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Subject: November 2003 Games rss

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Bobby Warren
United States
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La cheeserie!
November Games Played

I did not get to play many two-player games this month and more games than normal got multiple plays. I also spent a lot of time on the Days of Wonder site playing their three available online games. I played Der Palast von Alhambra four times, the most of any game I play this month.

I played 24 different games, and 10 of them were played more than once. Ten of the games I played for the first time, including Gang of Four which I had previously only played online. Six of the games are ones I played in October.

Acquire (Avalon Hill)
Played 1 time. I played a three player game with Jason S. and Chris R. Jason and my scores, combined, would have just been better than the amazingly high score Chris turned in. This is a game I wish I played more often and will try to get more play in the next couple of months.

Amun-Re (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. I finally got to play this, though only with four players. As Jason S. said, Knizia is really good at coming up with new auction mechanisms for his games. This is one I want to play more often in the future.

Apples to Apples (Out of the Box)
Played 3 times. Played with a small group while eating appetizers at Applebee’s late one Saturday night, and another time with nine at a pizza place (which ended quickly). It’s a surprisingly good game to play in this kind of environment. Played once with another small group using the Apple Crate Edition.

Aquarius (Looney Labs)
Played 1 time. Jason S. pulled this out while three of us were waiting on another game to end. I don’t really care for the usual Looney randomness of the game.

Basari (Out of the Box)
Played 3 times. This is one I am still teaching to a lot of people and it is still getting a good reception. It is an easy game to teach and most people catch on to what is happening in the game before the first scoring comes around.

Bluff/Perudo (Ravensburger/University)
Played 3 times. I was the only one who had played before and I was first out of dice the first game and second out in the second. I played Perudo with another group where we combined some of the rules from Bluff with it. We should have played with one set of rules or the other. Either way, it is still a hoot of a game!

Bohnanza (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. Played again with Mike & Hilary. I won.

Capitol (Schmidt Spiele)
Played 1 time. Wow, I can’t believe I waited so long to try this game out. It has just about everything I like in a game: limited actions, tough choices, nice bits, and it plays quickly. I’m glad I got a copy before the prices started increasing since it is OOP.

Clippers (Eurogames)
Played 1 time. All five of us were first time players. It looked like I was going to win until the scores were added up and I came in third. I hadn’t played this or Santa Fe before and after hearing the differences in the games I am leaning more towards buying this. I really like the idea that you get to choose your ports instead of drawing city cards randomly to score with.

Edel, Stein & Reich (Alea)
Played 1 time. I played this for the first time and I like it as much as I like Basari. We played with three players and I really would like to try it out soon with five.

Fabrik der Träume (Hasbro Germany)
Played 1 time. I played for the first time with five players and got my butt handed to me. I took a chance and bid big to complete the first movie

Gang of Four (Days of Wonder)
Played 1 time. I’m convinced that this has to be played with people who have an equal understanding of the game and the strategies. The other three players had not played while I had several online games under my belt and I had watched quite a few more. I won all but one round and then only had two cards still in my hand. I decided to sandbag a hand just to get one of the people a little more interested in the game and I even went out first on that hand.

Java (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. Jason S. taught this to Jason M. and I. I really liked it. I’m not sure it is a game I would play on a regular basis, but if others are willing to play I’d be in on it. I prefer Tikal and still haven’t tried Mexica, which I am really looking forward to trying soon.

King Me! (Mayfair)
Played 2 times. I picked this up and played it twice on one Saturday. First up was Mike M., Bill M., Michael C., Dave P., Ken F., and I. Bill won when the last round ended on the first vote to howls of laughter and disbelief that no one used one of their no votes. Immediately following the first game, Dave P., Patty P., Ken F., Glenn G., Karen G., and I played. This one seemed to last a little longer. I really dislike the scoring track on this game and wish the spaces on it were larger.

Loco (Fantasy Flight)
Played 1 time. We played a four-hand game which I placed last in.

Mystery Rummy Case No. 1: Jack the Ripper (U.S. Games Systems)
Played 2 times. I was soundly beat by Mike G. in a two-player game and played a three-player game. While it works as a three-player game (unlike MR4), I prefer playing it with two and would like to try out a partners game some time.

Palast von Alhambra, Der (Queen)
Played 4 times. I had never played this before this month and ended up playing it four consecutive weekends. My first playing was against some of the people I play games with on Saturday afternoons. Kenny won while I think I finished so far in the back that in the end I felt as if I had only scored in one of the three scoring rounds.

The second game was against Patty P., Ken F., Glenn G., & Karen G. and I was the only one who had played before. Naturally, I finished near the bottom and Glenn and Karen asked Patty to order a copy for them when the English version is released next year.

The following played against Dave, Patty, and Bill M. Dave was the only one not to play this before and I won but he came in a very close second. The next time, everyone had played but it was with six players Jason S. won and I placed second. I definitely prefer this with four or five, though it was still fun with six. I like this game a lot and look forward to picking up the Überplay edition.

Pirate’s Cove (Days of Wonder)
Played 3 times. I taught three different groups of people how to play. The first was Dave S. (?), someone I talked into buying the game at the local store. I taught, him, his friend Christophe (sp?) and Tommy, a friend of mine. I hadn’t played with the English set and it had been a while since I had played Piratenbucht, so things were a little slow getting going, but everyone seemed to have a good time and Dave was happy he bought the game. I eked out a victory by a few points.

After the store closed that night, I played again with Dave P. and Patty, the store owners, Bryan, and Chris R. (who had recently played). Dave and Patty wanted to know how the game played so they could explain it to their customers. Patty ended up winning and Chris ended up losing just about every battle he was in by managing to roll just a hair poorer than the people he was fighting. Patty won a fun game!

The third time the group consisted of Patty P., Ken F., Glenn G., Karen G., and myself. I won this one and may have temporarily burned out on teaching the game. The next time I play, I want it to be with people who already know how to play the game.

Princes of Florence (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. I played with four players for the first time and the bidding seems significantly different than with five players. I still like the game with four but will try to get a fifth player anytime I play this. I tied with Jason S. for the win.

Quo Vadis? (Mayfair)
Played 2 times. We played twice with the same group of players. The first time was the basic version and the second time we used the special tokens. It was my first time playing and I really liked this solid negotiation game. I didn’t do well in either game.

Ra (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. I hadn’t played this for a couple of months and did poorly. It is a wonderful auction game that I wish was still in print because I think I would be able to get it out more often when people knew they would be able to buy it.

Schotten-Totten (ASS)
Played 2 times. Mike G. and I split two games. I think I could play this one non-stop for several hours without getting tired of it.

Scream Machine (Jolly Roger)
Played 2 times. Another game which I taught others how to play. The first time was with the two Jasons, S. & M., which I won. Later the same evening, the three of us played with Matthew, Rob, and Tom. Fortunately, Jason S. is far better at explaining rules and we were able to get started in a short time. It was a close game and came down to the tiebreaker between Jason M. and Rob. Jason won.

Wyatt Earp (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. Just a really good game...

November Games Played Online

I found more time for playing online games. I guess I should check out BSW sometime soon?

Auf Heller und Pfennig (Hans im Glück)
Played 3 times on the Board Game Geek. Played a couple of two-player games and a four-player game.

Euphrat & Tigris (Hans im Glück)
Played 3 times on the Board Game Geek.

Fist of Dragonstones (Days of Wonder)
Played 2 times on the Days of Wonder site. It has a nice interface, though the animations are a little slow and it is limited to four players instead of six. I prefer playing this in person since I believe a lot of the fun in blind bidding games in reading your opponents and then getting their reactions when the bids are revealed. Played once with Bruno who won.

Gang of Four (Days of Wonder)
Played 1 time on the Days of Wonder site. Nice online implementation of the game.

Queen’s Necklace (Days of Wonder)
Played 11 times on the Days of Wonder site. I like the game better online than I do in person. I don’t have to fiddle with the rings.

November Acquisitions

Eight imports, two Mayfair games, and one crate of apples...

Apples to Apples: Apple Crate Edition (Out of the Box)
Auf Heller und Pfennig (Hans im Glück), used copy
Ein Arsch Kommt Selten Allein (Heidelberger Spielverlag)
Elfengold (Amigo)
King Me! (Mayfair)
Lupus in Tabula (da Vinci)
Manhattan (Mayfair)
Rette Sich Wer Kann (Walter Müller’s Spielewerkstatt)
Richelieu (Ravensburger)
Tycoon (Jumbo), used copy
Verräter (Adlung)

This Month’s “Want to Play” Games

I managed to get three of the five played!

Acquire – Played a three-player game and enjoyed it as much as I remembered. I must play again, soon!
Capitol – Played for the first time and loved it. Terrific game!
Fabrik der Träume – Another winner after the first play.
San Marco – Didn’t get to play and will continue to bring it along, but there are others I’m now more interested in getting on the table.
Traders of Genoa – Didn’t get to play and will continue to bring it along, but there are others I’m now more interested in getting on the table.

Five Games I Want to Play in December

Emerald – Looks light and fun.
Ein Arsch Kommt Selten Allein – Bought it and want to play it at least once before it gets relegated to being pulled out as a novelty.
Titan: The Arena
Union Pacific
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