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Subject: Revenge of the Dead: Down to the wire! rss

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Dan H
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With my girlfriend busy studying for midterms tonight, I decide to try out Revenge of the Dead, one of the few scenarios I haven't played before, using my slightly modified version of Grunduza's solo rules.

Much of the game was exactly what you'd expect -- heroes run, search once or twice, then run away again, with the zombies slowly closing in and picking them off. There were two incredible close calls that I thought I'd share with everyone.

First, in the middle of the game, 13 zombies are idly milling around the center of town, as 2 more zombies and a zombified Sam menace the humans. Worried about getting trapped, the humans attempt to make a break for it, running from the sheriff's office on the west side of town to the garage on the south. Amanda and Kenny are left behind, but Rachelle makes it into the garage, with Sally right beside her outside. Both Sally and Rachelle have revolvers, and Sally has a fire extinguisher. The plan is for Sally to move one space into the southeast corner of town (which contains 3 zombies), open a path with the fire extinguisher to keep running towards the empty northeast board, and then Rachelle will follow.

Except both Sally and Rachelle roll 1 for movement. Sally moves into the southeast corner, and indeed opens the path, but Rachelle can't follow. Sally manages to shoot one zombie in the head, but Rachelle just takes off an arm (Resilient). Two bad fights later, Sally's a zombie and Rachelle is rapidly surrounded by 6 zombies and zombie Sally.

7 turns later, she's survived 8 fights unarmed with only a single wound thanks to a Heroic card, and managed to slog all the way across town in the rain. Joining up with Jake, Kenny, and Jenny, we have our second incredible moment. Kenny is wounded, but has the Meat Cleaver. Jake and Rachelle are unarmed except for Heroic cards. But Jenny (who showed up in the hospital and has spent 4 turns searching) has dynamite, a lighter, and the chainsaw. As the horde approaches, the hero's plan is the obvious one: wait until they get close enough, then toss in the dynamite and hold on just one more turn until daybreak.

Five zombies move into the heroes' square during the zombie turn; Kenny gets a Heroic card that prevents him from dying this turn, and takes the second fight. If necessary, he and Jenny will stick around to hold off the horde while the other two escape. Kenny loses his first fight, but fortunately can't die. He rolls a 6 during the second fight, instantly killing the zombie -- but the meat cleaver is stuck!

This is rough, but not disastrous -- we still have Jenny's chainsaw, an assortment of moderately useful event cards, and can get Kenny out of harm's way during the hero turn. Until the zombies get Fighting Instincts before Jenny's fight. Obligated to give them the strongest card possible, the zombie yanks the meat cleaver from its fallen comrade's head. It rolls a 6, and Jenny instantly goes from the perfectly healthy and heavily-armed savior of Woodinvale to a lurching undead. Her chainsaw and, even worse, the dynamite and lighter, are gone.

Virtually defenseless, the remaining heroes scatter and try to get as far as possible. But not far enough, and Kenny goes down to a solitary roamer during the final zombie turn.

After an agonizing 3-hour Plague Carriers on Saturday, I think I'm going to recommend Revenge of the Dead to my gaming group the next time we meet. And I'll probably play it solo again before that. A very good, fast-paced, intense scenario, and highly recommended.
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