to catch those nasty hunters and eat them or whatever the mummy do to humans when they catch them. Either way, the hunter or tomb raider will be sent to his room and by his I mean the mummy! You start again from the sarcophagus room! And each time you get one tasty human, you get a prize as well - a ankh symbol, symbolizing the mummy race victory over man kind...
Well, the number of ankhs needed is different, according to the number of players! The 2 player version only needs 3 ankhs, so mummy winning that war is quite probable!

The tomb raiders have to avoid that hungry mummy and be quiet while taking those treasures. Actually it doesn't matter because, mummy always knows, when another treasure have been moved!
The number on treasures also varies a lot! The great thing about moving around in this game, is that you can always change you direction, you can choose the dice number you like or even an arrow what makes you fly around the pyramid! Bad thing is that same thing goes for mummy as well, and some how that old bastard is faster that young and strong humans, with guns probably!
The game is played by two different part. One part is being the mummy player! Then you race blind, like in Scotland Yard and you have to guess and deduct their whereabouts by the treasures they have already collected and what colors they have left, since the colors are all on certain part on the board! So you need good memory, especially with more players, since then you have somewhat more moves to remember! Great thing about mummy is, that when they have to reactivate the dice, the mummy just can cycle through the pyramid and just hope to catch those filthy humans!
While playing with treasure hunters, you always have this little tickle inside your stomach, that is the mummy coming this way or not! And you always see the mummy and you feel powerless about it, just need to hope that mummy doesn't have like 8 more moves to go! Being the tomb raider, you can always of course use some other player as bait, no problem! Mummy doesn't care who he gets, mummy just wants to hear that sweet magnet clicking and giving away his soul to the bad mummy!
How it should be played by the tomb raiders also varies, but the best thing is to compete with each other first, avoiding the mummy and after that work together that the mummy could not win! I just think that this game is way too easy for the mummy, so for a great game the number of ankhs needed, should be higher!
I think that this is one of the most original game I know and own, quite entertaining as well, so no regrets about this game what so ever! So if you saw this game in a store somewhere and were thinking: "I don't know honey, do we need another board game, we like 4 already and the kids don't even play the monopoly any more...!", then you should, because families that own only Monopoly and Scrabble and Alias, needs to be saved and this fun little light game is a start for doing that!
So no running from the mummy! And one question to end this here - what do mummies eat, that they are after humans?
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