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Subject: SubRon Mini-Campaign 2 : The Fleet Boats Arrive in Oz rss

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SubRon Mini-Campaign 2 : The Fleet Boats Arrive in Oz


Continuing from SubRon1, Squadrons 2,8 and 10 were deployed from Brisbane to perform actions in the South Pacific.

This campaign covers 25 weeks from August 1942 to Week 1 February 1943.

The goal is to exceed historical tonnage sunk (126,641) taking minimal losses. Bonus points for Capital Ships!

A quick summary of significant events is given below, followed by some statistics.

Week 1 Aug: Begin with only the Sculpin and Sturgeon going out to sea.
Week 2 Aug: Blockade of Truk!? 2 subs making a blockade!? Consider this a scouting/practice run. But Sturgeon sinks 9tCA first attack of the campaign!!!
Week 3 Aug: No patrols
Week 4 Aug: No patrols

Week 1 Sept: Reinforcement: Sailfish
Week 2 Sept: Sturgeon sinks 1tM
Week 3 Sept:
Week 4 Sept: Sculpin sinks 10tM!!!! Sailfish sinks 2tM

In limited activity in the first 2 months, we sink 4 ships worth 22t. A fantastic start to the campaign which convinces Fleet operations to send us reinforcements.

Week 1 Oct: Reinforcements: Amberjack (GATO), Grampus(T), Grayback(T), Gudgeon(T), Saury, Swordfish, Trout (T)

Week 2 Oct: 9 patrols. Sailfish sinks 8tAO. Swordfish sinks 2tM & 3tM & 3tM!!! Saury sunk in Solomons!

The Saury was completely ambushed. During the re-attack she encountered 3 Destroyers and a Mavis (total ASW of 9!). It was an Ambush!

Week 3 Oct: Grampus 2tM Amberjack 3tM
Week 4 Oct: only 3 patrols. Sailfish sinks 3tM

Week 1 Nov: Reinforcements: Flying Fish(G), Growler(G), Plunger, Sargo, Seadragon, Silversides(G), Snapper, Spearfish. Grayback sinks 5tM!

Week 2 Nov: Growler sinks 5tAF. Grampus sinks 5tAO!!!

Getting some good ships. Focusing on the large tonnage

Week 3 Nov: Blockade of Truk!!! - 8 patrols sent. Silversides sinks 2tM

In Truk, Sailfish hit a 20t Maro twice! Both for no effect.

Week 4 Nov: 4 patrols, 8 returning to Brisbane (won't be patrolling until 2/3 week of Dec!)

Week 1 Dec: Reinforcements: Albacore, Gato, Greenling, Grouper, Tuna(T), Wahoo
Withdraw: Sailfish, Plunger, Trout

With 16 subs in the Broom Box, we only have 2 patrols. Currently at 63 tons and halfway through the campaign it is getting tense.

Week 2 Dec: 14 patrols! (need something) Sargo sink 3tM. Spearfish sinks 3tM. Gudgeon sinks 3tM and 5tM. Grouper sinks 9tAF!

A great effort by the fleet. The new GATO subs are quickly making their presence know!

Week 3 Dec: Sturgeon sinks 3tM. Amberjack sinks 2tM. Growler sinks 3tM. Silversides sink 3tM. Greenling sinks 3tM.

Another amazing week with 5 ships sunk!

Week 4 Dec: Sculpin sinks 5tM. Sturgeon sinks3tM. Gato sinks 8tM!

Wow, quickly we’ve hit 116 kilotons. Almost up to the historical 126t with 1 whole month (and a week) to go! Goal is to hit 155,000+ tons for a Decisive Victory.

Week 1 Jan: Reinforcements: Argonaut, Guardfish, Nautilis, Triton.
Withdraw: Sargo, Silversides, Sturgeon, Sculpin, Seadragon. Spearfish sinks 10tM and 3tM!

A number of new ships, but likely will only get in 1 or 2 patrols. Also I’ve developed RADAR, but I forgot to use it!!!

Week 2 Jan: 13 patrols! Greenling sinks a 1tM.

Pathetic week with only 1 ships sunk. Did hit a 15tCV but to no effect.

Week 3 Jan: Triton sinks 5tM . Greenling sinks 5tM & 3tM. Grouper sinks 1tM.
Week 4 Jan: Grampus Sunk by Diligent Escort! Grouper sinks 2tM . Greenling sinks 5tM. Growler sinks 1tM. Snapper sinks KD7 (2t)

An eventful week. I lost my second submarine to a revealed diligent escort. Snapper encounters an enemy sub and sinks it.

Week 1 Feb: Withdraw: Spear, Flying Fish, Snapper. Tuna sinks 1tM.
WOW! I just made 155t!!!! Barely! Hit a 10tCV but to no effect.


A decisive victory!!!

Total 40 ships sunk for 155,000 tons. historical 29 ships for 126Kt)
Lost two subs (Saury & Grampus). historical lost only Argonaut

One Capital ship sunk (the first attack of the campaign!)

So, how did the individual subs do? For those of you keeping score the big winner was Greenling with 5 ships sunk totalling 17t!

The rest of the Leaderboard looks as follows:

Sturgeon 16t, 4 ships (includes a 9t Heavy Cruiser)
Spearfish 16t, 3 ships
Sculpin 15t, 2 ships
Sailfish 13t, 3 ships (with two hits on 20tM!)
Grouper 12t, 3 ships


Total Weeks “Spent”: 298

Patrolling: 143, 48% (up 5% from SubRon1)
In Transit: 104, 35% (down 1% from SubRon1)
Pier Side: 41, 14% (down 2% from SubRon1)
BroomBox/Repair: 10, 3% (down 2% from SubRon1)

Higher endurance level meant more subs had longer patrols. The coming and going of submarines from fleet did mean that the increase wasn’t as high as I hoped for.

Patrol Summary (143)
Contact: 107, 75% (down 3% from SubRon1)
No Contact: 35, 24%
Enemy Sub: 1, 1% (as expected)

25% of patrols were unsuccessful. Coral Sea had a 40% fail percentage. Which is why Solomons and Bismarck Sea were focused on for patrols. Some Congreagation Risk was also present at times with increased the number of unsuccessful patrols.

The Awards are a bit skewed as some subs only spent a month while others were there for almost the whole campaign.

The ENDURANCE AWARD The Longest Patrol goes to Grouper with 5 weeks out patrolling and still at sea when the campaign ended. The Albacore and Sailfish also had a 5 week long patrol but then Returned to Base.

The BOMMERRANG AWARD Most Weeks in Transit – Sturgeon with 8 weeks. In her 20 weeks, Sturgeon only stayed at sea thrice.

The LAZY AWARD Most Weeks in Pierside – Sculpin with 4 weeks. Sculpin only RTB 4 times and each time failed to be readied quickly.

The CRIPPLED AWARD Most Weeks in Repair – Swordfish with 7 weeks and counting! Swordfish was sent to the Repair Bay in the 3rd week of December due to Serious Mechanical Failure. She never left the Repair Bay and still has heavy damage.

The BUSY AWARD Most Weeks on Patrol – Amberjack with 10 weeks on patrol. (out of possible 17 weeks). Sculpin and Sturgeon also had 10 patrol weeks but they had 20 weeks total.


Second Runner-Up
Alabacore sunk nothing, hit two ships for no effect and got spotted by a Betty in only 9 weeks of action.

First Runner-Up
Flying Fish hit 5tM three times for no effect. Suffered light damage by a diligent escort and was repaired just in time to be withdrawn.

Grampus after a brief success… Damages 5tM! Damages 5tM! Hits 5tM no effect! Hi 5tM no effect! Then SUNK BY DE!!!!!

The USELESS AWARD – Argonaut. In 4 weeks of patrols never made contact.

The SILENT HUNTER AWARD – Most Contacts – Grayback and Sculpin with 8.

The NOISY HUNTER AWARD – Most No Contacts – Sturgeon with 5 out of 10 patrols ending with No Contact. (50% fail rate)


An excellent campaign to play. The better subs and torpedoes make hunting a lot more eventful than in SubRon1. It also played quite quickly where the first two months absolutely flew by with only 2, then 3 subs to manage.

It seems to be fairly well balanced, although my success makes me think that it may be a tad easier than SubRon1.
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