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Subject: 43 - Breakout to Lisyanka - solo rss

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Dan C
United States
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43 - Breakout to Lisyanka - solo

This looks to be a pretty evenly balanced scenario – Roughly equivalent forces, although Russians have a better opening position; The German forces are smushed against their side and vulnerable to flags. However, they have one more card in their hand, so alleviates that disadvantage somewhat. 9 rounds occurred in this game, and it starts with the Germans digging in.

Rounds 1-2
Sandbags make better protection than a Town.

Germans Dig In four of their front line infantry units as a defensive move – very effective since any dice rolled against them would have had a 66% chance of hitting (2 inf, grenade or flag). On turn 2 they sent out an Air Power attack and bring down 2 tanks, an Inf. Figure and 1 Gun.
The Russians Send out an Attack and Probe in the Center and X’d one German Infantry unit in the center-left town hex.
SCORE: Russians lead 1-0

Rounds 3-5
Skirmish in the center.

Germans play a Direct from HQ and weakened a couple of Infantry Units.
Russians Attacked Right and weakened a German Infantry Unit to 2… which was immediately healed by Medic in Round 4.
In Round 5, Germans played Their Finest Hour, and it was; Took out an Infantry unit with tanks, and 1 Russian gun was removed with the Armor Overrun.
SCORE: Tied 1-1

Round 6
Germans start their streak…
A German Probe in the Center X’d the weakened artillery unit from last turn.
SCORE: Germans lead 2-1

Round 7
…and continue…

Recon In Force by Germans enables tanks to exit over the river. And a Germans Infantry Unit rolls three grenades in close combat to eliminate a Tank Unit!
SCORE: Germans lead 4-1

Round 8
…and continue…

Behind Enemy Lines is played by the Germans – this is almost a guaranteed 2pt card in this scenario! They sprint across the river for 2pts – and just for added effect, they stop to weaken a Russian Infantry unit to 1 strength on the way!
SCORE: Germans lead 6-1

Round 9
…and cont… oh wait, it’s over.

GermanInfantry Assault in the Center took out that weakened Russian Infantry 1-man unit to seal the win.
FINAL SCORE: Germans win 7-1

In Rounds 6-9, the only thing the Russians could muster was a fairly weak Counter attack once in the Center (only removing 2 Inf figures), and an Air Power attack in Round 8 weakened a couple of German Infantry units and a tank, but failed to eliminate any units from the board.

So this was a slaughter due to card draws:
1. Out of the 9 cards the Germans played, 7 of them were Tactic cards.
2. Insult to injury for the Russians: Only one left side card (a Left Assault in Round 7) came into his possession during the entire game. So most of his forces on the left side of the board (3 tank Units, Artillery unit and a couple of infantry units) – could not get ordered until it was too late.

Hit ratio was 12 figures for the Russians vs. 18 figures for the Germans . 3 of their 7 medals came from exiting a quick Armor unit, and a BEL-aided Infantry unit. Without much terrain to block them, they were able to sprint fairly easily for the endzone.

Fun scenario, but this session was dominated by very strange Luck of the Draw.
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