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Subject: And How It All Happened... Well Sort Of... - SOLO rss

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J Chav
United States
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I decided to try and play though every crisis solo. First let me tell you some history. At first I played every playable character (base game) in solo mode and found it too easy. I started to modify it a little bit such as no early jumping (which made combat potentially really tough). I started giving the cylon support character cards to help sabetouge checks. But it still made it all too easy.

So I came up with an idea. Let's see if I can make it through all of the crisis cards playing solo. I figured I would be just about dead in the water without a support character and made it a permanent help and couldn't betray me. I also play with the new IC's so destiny is always blind.

Okay let's set the stage. I picked Tigh (even though in my picture it is Apollo... I didn't feel like digging through the bag for Tigh and he was already on a stand). I then figured I would need CP's and a emergency plan if combat got to hairy. I picked Apollo since he can draw 4 our of the 5 skill types to be my support character and his OPG could prove useful.

Going into it I figured the resource that could limit me the most would be fuel. After all there is just over 36 jump prep which is 7 jumps maybe 8 out of the 70 cards. I also wanted to try and set a distance for some compitition from my fellow geeks and so if you are reading this and you are a fan of solo play I challenge you to travel farther then myself.

Things started off and my first two crisis cards required me to discard my entire hand. One of them wasn't a food/water crisis. Jump track progressed well and before you knew it I was out of a potentially sticky situation and onto my first destination. I had to decide between -2 fuel or -1 fuel and a raptor. Figuring I needs to go through every crisis anyways raptors may not be too improtant. I traveled 2 and lost 1 fuel and a raptor.

I continued on and made a second jump as well to a tylium planet and refilled my reserves. I was passing crisis's at a good rate of maybe 70-80% success. I started to fill the presidents hand and played speeches as often as I could to boost that morale I knew would be a target. I even would play assign arbitor or vice president to increase my hand after a tough crisis.

Between my second and third jump the board became to fill with cylons. Right after they first showed up sleep deprevation fell upon those nuggets and they were forced to return to their bunks and leave the civies unprotected with raiders bearing in fast. A new basestar jumped in and 4 raiders immediately took out the new vipers that just launched and one civies. The basestars started to pummel the ship and damaged 2 areas and took out some food. Things seemed tough until I realised I could kite the civies one turn and then jump early at -1.

Before my next jump two basestars jumped in and damaged FTL and another space as well. It seemed I was doomed until I jumped with 5 spots damagmed. I ran around repairing which was quite a pain. I think it took me two full jumps to get everything running again.

I eventually build the presidents hand to full and played all of the speeches and rationings successfully. It left very little in my hand but proved to be quite valuable.

Things were easy (as easy goes in BSG) until 33 minutes showed up. It was right before a jump but no big deal. I jumped and shuffled it back into the deck. The jump track progressed 3 more times and then a suprised attack showed up. It moved to 4 and figured I would auto jump with 15-20 crisis cards left in the deck. The next card however moved my jump track back one and added more raiders and basestars to the board. At this point the Quorom deck was quite small and I was able to cycle ABF. I kept things pretty clean but amazingly didn't find any more jump prep. Galatica took some hits from basestars and raiders chased civies. I finally drew the last crisis card and passed it with ease. Here is a shot of the board.

I traveled a total of 12 distance (2+1+1+1+1+2+1+2+LD1).

Everything was at 4 except food which was at 7.

Not bad... I should have jumped at -3 for some extra distance.

The real question is, can you beat it? First distance ties settled by all remaining resouces. Anything at 0 and you lose.
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