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gary rembo
United Kingdom
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Thought I would be the first to review this great game.
I recently picked this up and must say I am enjoying it greatly.
At the game start you are given a secret ID {russians or americans} as an egency assigned to protect or assasinate the president of the united states as his cavilcade makes its way across the {abstract}map of the US.
Each player has a hand of cards which allow them to move their agents around the map,set traps,question other agents and much more.
The idea being to get you agents into position to either try an assasination of the president or prevent one by killing enemy agents or preventing a clear shot.
What makes this fun is you dont know who is russian and who is american unless they give the game away right till the end and you are free to neotiate with other players to help in the assasination/protection of the president
The game uses a clever positioning mechanic which make assasination attempts easier or harder depending on the positioning of the assasins and also the number of them.

I think the game has a chess feel in that you make use of your limited agents but also has a great diplomatic feel as you attempt to work out who is who. The game can get quite brutal as agents are killed a bit like a trantino movie {Tarantino plays this game also}

Once the game is over points are scored for various events and all becomes clear.
did you assasinate/wound the president?
did you kill another US/USSR agent?.
did you assist another player in any of these things?.
you gain and lose points based on these thing until a final winner emerges.

This game has had some critisism leveled at it that I wish to give my viewpoints on {taking under consideration the year of the games release.}
1. Ugly map
I think the map is a little busy but the designer has put all the info you need right there on the map instead of seperate sheets. I also think the decision to print on white backround was to make the intricate map easier to see {you dont see chess critisised but when was the last time you saw a chequered battlefield?

2. unused charts
I think the designer added them to the board again to intigrate the expansion easily kind of like bullfrog adding many unused components to there last night on earth game.

3. badly written rules
NO NO NO The rules are very clear and there are even 6 rule summary sheets included one per player. The few grey areas in the rules are easily overcome with common sense.

4.2 player sucks.
I have to say I think this game should NOT have been 2 to six but 3 to 6 as the 2 player game really detracts from a lot of the games fun and playing 2 player can put you right of the game. We find 4 player spot on and when the players learn the game well you can play out a 4 player in about an hour and a half.

This was intended to be played by a good crowd of gamer friends with lots of interaction.

The game art could do with updating now but IMHO has stood the test of time well and plays very smoothly and was well ahead of its time for its game mechanics.

I think the designer has done a great job here.If you get a chance give it a go you will have a blast {NOT 2 PLAYERS THOUGH}

The components {for the release date were of good quality and functional although I now use plastic pawns and a micromachine for the presidents car.
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Julian Courtland-Smith
United Kingdom
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Hi Gary,
I remember playing the prototype of this game with Jack J Jaffe in the 70's at the S.I.G.M.A. games club in London when it was called 'Shoot The President'.
After much play-testing Jack decided to change the name to 'Save The President' as killing the president might have a negative impact on any future American sales. He must have had a crystal ball!
Given that it's 50-50 who kills or saves the president it's sad to read that this brilliant game was banned in the USA because 50% of it was about shooting the president. Talk about seeing a cup half-empty!
Needless to say, it's a shame 'Save The President' never got into the States as I think it would have been a winner.

Kind regards,

Jules :-)

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