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Subject: Night of the Demons (3) rss

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Retired Hurt

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Points were : heroes 19 (one encounter boss, two bosses, one main boss, two glyphs, two chests out of three, one for the dungeon), Overlord 17 (two normal deaths, one 5-point death because Tobin had killed a spawned Major Dark Priest, deck cycling and one week).

That’s still not a victory, but I’m waiting for big dungeon inhabitants. Bosses were one Kobold, one Ferrox and one Hell Hound. Hmm, over-overlord-lord, wait another week before giving me a Demon, I promise I’ll make him very strong. Just give me level #19 next time : long, tortuous, full of traps, strong boss of a category that I’ll perhaps never boost ...

It would have been worse if they had had the good idea of forfeiting the final chest, even though it contained a wide array of potions. But that’s not in their style.

When the Demon Dog died, I still had some minions on the board, including a twice-revived Master Skeleton, and they had to flee to Tamalir through the glyph, contrary to their plans of walking to Riverwatch. Two players had to visit the temple, sorry, cathedral, one to the market, to buy the Boat, and one to the tavern, where he heard about the Newborns. They were delighted with the potential reward (one teleportation at any moment), and decided to let Derafin mouldering. They placed the rumour in the Gardens of Tarn. They also bought the Bazaar for Tamalir.

If I understood it well, they intend to explore the Red Echo River next time, and perhaps go on to Forge to boost their warriors. They can also go back to Tamalir, buy the Staff of the Wild and tackle the rumour.
I intend not to spend much, perhaps buying a second treachery or just Bad Encounter, to be sure I can get Silver monsters thereafter.

Next time, we’ll add Feats and dungeon customization, along with all ToI cards. You can’t have too much of a good thing. I looked at them a little, and ISTM that encounters are fairly easy and treachery cards aren’t very good, but the two encounter locations are quite tricky.

Here are the characteristics and equipment for the third dungeon :

Varikas the Dead : 14 XP ; Cleaving ; 4 black dice ; Chain Mail, Crystal Shield, Knuckle Dagger, spare axe for when quick damage is needed, 1 Healing Potion.

Battlemage Jaes : 29 XP ; Inner Fire ; 2+1 dice ; Mage Robe, Phantom Armor, Pacify, Staff of Punishment, 2 Vitality Potions. Also carries Tobin’s former Leather Armor, just in case something happens to somebody’s.

Tobin the Marksman (I very much prefer the French name: he-who-kills-from-faraway) : 14 XP ; Eagle’s Eye ; 4 black dice ; Cloak of Deception, Crystal Shield, Dwarven Bombs, spare bow, 2 Power Potions.

Lord Hawthorne : 14 XP ; Unmovable ; 3+1 dice ; Chain Mail, Ring of Protection, Ring of Quickness, Walking Stick, 2 Power Potions.

Group : Boat, Cathedral, Bazaar.

Overlord : 23 XP ; Lawlessness, Focused, 1 Event treachery.

Situation on the board : group at Tamalir ; Alric at Nerekhall with two siege engines in place ; Starfall Forest and Thelsvan Highway closed ; Newborns in Gardens of Tarn.
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