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Subject: 2nd race rss

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René Christensen
Solroed Strand
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Monday March the 8th we held the 2nd Rallyman. Four drivers attended – Michael in a Citroën Saxo 1600, Briang in a Ford Focus, Bo in a Subaru Impreza and René in a Peugeot 206.
The 2nd race was to be the Master Rally stages - Virolo, Le Monstre and Saint-Bonnet.

The 1st special stage Virolo (C4-C5-V4-V1-L1-L0-V2-V3-C6-C7-L9-L8-J5-J6):

Michael was the first to start in front of Bo, René and Briang. Michaels red Citroën must have had a oil leak, because in turn 5 and 6, both Bo and René had a spin and it looked like a stage win for Michael.

But between turn 10 and 11 Michael had a spin in a spot that soon was to become a very important place of the stage, when Bo and Briang also went into trouble here. René was the only one to come through without problems.

When the cars finished and came into the repair area, the drivers could info about following damage: Michael, damage on the car (-1 black dice); Bo, damage on the car (-1 black dice); René, a puncture (-1 white dice) and Briang, a puncture (-1 white dice).

The result after 1st special stage:
1.René - 4:28
2.Michael - 4:55 (+0:27)
3.Bo - 6:00 (+1:32)
4.Briang - 6:27 (+1:59)

The 2nd special stage Le Monstre (C8-C3-J1-J4-V0-V5-L9-L8-V6-V9):

It was now time for some food (the famous Copenhagen City Hall pancakes) before the long Le Monstre stage. Start: Briang, Bo (soft tires), Michael and René (soft tires).
Briang got a fine start, but got into trouble, when he hit some rocks and had damage to his car (-2 black die). Bo had an early puncture and had to let Michael by. Michaels hunt for seconds went wrong in turn 7, but luckily for him, he went on to the grass. René closed up on Bo, but couldn’t get by.

Briang got his Ford Focus going again, just to fly over the hump and into a house (which he also did in the 1st race) and had more damage to his car (-2 black die). Now Briang only had one black dice and the two white ones left. Michael was now closing in on Briang and perhaps therefore over revved and spun the car. Bo was hit by a double puncture and a spin and now had an aggressive René in the rear mirrors.

René went past Bo on the outside, just to spin the car in the next turn. Meanwhile Michael had catched up with Briang but couldn’t get by!

René caught Briang and Michael, while Bo spun twice – the soft tires was worn by now. Briang reached the finish line and now Michael blocked the road for René. René spun his car just in front of the finish line and lost valuable time!
It was a very hard stage for both drivers and cars: Briang, damage on the car (-4 black die); Bo, double puncture and damage on the car (-2 white and -1 black dice) and René, damage on the car (-1 black dice). Michael got through without any damage and won the stage!

The result of the 2nd special stage:
1.Michael - 8:07
2.René - 8:59 (+ 0:52)
3.Bo - 12:26 (+ 4:19)
4.Briang - 12:58 (+ 5:51)

The standing after the 2nd special stage:
1.Michael - 13:02
2.René - 13:27 (+ 0:25)
3.Bo - 18:26 (+ 5:24)
4.Briang - 19:25 (+ 6:23)

The 3rd special stage Saint-Bonnet (V6-V9-J8-J7-L5-L4-C0-C9-V0-V5):

This was the first stage for the drivers with snow and therefore René and Michael chose winter tires. Bo and Briang were out of the battle for the overall victory but still had a 3rd place and perhaps a stage victory to race for.

Briang made an aggressive start and went off into the wood after the 2nd turn and damaged the car. And the meeting with the snow didn’t went well for Briang, who spun again, hit some rocks, damaged his car even more and had to limb through the rest of the stage. Bo spun just before the snow and René was hit by a puncture in the 3rd turn and then it looked like an easy victory for Michael.

But Michael went off the road too before the snow and René was back in the game again! Bo hunted a wounded Briang, caught him but couldn’t get by despite many tries! Bo spun again and Briang got some space between them and got to the finish line. Michael had lost too much time to René and had to force, but spun and victory seemed far away!

After the stage we had a talk about the winter tires for this stage was right, but a 1st and 4th place didn’t give us the answer. But if you look at the damage to the cars, the cars with winter tires had less damage. Briang, damage to the car (-3 black die); Bo, a puncture and damage to the car (-1 white and -1 black dice); René, a puncture (-1 white dice) and once more Michael came through without any damage, but that was not enough for an overall victory!

The result of the 3rd special stage:
1.René - 7:10
2.Bo - 7:53 (+ 0:43)
3.Briang - 7:53 (+ 0:43)
4.Michael - 8:20 (+ 1:10)

The standing after the 3rd special stage:
1.René - 20:37
2.Michael - 21:22 (+ 0:45)
3.Bo - 26:19 (+ 5:42)
4.Briang - 27:18 (+ 6:41)

1.René, Peugeot 206 - 40 points
2.Bo, Subaru Impreza - 33 points
3.Michael, Citroën Saxo 1600 - 30 points
4.Jesper, Pink car - 25 points
5.Briang, Ford Focus - 22 points
6.Per,? - 0 points
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