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Subject: Cards - Since there seems to be a problem rss

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Jackie Jackie
United States
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I am posting the cards to the game here. Many people posted that the cards for the original set seem to be deteriorating. The set I have is a copy of the a friend's game my dad made back in 1979. He stated that the cards in the friend'set also suffered the same fate, and made new decks for them when he made his copy. (He also admitted that he added a couple of cards of his own to the paranoia deck, so take my posting with a grain of salt.)

Marijuana counters: Simple enough. Come in kilogram increments, starting at 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100. You could make more in other increments if it suits you.

Hashish and Cocain: Same as Marijuana, except they are measured in pounds.

Connection cards:
10 - Move 1 space forward
10 - Move 2 spaces forward
10 - Move 3 spaces forward
10 - Move 4 spaces forward
02 - Move 2 spaces backwards
02 - Move 3 spaces backwards
02 - Make a score ... Move to the nearest Buy Square
02 - Dealing Time. Move to the nearest Sell Square
02 - Specific Area Card (Suspect this is a move to a specified area card.)
05 - Half Fare cards

Paranoia Cards:
01 - You feel you are doing nothing with your life. Loose one-half your dope, go back to college, and collect $1,000
02 - You're busted... Loose all dope and go to jail.
01 - You buy a pound of powdered sugar... Pay $500
01 - Ripped off for $1,000 by two bisexual supermarket checkout boys...
01 - You become a Narc... Every player pays you $100 to keep quiet.
01 - You are being set up for a bust... Loose two turns while avoiding trouble.
01 - You think your best friend is a Narc... Loose 5 connection cards
01 - There's a car following you... Loose one turn shaking him.
01 - They search you but forgot to check your bag... Lose one turn recovering.
01 - You were being followed and stashed your dope. Lose two turns getting it back.
01 - You suspect your tabber of cutting the dose... Pay $750 for a new set-up.
01 - You go on a Jesus trip... Every player gives you $50 to keep quiet.
01 - Your credit card gets confiscated... Lose one turn.
01 - You forgot where your stash is... Loose two connection cards.
01 - You think you may have dropped two hits of Strychinne... Lose one turn.
01 - They're watching you!!! Go back three spaces.
01 - Two guys in a grey car move in across the street... Lose one turn
01 - The cops raided your stash pad... Lose 3 Connection cards.
01 - You think this is bad? Pay $500 or draw two more Paranoia cards.
01 - You go on a Jesus trip and lose your mind... Go to Uranus.
02 - You've got to act quickly before they get you... Go directly to the next deal square.
01 - You marry the daughter of the State Atty. General. Draw 4 Connection cards.
02 - It's all in your mind. Go to the space of your choice immediately.
01 - You begin shooting speed... Lose all Connection cards.
01 - You get so uptight you cut your hair... Lose 4 Connection cards.
01 - Bad LSD trip. Go to Uranus.
01 - Your best friend gets busted. Lose 4 Connection cards.
01 - You nod out in the middle of the Crosswalk... Go to Jail.
01 - Your name appears in Dick Tracy's Crimestoppers notebook... Fear eats your brain. Go to Uranus.
01 - You forgot where you left your hash pipe... Go back two spaces looking for it.
01 - You have been cursed by a chick who knows Voo Doo... Lose one turn or $50.
01 - Go to Jail. Meet old school chum... Draw 2 connection cards.
01 - You spend $250 to rent a stash pad.
01 - Your new girldfriend was your supplier. Draw 2 Connection cards.
01 - Coke on your mustache... Lose 1 Connection card.
01 - Caught shoplifting... Lose one turn explaining.
01 - You fall out in the airport bathroom and miss your plane... Lose one turn or $50.

1) If you have a friend or relative who counts cards, you may wish to make two or three copies of each deck.
2) If you have to recreate decks for your game, I suggest you copy the card lists into a program like Microsoft Excel, set up a mail form in a table using a program like Microsoft Word, and print them out on printer friendly card stock from a company like Avery.
3) As tempting as it might be, rolling papers do not work well when making new cards. You are better off sticking to colored card stock.
4) The numbers in front of each card are the frequency that card shows up in the deck.
5) If you decide to add your own cards to the deck, just be honest if anyone asks.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Zulbat Fred
United States
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Hoping to find out what exactly the two
02 - Specific Area Card
Cards are?
I have recreated all the connection and paranoia cards from this post except for the two which are listed as 02 - Specific Area Card.
Can you tell me what the denominations of money I need to create? i.e. X - $50 X - $100 X - $1000 etc.
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Raina Wolfstar
United States
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The two missing connection cards are:

2- Smoke one joint or move ahead 3 spaces

The specific area card should read:

Move anywhere in a specific area (from original)
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Raina Wolfstar
United States
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The original denominations were: 20 x $50....20 x $100....12 x $500
12 x $1000....12 x $5,000....12 x 10,000....12 x $50,000
I could be wrong about how many of each card from not using them for so many years, but, this is what I still have.

While playing a game in 1977, we soon ran out of "ugly money" because we found that the game only starts to get really good after you've been playing for about a week,so I made a complete set of "Hippie Cash" for playing "EXTREME SCAM"....(I will share as soon as I can get it scanned) The game doesn't get good til you are playing for the big bucks.
20 x $50....20 x $100....20 x $500....15 x $1,000....15 x $10,000....
15 x $50,000....30 x $100,000....30 x $500,000....20 x $1,000,000....
20 x 5,000,000
This game continued for about 3 months! It was awesome!!!
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katrix katrix
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Anyone interested in buying an original copy of the game? Cards, board and tube.
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