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Subject: Second Session Report: nOOb Daddy & Daughter rss

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Dan Catlin
United States
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So we still had some time to play and no customers in the shop (grr), so we queued up another round:

Round 1 (Sow/Bake)
She - Occ. (Woodcutter) (Again!)
Me - 3 Wood (3)
She - Plow
Me - Start/Minor (Private Forest)

Basically the same as our first game, but I like this minor better.

Round 2 (Sheep)
Me - Occ. (Plow Maker)
She - 3 Wood (4)
Me - Plow (2) - 1f
She - Grain (1)

Again quite similar to our first game today.

Round 3 (MI/MI)
Me - Grain (1)
She - 3W (4)
Me - Clay (3)
She - Fish (3)

We're still on basically the same pattern as our first game.

Round 4 (Fences)
Me - Occ. (Master Brewer)
She - Reed (4)
Me - Day Laborer (2f)
She - Build Room (1) - she wants more peeps!

Harvest: No fields yet sown, She feeds easily (from fishing), and I use my brewer (delaying my sowing but no mendicant to erase a beggar this time). No animals to breed.

Round 5 (Stone)
Me - Occ. (Stablemaster) -1f
She - 3W (4)
Me - Grain
She - Build Room (1) + 2 stables (she really wants babies)

Round 6 (Family Growth)
Me - Reed
She - Family Growth!
Me - MI (Fireplace - 2C)
She - Fish (3)

Round 7 (Renovation/MI)
Me - 3W (6)
She - Clay (4)
Me - Sheep (6), burn 5 (+10f)
She - Day Laborer (2f)
She - Sow (1G)

Harvest: She reaps 1G, both of us feed straight up, still no animals.

Round 8 (Veggie)
Me - Reed
She - Family Growth
Me - Build Rooms (2) & Stable (1)
She - Plow (1)
She - 3W (4)

Round 9 (Boar)
Me - Family Growth & MI (Spindle)
She - Fish (3)
Me - Sheep (2)
She - Day Laborer (2f)
She - MI/MI (Cooking Hearth - 4C)

Harvest: She gets 1 grain, I get a food from the spindle, we feed straight up. My sheep have a baby.

Round 10 (Cattle)
Me - 3W (6)
She - Boar (2)
Me - Stone (6)
She - Fences (4) making a 1x1
Me - Family Growth & MI (Dovecote)
She - Plow
She - Day Labor (2f)

Round 11 (Stone)
Me - Plow 2 (-1f)
She - 3W (4)
Me - Veggie
She - Fences (3) another 1x1
Me - Grain
She - Fish (2)
Me - Sow (2G, 1V) - burn 1 sheep to set up the spindle
She - Day Laborer (2f)

Harvest: I get 2G, 1V and 1 food from spindle, she gets 1G. I use brewer and feed straight up, she pays 6 food and picks up 2 beggars, planning to use Mendicant. My sheep breed, her boars have a baby.

Round 12 (Family Growth w/o room)
Me - Family Growth w/o room
She - Plow
Me - Clay (5)
She - Cows (3)
Me - Reed (4)
She - 3W (4)
Me - Build Room/Stable
She - Sow/Bake

Round 13 (Plow & Sow)
Me - Plow & Sow (1G, 1V)
She - Fences
Me - Boars (3, burn 1) also burn 1 sheep
She - Sheep (4)
Me - Renovation/MI - trade to hearth (house now clay)
She - Plow
Me - 3W(3)
She - Veggie
Me - Stone (5)

Harvest: I get 3 grain, 1 veg. I use brewer and am able to feed, she burns a boar and sheep to feed. Her sheep, boars, cows have babies. I burn a sheep and get a baby to replace it.

Round 14 (Renovate/Fences)
Me - 3W(3) Could have taken the Occ space to block her mendicant but needed the action for my own stuff...
She - Fish (3)
Me - Renovate/Fence - house to stone, 8 fences (built inefficiently - first time the orthogonal rule hurt me)
She - Occ. (Mendicant) -1f
Me - Cows (2), burn one +4f
She - Plow/Sow (1V, 1G)
Me - Sheep
She - Plow
Me - Veggie

Final Harvest: I get 3 grain, 1 veg, she bets 2G, 1V. I use brewer, she cooks a boar and a cow. Her boars & cows have babies. My sheep and boars have babies.


Item: She / Me
Fields: 7(4) / 5 (4)
Pastures: 3(3) / 1(1)
Grain: 5(2) / 5(2)
Veggies: 2(2) / 4(4)
Sheep: 4(2) / 5(2)
Boar: 3(2) / 3(2)
Cattle: 4(3) / 1(1)
Unused: 1(-1) / 1(-1)
Fenced Stables: 2(2) / 1(1)
Clay Rooms: -- / --
Stone Rooms: -- / 5(10)
Family: 4(12) / 5(15)
Cards: 1 / 3
Bonus: -- / -- (her mendicant gets rid of both beggars)

Total: 32 / 41

We both felt we improved significantly, especially in the earlier family growth and less unused spaces. She really could have used the house upgrades, and this was my first ever >40 score, so I was pretty happy. Comments still more than welcome!

Here's a shot of the daughter at the end of our first session game:

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Mike T
United States
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Not sure if it's a recording error or you forgot in the game, but it looks like your daughter should have gained 7 wood in Round 5, since no one took wood in Round 4.

It looks like you are starting to get the strategy of the game down; your daughter's focus on Family Growth is exactly right. As a general statement, you need to focus more on growing, and your daughter needs to focus more on feeding her family efficiently.

Tactically, though, there's a lot of little things you both can work on: for instance, your daughter simply wastes an action by building rooms 2 rounds in a row instead of building 2 at once. You both undervalue clay and reed. She allows you to remain Starting Player for the entire game, and never plays any Minor Improvements.
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Geoff Burkman
United States
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Your daughter gets major props from me for playing so well at such a (relatively) young age. The real test will be when y'all move up to 3-, 4-, and 5-player games. Heh, heh, heh...devil
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Antony Liken
New Zealand
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Great posts on a great game.

As a general comment it seems that compared to you, your daughter is struggling a little more with card management (particularly Minor Improvements) and determining the most efficient actions ... as a less experienced gamer this is perfectly understandable. The other thing is that you both seem to be undervaluing resources (except for wood), there are extremely juicy piles of reed, clay and stone just piling up, at one stage you were able to take 6 stone then another 5.

A few ideas:
* I'd try to encourage your daughter to have a go at using minor improvements, an obvious place is when family growth is taken.
* Try to avoid excessive use of fishing and day labourer unless you have cards to support that. Look for other ways to feed the family.
* Someone at least have a go at baking bread, stone came out very early (Round 5), so ovens were an option. As an example you can look to Renovate, take Major Improvement (clay or stone oven) as you are renovating, then with spare grain bake those to food (as purchase of an oven gives you a bake action).
* Value start player highly especially towards the end when some of the more powerful actions come out. It will also help with the minor improvements situation.
* Look for ways to use your other 6 occupations positively so you don't have to resort to the Mendicant.
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