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Subject: March 2004 Games rss

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Bobby Warren
United States
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La cheeserie!
March Games Played

March was a fun month. I played 38 different games a total of 59 times. Fourteen of the games were new to me and only eight were played last month. There was also no one game which dominated the month like 10 Days in the USA did in January and Attika did last month. The most I played any one game was three times. My favorite new game was Sunken City which is listed as coming in April from Überplay.

I’m now consistently playing around 60 games a month, which is really a lot. When I started tracking games last year I was only playing games on a regular basis with my friend Mike and his wife Hilary on Thursday nights. I also get together with a large group of friends once a month on Saturday nights. I had just started occasionally meeting with some guys on Saturdays and I now game with them most every Saturday. Now, I am playing games almost every Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday afternoon. We also have a group of guys who get together on occasional Sundays when the rest of their wives get together and quilt. Including the occasional gaming with other people, I have a lot of gaming opportunities every month.

This month, I also got to meet and spend some time with David and Carrie McChesney of Albuquerque who were visiting the Phoenix area while attending spring training games. We played several games and I had a lot of fun. Like everyone else I have met from the board gaming community who hail from other cities, they are really nice people who I wish lived here in town.

Age of Steam (Warfrog)
Played 1 time. My first playing of this is really a solid game which I would rate higher with less downtime. Volldampf moves quicker and, in most cases, I would rather play it. Luckily, I had my track markers to roll and play with between turns. I've only played this once with five players and think I may like it better with three or four players.

Alhambra (Überplay)
Played 1 time. Now that the English version is out this will probably have a resurgence in popularity around here.

Atlantic Star (Queen)
Played 2 times. I prefer the theme of Showmanager but this is still fun to play. I may actually prefer playing with three players since having two of each cruise to complete gives the players flexibility and I feel as if I have a little more control over my final score.

Attika (Rio Grande)
Played 3 times. Wow, only three times this month. I thought that it would be played more than that. Maybe it is burning out quicker than I expected it would?

Basari (Out of the Box)
Played 1 time. I introduced this to David and Carrie McChesney who immediately bought it. Later in the month I got to try out Hoity Toity which is in some ways a more advanced version of Basari in that there are more than just the three choices each turn.

Bohnanza (Rio Grande)
Played 2 times. One of our standard Thursday night games. I suspect I’ll be playing it as long as I am going over to Mike and Hilary’s to play games during the week.

Carcassonne (w/Inns & Cathedrals, Traders & Builders, and King from King & Scout) (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. I wanted to play with just Carcassonne, Traders & Builders, and King but we had six players so we threw in the extra tiles.

Carcassonne: The Castle (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. Played Mike and lost a game which looked like I might actually pull out near the end.

Chinatown (Alea)
Played 1 time. This is another favorite of the Saturday group and now I am not the only one with a copy it will probably get pulled out even more.

Clans (Rio Grande)
Played 2 times. I hadn’t played this since last summer and forgot how much I liked it. I easily won the first game against Mike and Hilary but lost badly to David and Carrie in a game which had us eliminating a large numbers of huts.

Coda (Winning Moves)
Played 2 times. A nice and quick deduction game which was just released in the U.S. It’s not too much of a brain burner and feels just tense enough to fill ten or fifteen minutes. At $11 it also is at a great price point for that filler game for two to four players.

Coloretto (Rio Grande)
Played 2 times. This has reached the point where I feel I have played it too much. Fortunately, a couple of others who would be ones who would pull it out feel the same way.

Condottiere (Eurogames)
Played 1 time. Some of the guys in the Saturday group really like this game and I finally got the chance to play it. I don’t see why they like it as much as they do, but it is fun. The card play is a little too chaotic for me to want to play it a lot, and it seems that the rich get richer in it. I will play it when it gets pulled out without complaining, though.

Dracula (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. This was the first playing for both Mike and I, and I'm not sure I get the strategies, or even if there are any. I'm also not sure it will get pulled out again any time soon to find out what strategies there are since there are so many other two player games out there which we can pull out and try.

Emerald (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. I have had this one for a while and it had never been played until this month. It is a light and quick game with a little decision making. It's not too long so the lack of serious depth doesn't get annoying and seems right on the cusp of the light filler game and being a middleweight game.

High Society (Überplay)
Played 1 time. My weakness in this game is being afraid of spending too much money so I never seem to win.

Hoity Toity (Überplay)
Played 2 times. I’ve always wanted to try Adel Verpflichtet for a while but didn’t want to buy it first. The place where we play on Fridays got a copy of this at GAMA and let us have it to try out. We played the first game with four and it didn’t seem as if there was enough conflict for the actions, but we liked it. After the first game we drew lots to see who got to keep it and I won. Later, we played with six players and it was a lot more fun and a much closer game. Getting the scoring for detectives right also helped out. I enjoyed playing it and hope to get it out once in a while with the right crowd.

Justice League Megaclash (Mattel)
Played 3 times. I found this at a grocery store. It is a harmless, quick, light filler. While there are not a lot of choices, it is a fun game that can be used to fill up five to ten minutes while waiting for another game to play.

Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation (Fantasy Flight)
Played 1 time. This is the two-player game I wish I played more often than I get to. The dark side beat my good guys this game.

Medici (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. My Friday night group, the AZBoardgamers had a lot of six-player turnouts this month and this is one of the standard fall-backs when there are3 six players since it plays well with that many.

Mystery Rummy 1: Jack the Ripper (U.S. Games)
Played 1 time. Another two-player favorite. I’m looking forward to the next in the Mystery Rummy series which will hopefully be available soon.

New England (Überplay)
Played 3 times. All three plays this month were with three players and only once was there someone other than me who had played it before. I really do prefer playing with four, but I finally won a game instead of finishing last or second to last so maybe I should play with three more often?

Oasis (Überplay)
Played 3 times. I’ve played this new release with three, four, and five players and it works really well with four and five, but is a little dry with three. One thing to be aware of is that not all the items placed on the board are equal and neither are the scoring tiles. The stony plain tiles have a higher value than the steppes and oases, while the water holes are the most valuable of the scoring tiles since there are so few of them. The ovoos have a lesser value than the commodities and the horses since there are so many. I look at the stony plain/ovoos tiles as being reversed from the rest of the combinations in that the stony plains seem more like the multiplier of the ovoos. Of course, I could be wrong...

Princes of Florence (Rio Grande)
Played 2 times. It’s a good month when I get to play this twice. The first time I was in the hunt for the win until the very end. The second time was proof that I shouldn’t play games which require a lot of thought after a long day of work.

Ra (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time. I lost this one on the tie breaker and can point to overlooking that the 13 tile was one of the prizes in an otherwise non-descript auction as the point where I lost the game.

Reibach & Co. (FX Schmid)
Played 1 time. A quick and simple set-collection game from Alan Moon.

Relationship Tightrope (Überplay)
Played 1 time. This didn’t go over well with the guys I play games with on Saturdays. I think it was as much the theme as the game play and I really think Überplay made a mistake with the theme as far as the gamer crowd goes.

Scream Machine (Jolly Roger)
Played 1 time. While playing with six players is not an ideal situation, it was still fun.

Sticheln (Amigo)
Played 1 time. I wasn't sure I liked it after the first couple of hands, but as we played through the entire game, I really began to see how nasty a fun this game was.

Sunken City (Überplay)
Played 2 times. This is a terrific game! I did a write up on how it plays and posted it on the Board Game Geek.

Time is Money (Ravensburger)
Played 1 time. Someone in the group said it was more like a game show than a game, which is okay because it was fun. Would I buy it? Probably not. It wouldn’t be too hard to talk me into playing it again, however.

Tongiaki (Überplay)
Played 1 time. We played with six players and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t find the board to be too chaotic as some of the comments I’ve read lead me to believe it would be.

Trendy (Spiele Spass)
Played 2 times. Light and fluffy goodness. I wonder if the Crazy Derby theme will make this easier to get people to play it who are put off by the fashion theme?

Viva Pamplona! (FX Schmid)
Played 1 time. Run from the bull! But not to fast!

Web of Power (Rio Grande)
Played 2 times. The first game this month had no one placing in England. The second play

Where's Bob's Hat (Rio Grande)
Played 3 times. I really like this trick taking game and am glad it got pulled out three times this month. I really am in the mood to play more trick taking games.

Wyatt Earp (Rio Grande)
Played 2 times. The first game was a slaughter and maybe the single most one-sided game of this I have ever seen. The winner ended up having well over $25,000 after two hands the other two had less that $10,000 each. Of course, the two losers (which included me) had to pull it out later in the month and try again...

Xactica (Set Enterprises)
Played 1 time. The only thing stopping me from buying this clever trick-taking game is the poor quality of the cards.

March Online Games Played

I still haven’t gone back to the Days of Wonder site to play their games in a while. I spent a lot of time beta testing the Lost Cities computer game and I also bought Carcassonne for the computer and played quite a bit of that.

Auf Heller und Pfennig Game (Hans im Glück)
Played 1 time on the Board Game Geek.

Durch die Wüste (Kosmos)
Played 4 times on Ludagora.

Euphrat & Tigris (Hans im Glück)
Played 1 time on the Board Game Geek.

Hare and Tortoise (Rio Grande)
Played 1 time on Ludagora.

King Me! (Mayfair)
Played 2 times on

Medina (Hans im Glück)
Played 1 time on Ludagora.
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Bert Dreifuss
United States
North Carolina
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Carcassonne for the computer
Where did you get this, how much, and how would you rate it?

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