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Subject: HeroQuest Campaign: #1 - The Maze rss

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Daniel Sundström
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Today we played the first game in our campaign were the goal is to complete the base game as well as Kellar's Keep and Return of the Witch Lord. Three Heroes heeded the call; A'Lul-Nox Firedance the Barbarian, Kira Grim the Dwarf and Ilene Icesong the Elf.

The first quest was the The Maze. The Heroes started in a different corner of the dungeon and had to find their war out. The Barbarian was cut of from the rest, but eventhough the Dwarf and the Elf could join forces, they decided not to. The Dwarf started in the north-west and went straight for a door to the south. The room was empty, as was the next one. However, a wandering Orc attacked the Dwarf from behind, but was quickly killed. The Dwarf then proceeded east to the second room and uncovered a hidden door, which revealed ... another empty room. This room did however have two doors in it; one leading to the west and one to the north, which appeared to take the Dwarf back to the northern corridor. The Dwarf choose the eastern door and found a fourth room - with an Orc in it! The battle was short and the Orc was quickly killed with little bloodshed. The Dwarf then went for the northern door and entered the corridor, heading east.

Meanwhile, the Elf had chosen to approach the nearest door from where she started the quest in the north-east, which was to the south. Inside, she found an Orc stearing her right in the eye, but with some effort the Elf disposed of the foul creature but not before being somewhat injured. This room led to another room to the west, but is was empty. The Elf proceeded south, which led her to a corridor running east - it was blocked of to the west. However, a door across the corridor to the south led the Elf in to another room where a hidden door to the west was found. Opening it revealed an Orc in the corridor guarding a door, but the Elf, badly wounded, choose not to engage the creature in battle - and as luck would have it, the Elf was not discovered by the Orc. Instead, the Elf went through a door to the south and ran in to another Orc. This time, she cast a fireball spell on him, engulfing the Orc in flames and killing him on the spot.

The Barbarian, starting in the corner to the south-west, headed north to a door the had spotted earlier. Upon opening it and entering the room, he discovered that it was empty. He quickly left, went back south and then turned east to open another door. This room was empty too, but it a door that lead further north, so the Barbarian went straight ahead and opened it. This revealed a very small room with only a door the east, so this was clearly the way to go - but that room contained only an Orc that attacked with rage! The Barbarian did manage to slay the Orc and then found a hidden door in the first of the two small rooms. The hidden door opened to the north and led to a corridor leading both east and west - and to the east was another Orc guarding a door. The Orc spotted the Barbarian and attacked, but was killed straight away. The Barbarian then went east, opened the door and found the staircase! But on the other side of the big square room was another door, so the Bariarian opened it. On the other side was an Orc, but is was cut down by the Barbarian before it even noticed he was there.

The Heroes then proceeded to exit the dungeon via the staircase and the Barbarian was rewarded with 100 gold coins for being the first one to leave. The Maze had been conquered by the Heroes, but next they had to through The Trial.
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